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  1. But, but, but, that would mean we wasted draft picks in trading up.......? Will Michael Carter out-rush Hall? Will Mike White out-play.... Well, you get my point.
  2. I thought this would be a Wilson - Hall - Wilson assessment.
  3. So playing in the UK.....or Mexico, has some real advantages tax-wise.
  4. Be careful, at times, Mike White showed he has the ability to be a FQB. I take the over at 5.5 wins as well, but it's not a no-brainer unless you are betting with your heart.
  5. This is the correct part of you. I'm at 6 wins, hoping, as should all fans, that the stars align and we get to 10 and the playoffs.
  6. Clearly that time of year to take a few weeks off from the Forum.
  7. I have more than 2 questions, but expect the roster to continue to change until the season starts, so let's see what Joe conjures up.
  8. In JD we trust. I feel good about this season.
  9. This is such a great system IMO, much, much better than BPA.
  10. The Jets are being run with a stunning amount of competence and professionalism right now. It's weird. lol. We feel the same.
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