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  1. Gentlemen.....these WR#1's are not going to get any cheaper next year or anytime. JD can't get buried with Woody's money so lets go!
  2. The playoff games last weekend have a lot of teams anxious about their QB's talent levels.
  3. I agree......I'm surprised this has not been more of a concern among the fans.
  4. I hope JD isn’t MB weight loss coach
  5. I gave the pick an F but had the advantage of not seeing him play the last two years
  6. Let’s see who shoots the messenger first!
  7. I’m surprised even the Becton apologists aren’t even a bit more curious on why the organization has been so coy on Becton’s status. JDs SS style ministry of information is keeping a tight lid on whatever is really going on. I can’t think of any reason to be so secretive if it’s not a negative.
  8. WTF is Becton? When are any of the players, coaches or media going to call him out from his hiding place?
  9. That should get the players attention!
  10. JD better start thinking about signing a back up QB during halftime. Zach may not last the second half
  11. I’ve been using seasons4u.com the past 2 years and haven’t had any issues. It’s about $40 per season and mirrors nfl Sunday ticket. Downside is it only accepts crypto for payment and works best on Firefox browsers.
  12. This is the Jets….they’ll get flagged regardless.
  13. The Jets organization had to convince themselves Zach was the man and blowing the Trevor Lawrence pick didn't matter.
  14. Maybe there is another possibility.....With JD's deliberate, conservative approach he overplayed the value he put on both the #2 pick AND Sam and now is left with dwindling value and takers for either. While JD was being worshipped by Jet fans for doing his due diligence other teams were making bold, decisive moves.
  15. JD better start “mulling” some decisions about his QB and FA signings. The rest of the league is acting decisively and Joe is asleep at his phone again.
  16. The NFL is about winning one score games late in the 4th quarter. Sam has three 4th quarter comebacks and four game winning drives in three years. I think only one of those was in the two minute drill. He stinks in clutch time. 3 Fourth Quarter Comebacks, 4 Game-Winning Drives Rk Year G# Date Age Tm Opp Result Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Y/A AY/A Att Yds Y/A TD Notes 1 2018 13 2018-12-09 21-187 NYJ @ BUF W 27-23 16 24 66.67 170 1 1 83.7 7.08 6.04 4 10 2.50 0 4QC / GWD Rk Year G# Date Age Tm Opp Result Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Y/A AY/A Att Yds Y/A TD Notes 2 2019 9 2019-11-10 22-158 NYJ NYG W 34-27 19 30 63.33 230 1 0 97.9 7.67 8.33 3 25 8.33 1 4QC / GWD 3 2019 13 2019-12-08 22-186 NYJ MIA W 22-21 20 36 55.56 270 2 1 86.6 7.50 7.36 3 3 1.00 0 4QC / GWD 4 2019 16 2019-12-29 22-207 NYJ @ BUF W 13-6 23 36 63.89 199 1 1 76.0 5.53 4.83 3 -2 -0.67 0 GWD
  17. The SOB never covers when I bet on him....never..
  18. I think blowing the tank for the #1 pick is already a mark against JD. The Jags got it done! If DW truly becomes on the market and JD doesn't close the deal then yes, I agree with he OP especially if DW ends up in Miami.
  19. I like the plan but somehow I believe as obvious as some of these moves seem to be, JD is too conservative and we'll be disappointed again with what he'll end up doing.
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