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  1. I’ve never seen an announcing team ballwash Fitz before.
  2. Despite the stats I don’t think Darnold has played well.
  3. He’s already made millions by being the third pick in the draft
  4. Tough break the quarter ended. Flores is going to stop this drive now.
  5. Fitz is a professional QB and our guys isn’t yet. You see how fast the ball comes out of his hand? Darnold is a big problem
  6. Fitz just gets the ball out. I wish Darnold was more like him in that regard
  7. Probably not. I think that was Woodys vision, and the main reason he bought the team.
  8. Idk-Dolan has done a pretty good job with the NYR. Maybe he’s just gotten unlucky with the knicks.
  9. He nearly bought the team from Leon Hess before he was outbid by Woody. Would the franchise have been more successful under the care of the Johnsons or Jim Dolan? Fun Debate: Who wins a title first, the Jets or the Knicks?
  10. I just went ahead and put $200 on Bills ML and KC ML parlay. Thanks Joe!
  11. Burrow looks pretty awesome. I don’t think they are risking it.
  12. Darnold has been awful. How anyone watch him play and not come to conclusion is unbelievable.
  13. Darnold is going to be here next year much like Gase. While I’m pretty confident both aren’t the answer they will have a year to change my mind.
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