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  1. I agree, and it’s also why I think lumping in Mo Wilkerson with Sheldon Richardson and Leonard Williams isn’t fair. Say what you want about Wilkerson, but the guy was a legit pass rusher as an interior guy (36 sacks in his first 5 years in the NFL). Too bad he mailed it in once he got paid.
  2. Not a fan of PFF for position players, but I do think they do a decent job grading oline. I believe a 60 is average and anything below is bad 1. Kelvin Beachum 66 grade 2. Brandon Shell 64 grade 3. Brian Winters 63 grade 4. Alex Lewis 58 grade 5. Kelechi Osemele 58 grade 6. Tom Compton 57 grade 7. Jonathan Harrison 55 grade 8. Chuma Edoga 48 grade 9. Ryan Kalil 46 grade Doesn’t shock me that the line is looking at least a little better with Beachum at LT and Jonathan Harrison at center. PFF validated what everyone saw regarding Kalil: his play made Wesley Johnson look like Kevin Mawae. That line that played the Pats on MNF: LT: Edoga LG: Lewis (played through and injury so probably wasn’t 100 percent) C : Kalil RG: Winters RT: Shell Probably the worst OL the Jets ever fielded
  3. His floor is Philip Rivers at 38 years old and his ceiling is Philip Rivers at 28 years old.
  4. None of the players on IR are better than their replacements. Mosely is not IR.
  5. I’m not a professional QB, but I did play D3 CFB a long time ago (certainly don’t qualify as an expert). Coaches talk to QBs all the time about executing within the structure of the offense. Sams biggest flaw IMO is that he leaves the pocket too quickly. He’s got the talent to make some crazy plays off script, but he won’t be consistent until he gets better from the pocket, and learns to step up rather than vacate.
  6. We are seeing it with CJ Moseley. These guys get hurt all the time, and it’s absolutely crippling when that player is taking that much of the cap.
  7. Guys like Mack, Ramsey, and Adams are valuable. All Pro players that look like potential future hall of famers don’t become available in the prime of their careers often.
  8. If someone offers a Khalil Mack type deal for Jamal you gotta pull the trigger.
  9. Congrats, but at the end of the day sports betting is a losing proposition. I got in pretty deep with it about ten years ago, and lost significant $ (1-2K a week at times).
  10. Herndon is a ridiculous athlete and matchup nightmare. He would have had a huge year in this offense if he played.
  11. I don’t know if he plans to retire this year, but have you ever recalled a more under utilized player in Green and White? Hes been around through three coaches and four GMs and it’s the same story with regards to his usage. Could you imagine playing your entire career on the 2011-2019 Jets? If he was on the Patriots he would be a household name.
  12. Amazing how the Eagles can handle the blitz. Wentz could bake a cake

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