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  1. Hate to see anyone get hurt like that. The Panther's would have delivered us a nice draft pick regardless.
  2. Good story. A platoon of fresh legs is not a bad option for our running game. Gotta root for anyone with that attitude. Make the most of it Austin.
  3. If we can get a few starters out of this group of players, it will be great.
  4. Best offensive play of the game for the Jets right there.
  5. These are sometimes related, but not this game. Zach sucks on his own.
  6. I could have attended this game for $10, great end-zone seats in lower level for $35. I stayed home. Good decision.
  7. We could win a shootout, if we had a QB, RB, WR's and an OL......oh, yeah, and decent playcalling.
  8. I’m thinking about going, tickets as low as $10 all over the place.
  9. It all depends on who gets hot at playoff time, could be any of 12 teams. No one has dominated. Gee, what happened to the Bills?
  10. Starting Wilson with a first time HC and a first time OC with a suspect OL was criminal.
  11. It won’t just be dilution of player talent, can you imagine how bad the officiating would be? Expansion would work if they allocated TV and streaming revenue based on wins.
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