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  1. Cuz Larry David is some football genius. Does he really think that he knew then how good Lamar would be? No one knew, in fact at least half of the teams out there were asking if he would be willing to transition to WR because they did not think he was going to be a good QB. Baltimore decided that the gamble was worth it, so much so that they were willing to revamp the entire offensive system to fit Lamar. So far the Ravens look like genius' and it has paid off very well for them. But I guess LD felt the need to toot his own horn about his football acumen. Thanks Larry, what would we do without you?
  2. I agree. But I think that he is gonna get another GM job really quick!
  3. Well said! Lets not be delusional about the Dolphins because of three first rounders and a pretty decent coach. We cant crown Flores as some great coach after one year! You need to see consistency from him like everyone else.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001084451/article/expackers-coach-mike-mccarthy-eyes-nfl-return-in-2020 I thought this was rather interesting piece. I know a lot of people on this board dont like him and didnt want him. Personally I think he wouldve been a great match for Darnold. I think he is trying to reinvent himself. I think he is going to do well next year. And we will be stuck with the genius!
  5. I dont think this guy would be dumb enough to take the Jets HC job!
  6. I am amazed that D. Woody is such a passionate Jets fan! Love what he says! Thanks big D
  7. If we hired him instead of Gase or anyone else, do you think the Jets wouldve been able to sell us on a college headcoach? I do think it wouldve went over well.
  8. The next headcoach for the New York Jets! Make it happen Tanny, I mean JOE DOOGY!
  9. So how long should we keep this clown and make things worse than they already are? I think that it would be even more moronic to fire him later than sooner! I am open to suggestions, unlike the owners are!
  10. JD cant let his friendship with Gase stand in the way of firing him! If he allows that to happen then it will end up costing him his job sooner than he thinks. Please fire this fool ASAP!
  11. That he is. But the owners wont fire this guy anytime soon. This guru is a joke that not one is laughing at!

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