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  1. Not sure if you watch the football outside of the Jets, but that’s way offense is called everywhere in 2020. It’s all about inflating QB statistics with short passes. The Rams do it, the 49ers do it, the Eagles do it, the Pats do it, the Chiefs do it. Why can’t the Jets? Darnold stinks but I don’t think the play calling would be much different with another QB.
  2. I don’t know about that. I have a feeling the last three games are going to be pretty ugly based on what I saw today.
  3. Last week DVOA had Darnold ranked 26th and PFF had him ranked 8th. Who cares? I watch every game, and can decide for myself how well he did or did not play. This week Mayfield completes 11/24 with 2picks against the same defense at home. Maybe Cincy is playing better on defense now than they were earlier in the year. Analytics in football are inherently flawed, because the sample size isn’t big enough.
  4. QBR, PFF, Traditional QB rating. Who cares? None of it means anything.
  5. Maybe Feely is actually a Jets fan come to think it? I think we all have those thoughts in the heat of the moment.
  6. I also don’t think it was fair that Feely insinuated that Gase had to “dumb down” the offense for Darnold. Nobody reported it like that, but Feely felt it fit the narrative I guess. Again... you all know I’m not a Darnold guy, but Feely was overly critical. Did the Jets cut him or something?
  7. I wouldn’t call him a dink and dunker. He throws downfield a lot-he’s just not accurate. At least he completed a deep ball today.
  8. Pretty much where I am at with Darnold. I’m not writing him off, but I also don’t think he’s the answer. Next year is huge for him.
  9. He was evicerating Darnold today (and ballwashing Fitzpatrick like he was Tom Brady). I think he was a big part of the negativity on Sam that came out of this game. What did folks at the game think of his performance? I can’t really tell when he misses open WRs on TV, but Feely called it out a lot. Also it looked like Fitz played a pretty lousy game vs a decimated defense, and if you listened to the broadcast you would think he was playing flawless.
  10. The guy really did call a very good game today, and beat his former team. He looked really pissed at his QB most of the game for missing sh*t. That said Sam got to experience the first win of his career when he didn’t play well. Maybe that will benefit him with regards to dumb throws.
  11. How do you defend that stupid lateral? That was awful. Also why when Darnold missed a pass Feely took a giant dump on him (also missing Robby) and when Fitz misses passes it’s “one he wants back”. I just don’t remember Fitz ever getting ball washed when he was on the Jets.
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