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  1. Who else was on that Ravens defense ??? Who's on the Jets defense ??? What role did Ed Reed play in that defense ??? What role does Adams play ??? Who was the FS and who was the SS ??? Where do you have a chance to freelance and grab ints ??? How many sacks did Ed have in his first two years ??? How many tackles ??? I'd venture to say that you are complicating the obvious and trivializing the momentous...
  2. Piss and the Jets ??? Bings me all the way back to Shae Stadium. My father started taking me to games back in 1980 when I was just a pup. Our tickets were in the mezzanines. Back then at Shae, it was a much different experience from being at MetLife Stadium. At Shae circa 1980, there were drunks all over the stadium. Fights would be breaking out everywhere. There were guys that looked like Rocky's pal Pauley. They all had paper bags with a bottle of booze to sip on, and they all yelled out the same thing at the players.... "YOU BUM !!!! YOU BUM !!!" At a game in December, I even saw two drunken guys dressed as Santa Claus having a fist fight over who was the real Santa... And PISS... Yes... PISS. If you went out on the concourse in the mezzanines during half time, you had to make sure you didn't get too close to the outside wall. There were drunks that would PISS off of the upper deck. You'd get splashed by the streams of PISS that would be cascading down. I wont even go into what the bathrooms were like... How's that for a litmus test ???
  3. Warren Sapp. 22 y/o at draft N. Suh 23 y/o at draft Newly drafted defensive lineman can and should make an immediate impact if they are all that they were cracked up to be.
  4. There is an old saying... "Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel". Time for the 2019 version. "Victim identity is the last refuge for a scoundrel"
  5. + Dwayne Robertson ("bowling ball covered in razor blades" W, Sapp) * Kenrick Ellis (drafted with knowledge of off the field legal issues none the less)
  6. Thus far, I'm calling him a bust. I don't see a single thing from him to suggest he will be a key player. Mike DeVito and Sione Pouha were more effective. I don't see quickness, explosiveness and absolutely don't see any power.
  7. Adams is a game changer. That is a player you keep and build around. Forget the nonsense about only QB and offensive skill positions "win games". CB's don't win games for you ??? Revis, Prime Time LB's don't win games for you ??? LT, Ray Lewis Safeties don't win games for you ??? Ed Reed. Jamal Adams Special players win games for you at any position... Greg Williams has done a masterful job with what he has to work with. Both tactically and keeping the players focused and on track.
  8. Edoga is a disaster area on the outside. No feet. They should try him out on the interior.
  9. Remember Adrian Clark and Anthony Clement ??? That was probably the worst line or at least in contention for one of the worst.
  10. This is sticky stuff. Understandable that a racist remark would incense the person that was targeted, but that should never be given any credibility as a defense for doing violence. Especially not with a weapon. It could very well lead some people to think that doing violence for a perceived slur is an option. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but if you call me names, I'll bash your head in with a blunt object"
  11. Not gonna happen. Jets gonna run the table and sneak into the playoffs. They'll wind up drafting at 11 or so
  12. This is a really interesting idea for a few reasons. In today's NFL we all know that the league begs you to pass the ball. They do it by means of the rules. QB's are protected like never before, O-Lines are engaged in arm wrestling contests and DB's cant look at anyone cross-eyed without a pile of yellow laundry coming out. If I were to design a base defense, it would be a One Gap 4-2-5. In the 34 defense, you are flexing your LB on the first and second level. In my proposed 4-2-5 base defense, you are flexing your S (Jamal) on the second and third level. A constant nickle more or less with a hybrid S/LB. A S like Jamal Adams or LB like Darron Lee, Pat Swilling etc. would be the right guy for that flex position.
  13. I like your last line... Making a splash would be consistent with Johnson and some of the Jets past "questionable" but sensational signings. Geno Smith (while Sanchez was still the starter) and Tim Tebow.
  14. From my original post: "That sounds like I am calling Gase out for sabotage, but sabotage is not likely. That would require that Gase has a brain. "
  15. Ya think maybe that Gase is doing a little something with play calling and play design that ensures Bell doesn't do anything to prove him wrong ??? That sounds like I am calling Gase out for sabotage, but sabotage is not likely. That would require that Gase has a brain. Remember, we are taking about an OC that was recently straightened out by a second year QB. I'm glad the Jets have Sam and I'm glad the Jets have Douglas, but it is Gase and not Bell that is the albatross you refer to. Gase is trying to recreate what he thinks will bring success. In his thoughtless compulsion to hang on to his teddy bear, he is blind to the unique strengths that the Jets current roster can afford him. The sure sign of a bad coach on either side of the ball is that all too familiar scene of the "genius" with sweat dripping from his brow as the hammer hits the top of the square peg over the round hole. Such "genius" is going to be with us always. Like bad weather. Unfortunately, we've got one such genius running the show.

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