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  1. I recently got diagnosed with arthritis and have been trying to clean up the excess sugar and bad food hope it works for me to. Crossing fingers.
  2. Dairy queen needs to sue Andy Dalton-- his hair is trademark infringement
  3. I think pre season does mean something but there's a lot of ifs involved about what each team is trying to do evaluate at the time. I think Wilson will be better the darnold. I think if you bomb in pre season that's pretty telling unless your Patrick mahomes just twiddling your thumbs for sh*ts and giggles.
  4. Why are you guys comparing your QB stats to a running back? Where is sar ? Lol
  5. Who the f kneels in the pre season? Are they that paranoid about not losing? Lol
  6. Look how bad josh allen looked without a running game. At some point the excuses have to stop.
  7. I didnt know Ivan drago played QB
  8. Ya like your starting 5 and 0 thread. You cannot even go 5 and 0 in the draft.
  9. If sam darnold had put up 75 percent of Allen's stats this year sar would be in the backseat giving him hummers and a second round of mono while calling him ginger daddy.
  10. You may be right on the outcome but 100 percent of your takes on them and josh allen, and the jets record, have been wrong. How does it feel that all of the QBs from same draft class are.having success and look at where darnold is at.... Excuses incoming BUST I
  11. He is being tight lipped and not giving up anything but praise because he just got burned like a 2 dollar hooker by the MNF crew when he said to them he wasn't buying into josh allen and then his team got owned by him like O'Doyle and had to spend the whole press conference explaining.
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