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  1. Ha ! One bright spot. If he brings in an OC that runs a system similar to what the 49'ers are running now (Kyle Shanahan) it will be a windfall for Sam Darnold. No BS there. That type of offence is exactly what I have been saying they need to run with Sam. It would be a perfect fit.
  2. You mean what grade do you give Saleh for taking the job as Jets HC ??? I'd give him a big red "F". He just voluntarily agreed to be an NFL HC under the owner & management that needlessly gave away Trevor Lawrence. Saleh's professional grave as NFL HC has just been dug. He just doesn't know it yet.
  3. Shannahan offense would be ideal for Sam Darnold. It would transform him into a major asset. That offense is everything Darnold needs. Line shifts, misdirection, play action, bootleg throwbacks, formations that allow you to run or pass, actual power running with RB's and even FB's catching passes. If the keep Sam *THAT* the offense you need to pair him with...
  4. darnold has greater potential than both the two qb draft table scraps, fields and wilson. i would not even waste a 3rd round pick on those busts who are just waiting for the right sucker to come along and take them high in the 1st round if the new hc realizes darnold's unique strengths and is able to actually design a fitting offense, the jets can do quite well with sam. they need a modern version of the 1980's redskins offense and sam will be a premier qb.
  5. both will be done with pro ball once their rookie contracts run out. possibly even before that. there was always one clear choice at qb in this draft and the jets blew it straight out their asses... fields and wilson are table scaps...
  6. Here is more inside info for you. The jets were actually tanking the season from the highest level on down. A certain nameless DC was leaking info to league sources. He got fired. The owners and GM got nervous. They went all out practicing and playing to win their next games to dispel those ugly rumors. They won two games. They lost their coveted QB draft prospect. Not BS. That is how and why it went down.
  7. He don't really wanna play football all the time. Same as Sanchez. Both of them have tools. Neither one of them is fanatical about playing the game. Comes game day, their head is somewhere on a CA beach. Sam was jacked up to play well for two games this year. Just long enough to show Jets fans that he has value too while we were all salivating over Trevor Lawrence. He turned up the juice just long enough to stick his middle finger up nice and proud. Now he's back to California dreaming and TL is on the way to Jacksonville
  8. It is laughable that many of the fans and sports media pundits are flip-flopping on Trevor Lawrence / Fields over one single game., Consider the entire body of work you have to examine on TL and the small sample size you have on Fields. Also consider the poor performances you have to look at from Fields. Only a novice would budge even an inch on TL vs. Fields. TL is clearly the the one that should go first, I would also stay clear of Zach Wilson due to durability concerns.
  9. Translation... It is hard enough for me to win without Tom Brady. Please keep Adam Gase as the NYC HC. It would be a bad thing for me if they brought in a HC like Rex that could actually beat me in the playoffs...
  10. Gase put them in the running for TL even thought it was not his plan. Ultimately, he was allowed to cost Jet fans TL by being left in his position by Johnson and Douglas. What you wound up with was a horrible record and NO SILVER LINING with TL to make up for it. You lose and you lose. And BOTH Johnsons are inept. If Douglas was actually the GM I had hoped he was, he would have gotten with Johnson and fired Gase before the Raider game, or at least, after it. This season was a loss on all fronts. 1. Horrible record 2. No Trevor Lawrence 3. The ultimate gut punch now realizing that Joe Douglas is not the guy I had hoped for. If he was, the Jets would have locked up Trevor Lawrence. There is no defending the Jets brass for this demonstrable disaster. They are a procession of idiots following fools
  11. Against my better judgement, I'm going to try to explain this to you. Your quote: "So it was good fortune for him but wouldn't have been for the guy who replaced him?" The interim coach would come along with new set of circumstances. Those circumstances, as stated would be a standing order to evaluate the bench for next year. Do yo understand that and what it means ??? Anyway... I'm not pissed off at other fans including you. Apologies for acting out like an ass. The quintessential vandal in this case as it has been all along is the jack-ass trust fund twit that is firmly in the grip of the Dunning- Kruger Effect. The Jets are going to be a drag as long as he owns the team.
  12. What you wrote above is idiotic. I'm not going to bother explaining why. Your lack of comprehension has me convinced that you are not capable of interpreting my response. You deserve Woody Johnson and Gase. I truly hope Johnson gives Gase a five year extension just for you and the other fools that are not absolutely and unforgivably outraged over f*cking up Jets fans chance at drafting Trevor Lawrence.

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