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  1. I don't despise him. He is as so many have illustrated in the past. An inexperienced and under-skilled person that inherited a lot of money. He lacks the wisdom and general life experiences that come from having to make your own way in the world.
  2. Its not a bad idea. The players still get pro bowl recognition and they dont risk injury. They also get to have some fun.
  3. In this case, I'd say this sort of thing wont happen. Rodgers may not go to the Jets, but it wont be because the Raiders are more attractive and the Jets are a dupe. Right now, the Jets are the better bet as far as what they can offer and how the roster looks in comparison with the Raiders. The Jury is still out on Saleh, but JD seems to be making a lot of progress in building for sustained success. Other than QB and LT, the Jets have a really nice roster.
  4. Five QB's will go first round in 2023. There may be a star or two in that batch, but who knows for sure. Although there are going to be a bunch of them going, there are no prospects that are being spoken about as if they are "cant miss" prospects. No "Andrew Luck" this year. The following will go 1sr round and probably in this order. 1. CJ Stroud 2. Will Levis 3. Bryce Young 4. Anthony Richardson 5. Tanner McKee Every one of them could flame out or it could turn out to be a stellar QB crop. Crap shoot
  5. The west side is out of the question now. Hudson Yards is there to stay. What they could do if Woody wants to spend $$$$$$$ is make Manhattan bigger. Something like Battery Park. A big landfill someplace that extends the size of Manhattan. Then you can plop a stadium on it. Any way you slice it, MetLife is a dog and they need their own stadium that has some real life to it instead of that big, vapid gray cash register that is MetLife
  6. Tom Brady has just about every NFL record that there is for a QB, but one. Now he wants Favre's record for QB that has retired and unretired the most times
  7. Some people in here want to bring back the Flight Crew. How about a cheerleader *moaning* chant ???
  8. Depends on what "wokeism" is defined as. If it is people coming to a realization that some folks have been treated badly and because of that, they become more understanding, wokeism is a good thing. There is a practical sincerity to that and I think it is good. If it is all consuming attention given to progressive ideals to the point of being senseless and backwards, it is a bad thing. In that case, it is vapid social politics that usually involves people that have not been practically mistreated in any way making specious accusations against good people that have not given any offense. It is almost always applied to advance a political agenda. Some of the people that are drunk on wokeism don't even have a political or social ideology of any kind. They can be people that don't have a lot going on in their life and are reaching for an established gambit to gain significance. So... It depends. If it is honest, constructive "wokeism" it is good. If it is the later, it is a menace.
  9. the tomahawk chop is a silly characterization of the native American culture and people. As if all they did was chop of scalps with a tomahawk. It is as much a slur as "redskin" good example of how complicated social politics and the media has gotten.
  10. I cant think of any two team chants that I make me cringe more than the KC "Tomahawk Chop" chant and the "Fly Eagles, Fly" song. I find both annoying as well as lame. At least with the Jets, Broncos and Packers, etc. chants, they are quick and to the point. The KC and Eagles chants are not only lame, but the go on and on and on and on... And how does KC get away with the "Tomahawk Chop" ??? The media cops forced the team formerly known as the Redskins to change their name to the "Commanders". Why no pressure on KC franchise to encourage the fans to cease and desist with what some viewers may see as an offensive characterization of native American culture ???
  11. Once you start naming your favorite Jets, you cant stop at 4. It's like eating popcorn.
  12. Brady to Raiders. Rodgers to Jets. Carr to Panthers ,Colts. or Redsk... CAUGH. Commanders. That seems most likely now.
  13. It would only help in one way, but I have always thought about putting a sensor system in the football. This way you can tell where the ball was. Over the line to make or goal line. That would just help with the spot and not the other stuff.
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