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  1. I expect more headlines like this for awhile, give him a few weeks.
  2. If Mims is our 5th rated receiver, we are in good shape.
  3. Prayers Lauren will have Max, thank you for asking for our help.
  4. What's sad is that even if the caption was illegible, I know the quote.
  5. I get it. I'm impressed you have managed this long, well done! Good luck when you do finally get one.
  6. Not "bad", but unusual. The convenience alone is difficult to pass up, I mean it's a computer at your side. I understand at some level, but these days access to so many goods and services revolves around your cell number. I think for me it would hard to manage without it. Maybe that's your point?
  7. My condolences to you all. I lost my father at 87 in November, the day after Thanksgiving. He waited until I got to his bedside (1000 miles apart) and passed peacefully 3 hours later. I was able to say what I needed to say before he left - I know he heard it because I got hand squeezes. I am still processing the loss, I take it out sometimes and grieve. He was a good man and lived life under his terms. Anyway Biggs, 99 is a great run, I also salute. Dunnie, 41 is tough, I'm sorry
  8. Just so you are sure to fit in, watch European Vacation for tips on how to act while in the UK.
  9. One of these youngsters is going to become a quality starter for the Jet’s, at least I hope so. “Over paying” an undrafted player is exactly where you want to over pay - it’s the right risk/reward because the dollars are trivial compared to the team budget and the payoff potential huge. I bet all of the rookie DBs, drafted and undrafted, don’t make as much as one of our 2nd team WRs.
  10. I was wondering why the baseball kept getting bigger, then it hit me.
  11. Thanks for the well wishes, my first without my Dad. Happy Father’s Day Jet fans, enjoy him while you can. Headed to watch the Astro’s/White Sox game, should be a good pitching match, you guys all enjoy it today.
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