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  1. Let’s hope that JD at least allows us to revert to mean on drafting. Anything better would be awesome.
  2. If we make a pick at #2, no trade down, then I take the best Guard/Center available.
  3. Rest in Peace Marty. A good football man and a terrific record.
  4. Wasn’t KC missing both starting OT’s? That had to matter last night. Todd Bowles dialed up a terrific game plan. His double teams and front 4 pressure neutered Mahomes.
  5. Great pic Dcat, here is mine this morning.
  6. Hard to forget who we went to on that 4th down in San Diego. That was San Diego, right?
  7. Rest In Peace Jet Brother. I hate COVID.
  8. Nice scoop. I hope this guys works out, we could use some stability, some normalcy.
  9. This is a great story, practice squad, drives to the game, meets his new QB, playoff win, wow.
  10. Management structure matters in any organization. Management quality also matters. In our case, because the Johnson's are pathetic and inept, structure is extremely important.
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