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  1. Boy, no Hall and no AVT sure hurts. We will see.
  2. Jefferson is amazing, maybe we can use the term "generational talent" here? Vikings kept coming. They didn't quit, one reason why they won. The other was the Cheats actually got called for their share of penalties - it was fair, which is unusual. Great win for the Jets, now we just need to, well, win Sunday.
  3. He was quoted as saying that benching Zach was the furthest thing from his mind.
  4. It's almost impossible. And this is with a #2 overall pick behind center.
  5. OilfieldJet


    The OL is not a strength at this point, too many injuries, too little depth and overall mediocre talent.
  6. Zach was a good college QB for 1 year. He has been a bad NFL QB for 1.5 years.
  7. I disagree. Almost any other QB in the NFL could have done better. And if a better QB isn't on today's roster, he should be tomorrow, or at least drafted R1 in 2023.
  8. Fair. I am worried, but more so because we have a nice young group on offense and defense and I want to take advantage of the window while its open. Its been too damn long. Today I believe almost anyone else under center and we win.
  9. I'm in, but it would be more like, ABZ, anyone but Zach.
  10. I really wanted Zach to work, but my draft as of today: R1: QB R2: OL R3: OL R4: LB Sorry Zach defenders, he doesn't look like an NFL QB.
  11. Pretty damn poor showing. Did we set a record for offense in the second half? It has to be close.
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