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  1. Look how bad josh allen looked without a running game. At some point the excuses have to stop.
  2. I didnt know Ivan drago played QB
  3. Ya like your starting 5 and 0 thread. You cannot even go 5 and 0 in the draft.
  4. If sam darnold had put up 75 percent of Allen's stats this year sar would be in the backseat giving him hummers and a second round of mono while calling him ginger daddy.
  5. You may be right on the outcome but 100 percent of your takes on them and josh allen, and the jets record, have been wrong. How does it feel that all of the QBs from same draft class are.having success and look at where darnold is at.... Excuses incoming BUST I
  6. He is being tight lipped and not giving up anything but praise because he just got burned like a 2 dollar hooker by the MNF crew when he said to them he wasn't buying into josh allen and then his team got owned by him like O'Doyle and had to spend the whole press conference explaining.
  7. Disagree tannehil was decent to good on the dolphins
  8. I just wanna see sar tell us how bad Josh Allen is still
  9. Its weird watching belicheck get dismantled and out coached badly in first half
  10. You know in his defense -- I got mono at the age of 31 and I have never felt the same since. Hes much younger though so thats my only shot at an excuse for something that is in excusable
  11. I heard the Dwayne sucks clubs really blows for real.
  12. You take a qb to prevent belicheck from getting one or at least take a kings ransom even if you keep the son of sam, killing fans
  13. At least he will leave you with crabs after he burns ya!
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