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  1. Lets look at their first two years (both third overall picks) Bortles 635/1081 58% 7336 Yds 6.8 YPA 46 TD 35 INT Darnold 473/793 60% 5507 Yds 6.9 YPA 34 TD 27 INT Darnold is the next Blake Bortles IMO. Big athletic kid who can’t really read a defense. Bortles is a much more dangerous with his legs, and Darnold is slightly more accurate on short passes. I hope I’m wrong about Sam, but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. The kid is a likely bust and I’d advise all Jets fans not to get emotionally attached to him. He’s not going to be the QB of the team three years from now.
  2. I would look at a guy like Stafford to inspire hope.
  3. Sam is what he is. A bad QB on a bad team with a bad head coach.
  4. How does LeVeon Bell only get 2 targets in the passing game? One of the best receivers out of the backfield you will ever see and he doesn’t use him. It’s mind-boggling. Vycint Smith and Jeff Smith get 7 targets.
  5. Gase has not done that all year. Again it deserves follow up, but the Jets beat writers are not good at their jobs.
  6. Wonder what that was all about? The beat writers following this team are terrible so we won’t know likely. Did Darnold check out of a run to that stupid rollout?
  7. Gase is being smart here. Run this clock out.
  8. Jackson is better in the NFL than he was in Louisville. I’ve never seen WRs this wide open.
  9. We wanted to see how Darnold performed in this environment Grade: D
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