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  1. I’m not a giants fan and I never had another handle named joe Namath. I just read an article from Mark Cannizzaro and it brought this thought to my head. It’s the offseason.
  2. And that was one of his 4 TD games where DJ was supposedly the best player on the field. Read the article that Mark Cannizzaro wrote today,
  3. Its pretty amazing how quickly he’s being labeled a franchise “QB after 12 games. All I hear about is his (3) 4+ TD games/0INT games yet it is often ignored that the Giants lost 2 of those 3 games. I can’t deny Jones looked better than Darnold this year, but he certainty wasn’t perfect. We are getting narrative from the media that Gettleman drafted a Hall of Famer.
  4. Both organizations were actually entering the coaching carouse in a favorable spot last year for a change, and completely botched the hire.
  5. https://youtu.be/hhALCVPGV_s Is it just me or does he look like a completely different player? It definitely looks like Gase altered his mechanics (notice the different stance in the shotgun). Overall I just don’t think Sam looked very comfortable throwing the ball this season compared to last.
  6. Redskins-Ron Rivera (hired) Giants-Matt Rhule Panthers-Eric Bieniemy Browns-Mike McCarthy Cowboys-Matt Eberflus Next year could be very competitive with a lot of coaches on the hot seat to start the season (Lynn, Gase, Marrone, Quinn, Patricia, Fangio).
  7. Said the juice was worth the squeeze. I can see why Gettleman doesn’t address the media often. Public speaking is certainly not his strong suit.
  8. I don’t really see it with Darnold. He really disappointed me the last 4-5 weeks. The play calling is awful and of course he’s only 22 so he’s still developing, but nothing about his play this year really inspired much confidence in him moving forward. Unfortunately he’s picked up some really bad habits over the course of his career and it’s hurt him. Its amazing to me how the number 3 overall pick still is learning how to step up in the pocket and deliver the football.
  9. https://twitter.com/jgraycuse/status/1212010686970249224?s=21 guy claiming IP address linked back to Gase household in Chatham NJ
  10. https://twitter.com/nysfmag/status/1212021276828667904?s=21 Happy New Year
  11. Twitter is an evil,evil place. Now some young intern is getting roped into this?
  12. How are they going to confirm/deny it was him? Twitter isn’t going to reveal his IP address-It’s not like Wyatt did anything illegal. It’s honestly probably some dude on the internet getting a kick out of this whole thing.
  13. Gailey likes to run spread concepts/4 WR sets. Much less complicated for a rookie QB compared to the Patriots offense.
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