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  1. Only because they beat the bills in the game where no one could score touchdowns before hand. It's cool, if they don't get Roger's we will re visit this thread in some time and we can talk about his obvious runs up the middle that go nowhere and bland playcalling then. Revolutionary. Rodgers carried him. Gase 2.0
  2. Look what he did in Jacksonville and under Marone in Buffalo. He was bad. I'm not even including the Denver debacle.
  3. Anyone saying this is a good hire is nuts. Unless it lands them Rodgers, this is is terrible.
  4. Did he tell your mother to put you up to this?
  5. Why would anyone want to live in NY city? It's a cesspool with terrible taxes also. The south is where it's at. But I'd rather live in Buffalo then NY city or surrounding area any day.
  6. They're just BSing cause they wanna trade him that's the only reason for the sherade.
  7. They banned me for showing the clip of Melvin Ingram kicking josh allen in thr nuts. F em.
  8. No one here was pro-allen until after his breakout season.
  9. Ask Sar he's just a running back no worries
  10. Sharky7337


    Well this is playing out so jetsy lol
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