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  1. No way do I want to gout out to the island. The west side would have been the ideal location for everyone. People from all the 5 boroughs could have gotten there with ease and so could have all the NJ people. Contrary to popular belief, getting in and out of Manhattan with mass transit is easy. 1.6 million people come in and out of the Manhattan every day without too much trouble. And you had the assholes who were against the WSS proposal proclaiming that 60m to 80m people could NEVER be able to get in and out of the city for a football game on Sunday (WHEN THERE ARE NO WORK COMMUTERS). The Jets should have had the WSS and it should have been colorful, flashy and light up like Times Square. And we got stuck with that big, vapid gray cash register that forces you to run a ******* maze like a giant rat if you want to go from one part of the stadium to the other. Total POS stadium
  2. Air conditioner ??? More like a big, vapid gray cash register. Two owners sharing expenses and they build a lifeless piece of sh*t like that ???
  3. Profound. And it sums it *ALL* up.
  4. Hahaha. Ironic. It was also Rex that inadvertently got both he and Tanny fired by influencing him to make very bad FA and draft decisions, IE the Terminator and a dozen others. I do think Rex was a good in-game coach and a good motivator, but he should never have been paired with a weak willed GM like Tanny. Tanny was just supposed to be the capologist and contract guy to begin with. When Mangini worked with Tanny, all the good player and draft decisions came from Mangini and not Tanny. Tanny just handled contract language. And who do i blame ??? WOODY. He should have realized that Rex had to be controlled by a strong GM. They could have kept Tanny as the contract and cap guy that worked under a "director of draft and personnel" who kept bot of them from destroying the roster. But NOOOOO. Woody cant seem to get his head out from up his sublimely, ignorant and privileged ass.
  5. I have been foaming at the mouth over the lack of motion and use of play action since game three last year. Gase is an idiot.
  6. Educate me.... Not being a wise ass. How and why did Rex influence WJ to sh*tcan Tanny and hire a GM that was clearly opposed to keeping Rex
  7. Let's argue... Idzik boasted about his plans empty the cupboard regardless of how many games they would lose. He had no intention of helping Rex and every intention of getting rid of him the following year.
  8. Rex didnt have any push in getting Tanny fired. Woody wanted a head and he chopped off Tanny's. If Woody wanted to keep Rex he should have kept him coupled with Tanny until he wanted both of them gone. That was all Woody's mess. And then Idzik sabotaged Rex... An even bigger mess.
  9. DW calls is correctly. Gase is a team killer and a QB killer. Only a total fool like CJ or WJ could be DUPED by Gase, the ultimate charlatan...
  10. Right... Works well with a QB that thrives on making pre-snap reads and then delivering the ball to the correct spot in the zone with absolute perfect timing and placement. Remember all the pre-snap voodoo that you saw from Manning ??? This type of offense is also predicated on skilled pass catchers that run perfect routs and are in sync with the QB. Considering Sam Darnold and the pass catchers the Jets have, do you think this system is a good fit ? I'd say... Nope.
  11. Yep. And guess what. That offense wasn't even designed by Gase. Wanna know where it came from ??? Peyton Manning took it over to Denver with him when he left the Colts. THAT'S RIGHT !!!! That very same offense that Gase appeared to have success with in Denver came as a package from the Colts along with Manning. Gase might have added a wrinkle or two, but for the most part, that was TOM MOORE'S offense. An offense that Moore devised and honed for Peyton Manning. Moore did not pull it out of a shoe box nor did he pull it out of his ass. He understood his QB's strengths and built the offense around those strengths. Something Gase cant do...
  12. I want to add to my own post. If Becton is your left tackle and you are not running around him as often as Gibbs ran around Joe Jacoby, you know your OC is a moron.
  13. Gase is not a strategist or a tactician. He has a pre-made shoe box offense. Let me expand on that. Rather than look at all of his talent and design an offense based on the strengths of his players, he ports his offense in a shoe box from place to place and tries to make the world bend to his vapid will. To sum up the offense that Gase has in his shoe box... 1. Static Pocket that utilizes zone blocking. 2. Several variations of four basic pass routs. All depending on absolute precision from both the QB and the WR. Perfectly run pass routs and perfect timing and ball placement by the QB. 3. Mostly inside power running depending largely on the inside offensive lineman blasting a quick hole. Very little motion or misdirection. It works good when your QB is Peyton Manning and you have a pro bowl offensive line and top NFL receivers that can work inside and out... It does not work for all rosters and all occasions. Obviously. To make that even more simple to understand, Gase can win if he has a HOF QB and a roster that tops the league. Past that, he cant do a thing. Gase is a clueless fool.
  14. If Darnold sputters, how can you not reason that GASE was his problem??? Right now, GASE is the entire team's problem. It is obvious. It is not just the horrible performance on the field. I'm convinced that the continuing rash of soft tissue injuries are connected with players being profoundly disillusioned. At the very least, they are not working hard and as such, are not in top shape. That leads to injuries like... HAMMIES. Right now, the Jets have a QB in the hand. Trevor Lawrence, thought VERY compelling is a QB in the bush. The only way to properly evaluate Darnold and thus decide if the Jets need to move on and draft a QB in 2021 is to expunge Gase NOW. Not at the end of the season. NOW!!! They need to get Gase away from Darnold NOW while there is still time. JOE DOUGLAS... DO YOUR JOB

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