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  1. Lol did you watch the play? It was a designed roll out dumbass
  2. Please... are you referring to the week 1 pass that also literally hit him in the hands in the end zone?
  3. I think you’re being unfair here... this wasn’t a simple straight go, it was a deep crossing route where Darnold is throwing to a spot on the right while Robby is streaking from the left. It’s a higher degree of difficulty throw. It was an 8/10 throw, it wasn’t under thrown as much as it was a fraction late, it hit the receiver in both hands on the end zone, before the defender got there. It’s a routine catch for any self respecting NFL receiver, there is no excuse to not make that catch. look at the deep TD Hodges three against Cleveland, now THAT was a terrible throw into triple coverage no less... but the result was great so he’s a hero.
  4. The further we get from the game the easier it is for trolls to try and spin this as a bad game for Darnold. There is a reason no one was saying this immediately after the game... the only thing I saw from Sam which he should work on, is that the bengals consistently were giving up huge lanes for him to run and he didn’t take it. other than that, he played a clean game. The Robby and berrios drops were huge.
  5. Fake news... no one ever claimed that gase was held back by tannehill... they said he was held back by injuries to tannehill... ajayi is a bum letting him go was 100% the right move
  6. The #1 problem with this forum is that a mod is a Sam Darnold troll.
  7. Ah ok, it means that you’re a troll without a point. Got it.
  8. Ok so Sam Darnold has similar stats through 22 games than another player. What exactly, does that mean? Are you implying that basic out of context stats actually mean something? Is Kirk Cousins the MVP? Your troll game needs some work.
  9. Probably the worst take of all time, even though it’s a transparent and terrible troll attempt.
  10. We suck dick at running the ball and you want to run more? What lost the game was the back to back to back runs after the missed field goal...
  11. And on any level our WRs get absolutely punked in man, no separation our DBs get absolutely punked in man, just throw it up, guaranteed completion our Front 7 gets absolutely punked in man, can’t generate pressure rushing out OL gets absolutely punked in man, can’t block their man, can’t generate push Out biggest problem is a complete inability to beat the opponent in mano a mano situations... Lack of talent

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