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  1. It turned into Sam Darnold so what’s your point? They were obviously only going to draft one of the four QBs.
  2. I can’t kill him for that or the Wilkerson signing. The Jets had a ton of cap space available, and had to use it somewhere. Bad free agent signings are caused by bad drafting.
  3. Obviously the full story hasn’t been written yet, but five years from now when we are looking back at it what do you think the list will look like? 1) Drafting Christian Hackenberg in the 2nd round: Not only did they blow a 2nd round pick on a kid who couldn’t play, but it was compounded by the fact that he didn’t draft Watson/Mahomes in large part because of blind hope that Hackenberg would develop. 2) Trading up for Sam Darnold: To be fair I supported the trade and was happy to select Sam at three at the time of the draft. Hindsight 20-20 this was a bad move. The Jets were not
  4. Mike Greenberg does a national show. It’s a totally different deal than Benigno. Both have made plenty $ and have been incredibly successful in the sports talk industry. Benigno like any Jets fan is frustrated by a team that has not made it to the post season in a decade. While Gase is taking more criticism than he deserves he’s also done nothing to erase the concerns of the Jets fans who did not think he was a good hire in the first place (majority of the fan base).
  5. I get both sides to be honest. The Jets fans argument: Gase was a bad hire to begin with as all the evidence points to him being a lousy head coach. The QB has also regressed under his watch, and while installing another system isn’t ideal for Darnold it’s better than remaining in a bad system. Benigno believes the Jets are spinning their wheels with Gase as he will almost certainly be gone in the next year or two. Why not cut bait now and start looking for the next guy? Beat Writers argument: Keep in mind many of these guys aren’t really Jets fans. They look at the fact th
  6. Sam and Baker are pretty similar right now. Baker is more confident and the better overall player, but here is what I see: When the first read is open on a quick hitting pass or rollout both players are effective. Any sort of 5 step drop where they have to go through their progression they are an absolute mess. Both players leave the pocket way too early and can’t read simple coverages.
  7. He’s looking for a trade. How about acquiring a HOF talent for an offensive genius and special Qb?
  8. Troy Aikman needs to stop calling cowboys games.
  9. I think this Nagy offense is perfect for Darnold.
  10. Interesting ruling on the “simultaneous catch”. Does anyone remember that game in 2010 vs the Packers where Sanchez threw two of those types of picks?
  11. I think it’s a no brainer to trade Adams. I like Jamal, but he’s a luxury (same with Mosely and Bell). The Jets need to build the infrastructure of the team.
  12. I’m almost ready to write him off. It’s amazing how people defend Darnold as a good QB. The guy is the worst QB in the NFL IMO.
  13. He did not play well on Sunday. He left some throws out there and made some bad reads. Still wasn’t the main reason they lost.
  14. Sanchez was one the worst starting QB in the NFL (statistically) Darnold is one of the worst QBs in the NFL. Its year 2. If it acts like bust, talks like a bust, and looks like a bust it’s probably a bust. He’s 22 so perhaps he can turn it around, but I honestly believe we are spinning our wheels with him and Gase.
  15. The Darnold apologist in strong in this one...
  16. The Jets are 1-14 against the Pats and Dolphins since 2016. The Jets are somehow 4-3 vs Buffalo with two road wins during that time frame which is surprising. Last win vs Miami was Week 3 2017 when the Jets pass rush got after Jay Cutler.
  17. Fitz it’s a pros pro. You don’t last in the league as long as he has without earning a ton of respect/credibility. You can plug guys like McCown and Fitz into the starting lineup, and instantly have credible QB play.
  18. One of his biggest issues is that when things aren’t going well he tends to play reckless football. That’s when sacks and INTs happen with him (only 2 of his 10 INTs came when the Jets had a lead). If you notice his play seems to deteriorate once the team is down a few scores.
  19. Josh Allen took the 2nd yr jump we hoped Darnold would take.
  20. Jets are 3-1 in the Compton era. Thoughts?
  21. No need for personal attacks buddy. I’m a Darnold skeptic, but I’m still a Jets fan. Time will tell if I am right.
  22. Fitz is a professional QB. Best QB I have seen here since Pennington.
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