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  1. OK, it's official, this is the worst time of the football year.
  2. I’d sit him for the first half of the season.
  3. I like the Jet’s “over paying” for these UDFA guys - trivial amount of $$$ that could yield a starter. Very wise long term move.
  4. Post draft depression, take some meds. Sam is the past, he didn’t work out. Moving on quickly, an un-Jet like move, was in both parties best interests. JD is doing what is in his, and the franchise's best interests: looking at at as a 2 year plan. We filled so many holes and have a potential QB of the future on the roster. Next year he will have the luxury of being forensic, going for specific needs, upgrades, BPA. I wanted another OL, but someone pointed out (correctly) that having 3 stud lineman with expiring contracts at the same time isn’t the best thing (altho
  5. Hey Jet_Engine, just thinking about you and hope you are back to analyzing the draft. Actually good news I think about the ulcer, it’s manageable. Best of luck and come back soon.
  6. They paid full price and got their guy. Wake me in 3 years and we can discuss the trade. now, about those three 2nd rounders for Sam.......
  7. The Jet’s sure pounced quickly. What’s the time between picks?
  8. 3 solid players in the first 3 rounds, all meet needs. All the players chosen so far in this draft have the potential to make our current players better.
  9. Under investing in the OL for years can cause craziness. The Jet’s have some great options at 34. I agree no RB, but am still inclined to add OL here. The LBer also makes sense.
  10. Count me in on OL. Play makers can wait until next year.
  11. Get better fast Jet_Engine1, best wishes for you.
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