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  1. And the GM doesn’t get credit for good work done by a subordinate? Stupid Tweet. Im sure Elway could pass the blame on his scouting dept for first round misses as well. He runs personnel.
  2. The issue with DC sports is that there are so many transplants living there from all over the country. The Redskins and Capitals have a wide reaching fanbase in Virginia and Maryland respectively (Caps and Wizards get Baltimore, Skins get southern Maryland, and all of VA). Not sure anyone really cares too much about the Nats over there. In fact if the Orioles didn’t suck I’d venture to say the Nats wouldn’t exist.
  3. Adams is likely gone after his antics today unfortunately assuming Douglas and Gase return in 2020. As for Bell it probably makes sense to deal him if you can to dump his salary since the Jets are pretty much wasting his talents.
  4. Live by the sword die by the sword. The analytics let Houston down in Game 7. Grienke and Cole should have been the only pitchers to touch the ball tonight for Houston.
  5. 17/24 151 Yds 0/0 The best thing Gase can do for Darnold right now is to take the air out of the ball for a bit. I think the Jets get an early lead and nurse it to victory with a heavy dose of Bell.
  6. We are halfway there my friend. The Jets are 2-15 in their last 17.
  7. Sanchez Yes, Geno had a better OL, but he also was throwing to Jeff Cumberland, Clyde Gates, Jeremy Kerley, and David Nelson.
  8. You are correct. I meant to say they are playing hard. I can’t say the same for the Jets the last two weeks.
  9. There is no defending some of the dumb passes Sam had thrown over the past two games, but I think any QB would start to get sloppy with their mechanics when they are getting hit 15 times a game.
  10. Miami is playing well. They just came off two solid road performances vs Buffalo and Pittsburgh. Flores has a bunch of young/hungry players that are buying in and improving. The opposite seems to be going on in Florham Park with a bunch of players who are holdovers from another GMs regime. Miami is going to throw the exact same stuff New England did at Sam, and it won’t be easy.
  11. 2002 was one of my favorite seasons as a Jets fan. The meadowlands was awesome that year, and the team was a lot of fun to watch. We had no idea the Pats were on the verge of a twenty year run of domince.
  12. That’s great, but you can’t fault the Jets for answering the phone on any player. The team is 2-15 in last 17 games
  13. To be fair a loss would almost be a win. It would be funny if the Jets screwed Miami out of the top pick.
  14. Too bad he couldn’t have an unconscious game vs his old team in 2015
  15. Jamal isn’t dumb. He and his agent are punching a ticket out of town so he can negotiate a fat new contract with a new team.
  16. I think it will be a low scoring ugly game that won’t be worth anybody’s time
  17. Do you think Gase benches him?
  18. The Idzik crap was stupid, and this would be stupid as well. Gase just got here, and within months identified Mike McCagnan as incompetent which led to his dismissal.
  19. No idea what he will do. It makes sense to blow it up, but it also doesn’t. He’s only got Darnold for two more years on a rookie deal (5th year option will cost $) so if you think he’s the real deal wouldn’t you build a competitive team around him? Draft picks can help, but you can’t bank on them contributing much as rookies.
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