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  1. Yes you can’t blame criminals for getting off on a technicality, you have to blame the system. I keep wondering when the owners will get smart and quit trusting players to live up to their end of the bargain.
  2. IMO if the Jets organization thought there was ANY chance this current roster could win 7-8 games, JD would have made at least one or two more aggressive moves in FA to try and pick up an extra win or two to make the expanded playoffs. JD took a calculated risk he could cobble together a serviceable O-line and secondary shopping the clearance rack and gambled on immediate production from his draft class. JA knew it was going to be a full blown rebuild and skipped town. CJM did too and opted out beginning the downward spiral on the defense that kept them in a few games last year. JDs plan obviously failed so his only hope for anything positive this season is to secure the #1 overall pick. Williams is smart enough to know he’s done in NY after this season so i wouldn’t expect any amazing turnaround from the defense. Gase on the other hand is ego driven enough to think he’s going to still prove he’s smarter than everyone and do everything possible to win an extra game or two in a lost season even at the expense of developing some of the younger players. This is why they should fire this guy and get him out of the building. They won’t of course and the season will end with this team more hopeless than ever before in the history of this sad organization.
  3. My problem with JD is he seems just too willing to allow his young QB to get pulled into the meat grinder in order to carry out his “plan”. I’ve heard a GM has to be ruthless but it’s heartbreaking watching this kid’s career go down in flames without a fighting chance.
  4. Guy's a fumble machine. Good compliment for Jones
  5. Great thread.....anybody hate Zach Thomas as bad as I did? McGuire had such a man crush on this dude it made me sick.
  6. Was I the only who had a meltdown when Sam took the sack on the last drive? Or slung the ball to Crowder on a 3rd and one when he had 5 yards of daylight in front of him? I can forgive Sam for missing a throw now and then but the in game metal lapses and decision making have me seriously concerned.

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