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  1. There was some serious holding on that Ingram run
  2. Longer than Darnold will last throwing picks and going 3 and out
  3. Imagine how good Jackson could be if he had Gase coaching him?
  4. Yes I agree. Every national prime time game the Jets play should be vs the Lions and Browns.
  5. Does anyone remember last year when Ryan Reynolds was pitching his tequila at halftime?
  6. 3 more of these and we are done with the Jets in 2019.
  7. If he does that it will lead to interceptions and turnovers. The Jets don’t have the horses to compete in this one.
  8. I don’t even think you can evaluate Darnold tonight. The OL is going to get run over, WRs won’t get open, and the run game is non existent. What’s he supposed to do? Hopefully Gase dusts off the Luke Falk playbook and Darnold will get out of there in one piece without completely embarrassing himself.
  9. Ravens 38 Jets 0 Darnold 13/31 142 Yds 0 TDs 4 INTs
  10. It’s up to +16.5 and the way this thing is going it could be +18 by game time. That would match Super Bowl 3 vs Baltimore Colts.
  11. Jets now 16point dogs Just goes to show Vegas thinks the Jets are right there with the Bengals and Dolphins as a truly awful team.
  12. Got to think the Yankees are going to whatever it takes to unload Stantons contract at some point in the next few seasons. Their payroll is going to be crazy once they have to pay Torres, Judge, Sanchez, etc.
  13. Why do the Orioles suck? There is no reason why franchises in Baltimore and Pittsburgh should have better people running them than in NY.
  14. The Yankees are by far the best run organization in the city. If Brian Cashman was running the Jets I’m sure he would do a better job than McCagnan.
  15. The Yankees have literally turned Camden Yards into their home away from. Do you think they have any fear of Baltimore or their fans? Why can’t the Jets go into M&T with the same mindset as the Yankees go into Camden. If guys like Mike Tauchman can light up the Orioles why can’t Vyncit Smith and Ty Montgomery run over the Ravens?
  16. I was at the Sanchez Sunday night game in 2011 and the Geno disaster in 2013. Baltimore has not been kind to the Jets.
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