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  1. Not just talking about Rodgers. Bring in some seasoned vets that understand what it takes to make a winner and can maybe be mentors. I do believe we are putting the cart before the horse with respect to Rodgers. The future is now for us older fans
  2. I am not disputing that, but it could be the start of good things happening I get it but a winning culture would bring better people to this organization I want change to be a winner
  3. I get what your saying, but there comes a time for us older fans ( since 1960) that would like to see another superbowl in our lifetimes. New England was able to do it, why not the Jets. the contract can be reworked. This is all just speculation, drafts are a crapshoot. This is my personal thoughts, I want to win now and I am tired of being a perineal loser and have to the garbage of all the other fan bases time to win and shed that loser image
  4. Hope this does not ever see the light of day No more Dolphin trash
  5. I realize that you need to have a future, but when is that going to come. we haven’t been to superbowl in 54 years. I am tired of the future and want to see another superbowl in my lifetime. so I am with the win now crowd. If we have to work with second and third round picks for the next few years , so be it. There is still free agents to work with to fill that first round void, perhaps trades for first round picks it is time time to win. J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS
  6. If the Jets could get either one, it is a must do. but other than that change the OC
  7. I get what you are saying, but I didn’t say the whole coaching staff. Pete Carroll was a defensive coach and it was a mistake when he was fired. I don’t really think MLF has what it takes. and I was pretty good at my job in years 1 and 2 😀😀
  8. OC needs to change give the rest of the staff a least one more season even the Dodgers won after 55 years
  9. 54 years and still no OC that’s any good fire this guy because he has been one of the worst there has got to be someone better then this.
  10. It shouldn’t have come down to a last second 90 yard field goal (exaggeration I know) plenty of time in the second half to have done something. This was a total team loss. coaching staff, QB, oline and defensive lapse. Not defending Wilson at all. Time to cut bait
  11. The biggest problem is for Zach is football IQ which he sorely lacks. doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Though I understand that he is always under pressure, throw it away and live to make another play. Time management is also problematic on to Buffalo
  12. Another moment in time if this hasn’t been mentioned yet Losing Namath to injury in an exhibition game. That hurt
  13. That sucks Condolences to his family really liked him
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