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  1. Sorry to disagree 1966, 1967, 1968 were the best years of my Jet fandom. 3 division champs and a superbowl
  2. Yes there is. Having to watch 17 times a year. Living down here we get stuck with them every game they play Oh the horror
  3. At my age I think the 1 o2 Super Bowls is the way to go so I can see it happen. I know most want to rebuild, but there has to be a middle ground, spend Woody’s money and be a team people want to play for and take the back page of the papers from the Giants Haven’t had a rooting interest in the super bowl for 53 years ( except for rooting against the Patriots ). it seems to me that once you have the pieces in place you can keep the winning culture far beyond the go for it years. Perineal contender would be nice. But I do understand the rebuild. Let hope it succeeds sooner than later
  4. Now that’s funny. hopefully our receivers can get to that level and Zach can take a leap forward
  5. Really good game Curse still lives, you can’t lose to the Jets and win the Super Bowl Cant wait for our turn Congrats to the Rams, Bengals played their hearts out
  6. It seems to me that Flores got himself fired (I am in Dolphins territory ). His handling of certain situations was head scratching. The ups and downs, the handling of the QB situation and constant battles with the front office and players. Also Bellicheat is some how involved again. Could it be that he is trying to force his hiring somewhere. I guess we will find out down the road
  7. Dysfunctional franchise anyway.
  8. The fans down here wanted Tua. Flores was all over the place with his win streaks and losing streaks. Very inconsistent. Was vocal about Watson and caused a rift in the team. Some of the talking heads and writers were expressing their concerns about Flores. I think he got himself fired
  9. Chances of that took a dive with this revelation. probably will have to wait until resolution of this situation
  10. We always knew who the job was for and the only reason to apply for it was to put a wrench in the process or not liking the person who was getting the job. was still a risk to apply
  11. The thing with Flores is his coaching ability. had a losing record career record on top of his teams winning and losing streaks. personally I thought he was ok, but the writers and talking heads down here were calling for his head and some of the Dolphins were also. Didn’t seem to have a great relationship with the players. Teams should hire based on the most qualified applicant based on what they have planned for their franchise. there is absolutely no place for racism anywhere. He most likely was not the most qualified candidate in those franchises minds. Take a coordinator’s position to prove yourself again. Also lose bounty sounds a bit far fetched. Flores should watch out could be a libel suit in his future
  12. The Jets/ Titans have a combined season record of 1 win (Super Bowl ) 61 non Super Bowl seasons. I keep rooting for another in my lifetime, never say never, and I have seen all of them
  13. It kind of seems to me that that is a pipe dream at times. Hope I am wrong this is a franchise with a 1-61 season record i really hope that we start being a consistent contender like 1966-68 . I will keep my optimistic rose colored glasses on.
  14. Turned out to be a good weekend. Packers gone, Bills gone and the best of all Brady is gone. the only thing that would be better, is that it was the Jets that did the damage. next would be KC gone next week
  15. if the brain trust and scouts do their jobs, It seems to me that picking the best players now can create a winning culture and it wouldn’t matter if you don’t keep them all because you would have a constant pipeline of good players coming in to replace them free agents and drafts can keep it going look at some of the perineal good teams, that’s how they do it lets hope that this front office can do it
  16. I know what you mean it was good to see the dolpfans go back under the rock that they came out from. now I hope both teams lose, (though that’s not possible), one has to lose this week and hope it’s NE, my second favorite team is who is playing the Patriots. With that being said the Bills losing next week would be gratifying. Too bad it’s not the Jets beating beating both of them (rose colored glasses) maybe it will happen in my lifetime. Rooting for over 60 years
  17. I see your point, but the term rebuild has been thrown around so much. I have seen so much losing that I guess I didn’t understand what they are doing. It does seem to me that every time they changed gm’s and coaches, drafted new quarterbacks that’s what they were doing well I hope they know what they are doing enough losing
  18. Not being argumentative, but I have been with this team 62 seasons and and I expect to finally have my patience rewarded. How many more rebuilds do we have to go through. there needs to be more urgency from this front office. They have all sorts of capital to work with, so spend some of woody’s money and get some top notch free agents in here along with the draft picks franchise season records 1 and 61 time for a little less patience
  19. I certainly hope not, can’t take anymore baby steps, winning record, then 23 for playoffs is ok babysteps do t cut it anymore
  20. Just watching the news and it is the lead story, but I will say one thing, it was handled with some class. They should have fired Grier also
  21. I get you and understand what you are saying perhaps Grier was a bigger problem. Also Tua seemed to regress and always seems to be hurt (but that is just my opinion). Players seem to have loved Flores (at least that’s what the news said). It caught me by surprise, I thought he would get at least another year. Ross is as crazy as Dolan, just toys and hobbies
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