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  1. Watching the other guy try and hold a strait face like he agrees is funny. Coming from the guy who said he likes dumb girls, it doesn't inspire faith.
  2. Watching the other guy try and hold a strait face like he agrees is funny
  3. They should give out free darnold ghost bobbleheads
  4. The Jets should have with the capital they had. But if your calling the bills draft bad or blown away you may be in for a bad wake up.
  5. Is this the new age "sam darnold is the best qb in the afc east" thread. If so count me in cause imma be laughing later on
  6. I for one miss going to the circus also. Or do you mean other teams that aren't named NYJ?
  7. Florida is a great wholesome place!
  8. He wanted to form the most dynamic duo In tiktoc dancing with Jackson mahomes
  9. So now he wants to be a slave for the slave owners? Lol
  10. Someone necro the the darnold is best QB in afc east please I wanna get a good laugh
  11. This. I live in Raleigh and go there often and ya. Not sure about jets bars though
  12. It's really quite simple: He's a ginger He's from USC He got mono arm But that aside is how all the "experts" had him as the best cause they didn't even get ballpark close on that one - now if the NFL had a two game season ....
  13. I'd love to hear the math on this one. They beat playoff teams in 3 games. KC and patriots twice. So how do you get two? I mean I know NY city residents aren't good at math but really?
  14. Unless the bills show up with their A game it's hard to win in KC in the playoffs.
  15. The jets have sucked so long the only fans left I assure you are grade A for real massochists.
  16. So they renamed the omicron variant the jets variant?
  17. Ummm I'm middle eastern and I am white. It's the same as being Italian. Are Italians not white? Lol
  18. Putting in my obligatory thumb down so us division rivals can continue to abuse him
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