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  1. I agree the Giants biggest issue is coaching. Shurmur is worse than Gase and that’s saying something.
  2. Impressive by Wentz, but terrific play calling in the 2nd half by Pederson. How can Douglas watch that game and think Gase is a good coach?
  3. To quote booger McFarland a wise coach once said misery loves company.
  4. Carson Wentz just threw a pass that we can only dream of Sam making (it was dropped) That said I love how Doug Pederson calls a game. See Wentz struggling and give him some easy completions to get back into a rhythm
  5. Eagles fans are the worst. If the Jets won the Super Bowl you wouldn’t hear one negative thing from me for at least 5 years.
  6. Listened to the podcast (Rick dipietros show). Rex said Darnold is not taking the year 2 jump he expected and Gase isn’t a good head coach. Even said Jets would be better off with him. Didn’t give Gregg Williams any credit for the defense either.
  7. Wentz completes the same sideline pass to Ertz that Darnold threw out of bounds his TE. Id kill to have Carson Wentz on the Jets
  8. I could care less about draft order this year. Four straight years of that crap is enough for me. I want the Jets to win games. For the first time in my life I’ll be rooting for Eli and the Giants tonight. Want the guy to go out with a couple of wins and mb save Shurmurs job.
  9. Ummm It’s against the Dolphins. also should of had two more picks.
  10. Any team with Sam Darnold at QB isn’t going to be good. Until the Jets come to their senses and dump him they will stuck in the mud. He’s Blake Bortles 2.0 and will set this franchise back years.
  11. The Ravens are going to execute the same exact game plan as the Pats did on the MNF game. You can take that to bank. Will Gase, the OL, and Darnold be ready for it? Not this year. The Jets would be better off starting Fales and saving the kid another national embarrassment.
  12. My observations on Darnold: With a clean pocket he is accurate on anything 15 yards or under. He can also throw short to intermediate passes accurately on the move (his best attribute IMO). His flaws are unfortunately apparent enough to get exposed by most defenses (especially with a bad OL). Darnold cannot handle pressure at all. He can’t step up in the pocket, he locks onto one receiver, and he throws high risk passes off his back foot. If you get consistent pressure on Darnold he will absolutely fold. Beyond that he is also incredibly inaccurate on downfield passes. I persona
  13. Darnold is here for one more year and then the Jets can move on from him and Gase, and finally erase the Mike McCagnan stench from this organization.
  14. Am I crazy for thinking the Jets have a better shot on a Thursday night game than a regular Sunday game? Maybe they overlook the Jets a bit? The Jets did beat them in 2016.
  15. All three should have drafted Lamar. Allen is a stud, but he’s completing less than 25 percent of passes that travel 20+ yds in the air. The Ravens definitely exposed him a bit today with their game plan.
  16. https://twitter.com/phinstweets/status/1203757497540108290?s=21
  17. I’m sorry, but to sh*t on Darnold all game while simultaneously glorifying Fitzpatrick who sucked just as much if not more was tough to take.
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