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  1. I hope the Giants fans suffer worse then we are....They re real SOB's when they re winning...... Danny 2C was not impressive
  2. LOVED the black uni's. The guys legs are all so skinny as were their butts.... Seriously, they look good.
  3. I met Joe Willy today. He gave me a hug. Damn, firm body, I think he still has it. Get rid of BOTH Darold and Gase......Put in Joe Willy!!!!!!! And higher Harbaugh!!!
  4. your right, no one twisted my arm. But I was stupid enough to bite. I figure they owe me (and everyone else) ugh, I met Mr wonderful. really nice guy. he def would say cj and wj are dead to him.
  5. I am a long suffering season tix owner. I paid strong for my now worthless PSL's and then the seats themselves. Clearly I am NOT getting what I paid for. In fact, I was lied too. While promised a competitive team, I never saw one. Now, I am way under water on my Jets holdings. And the team is doing the impossible-deteriorating even more. If this were a real biz, could we not sue? Why can not we do a class action here? Besides all the tix and PSL's, my time is money too (all Jets fans ditto). Can we sue? If no, why? My lawyers laugh at me when I ask.
  6. at a real biz old googles would be long gone. he should be paying us all back. its one thing to say a few "white lies". this guy was over e top. we need a jet fighter flying around the stadium a/fire googles ass now banner!
  7. Leon Hess estate. They never should have sold the team to a bunch of spoiled very rich idiots. Loved ya Leon, but your estate executors did not do such a good job!
  8. woody is not the answer. No johnson is. too bad godell sucks up to him. woody should not be allowed back. after all he just ran out of town when he was given his current glam post by trump They were born with silver spoons. they never had to compete in the real world. they have servants, they do not stand in line. they never ran a biz. and its mommies money any way. some freakin toy we all suffer while they play and ruin the team.
  9. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. I badly want to sue them. I pay big money for what is supposed to be a team TRYING to win. I was lied too.
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