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  1. It was week 3... Greg Williams led defense with Garrett. Burrow has an all star team of weapons compared to Darnold in that game. Did Robby Anderson play? I don’t remember. Oh yea he had a back breaking fumble right? Darnold had the Jets in position to win that game, let’s see how close burrow can keep it.
  2. Dinking and dunking his way to a loss vs a bottom 5 defense
  3. I really need attention someone please respond to me.
  4. Will make a nice dependable backup when a starter ever goes down.
  5. Burrow 2 min drive zero passes passed the 1st down marker.
  6. Huh? Read the thread multiple personal attacks toward me, all football on my end... I’m being an ass in the thread because I don’t think burrow is impressive at all and I think the qb of the team thus forum is about is good? Wtf
  7. I simply commented on your aggressive behavior, if that makes you mad it’s because you are not proud of the things you said. You’ve personally attacked me 3+ times in this thread, all I’ve done is talk football.
  8. For what? He called me a bitch, and used homophobic remarks against me. Read the thread, he’s insulted me multiple times and I haven’t once. What did I do other than say he should be ashamed of himself?
  9. If Darnold has this type of game against an angry 49ers team he should get the MVP
  10. Lots of words not a single factual statement Improved in every measurable way from year 1 to 2
  11. 27 chances at what? He’s had countless elite performances in that time. With the worst supporting cast in the NFL and mono. I’m just about done giving you chances.
  12. You’re on a Jets forum salivating over a pathetic performance by burrow. I’m the troll?
  13. Good things like play worse than Sam I opening day.
  14. Raw arm strength? Definitely not. But natural throwing ability most definitely.
  15. From Darnolds #1 media critic https://mobile.twitter.com/Realrclark25/status/1195563889070657536
  16. Are you looking at the TV? This kid is 190 soaking wet, did you not see Richardson throw him to the ground like a rag doll with one arm? His arm is is bad, he’s accurate though.
  17. No it’s not, he wouldn’t be able to complete a pass if it was considering have his throws are pure upper body.
  18. Did you see his complete lack of arm strength and frail build? I did
  19. Yes he is, football against the browns is a totally different sport.
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