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  1. Easy answer there. Sharing expenses with the Giants means more profits for both outfits. A colorful, flashy & wildly light up BROADWAY themed west side stadium would have been a lot of fun but with the same owner picking the GM, HC and so on... They would still perform poorly on the field. Jets going nowhere with that owner.
  2. Same owner = Same Results. The Jets will never have sustained success on the field until the current owner sells the team AND the new owner is a skilled administrator.
  3. I gotta say here. I get it right a bunch of the time. I was right about Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow. I was right about Josh Rosen. Right about Baker Mayfield. With Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, I got it wrong. I was convinced neither of those two QB's would ever be consistently accurate passers. Ugh... I felt that ZW was too risky a pick based on the small sample size and BYU strength of schedule. Possible fools gold. I hope I got that one wrong too
  4. That is an interesting idea. I'd prefer to see Becton move to the inside at RG, but perhaps moving Becton to RT and Moses to RG would be as good if not the better option. I was all in on drafting an offensive lineman in that draft with their first pick, but I didn't want anything to do with Becton. Way to unconventional and very little real pro type pass blocking in college. It was another high risk high reward picks that the Jets really cant afford to make with all the needs they have.
  5. Here is my recommendation. Leave Fant where he is. He's the better pass blocking LT. When Big Ticket is ready to return, get him practice reps in the RG spot. If he can play inside, he starts at RG. The current RG moves to the back-up role. Keep it that way until Big Ticket demonstrates that he can pass block on the outside better than Fant if ever.
  6. I always thought that Wilson was a good fit for a contemporary version of the Pardee offense
  7. Wow. This translates to: My coaches are clueless and they are messing me up. I have to do this myself. Here ya go, Zack
  8. I suppose if they are not forcing the hand of the GM to do stuff like draft Geno Smith or bring in Tim Tebow, or hire a new GM (Idzik) that has a plan to sabotage his HC (Rex) it is some progress...
  9. The applause was general optimism as we all saw that a change needed to be made. None of us got to take part in the interview process and none of us got to make choices on who to hire and none of us are performing the GM, HC or OC jobs. Johnson made the GM hire on the advise of Gase who Johnson all so hired. It is all on the owner. Both who was hired and how they are performing. I'll say that I think Saleh can grow into the job even though he is learning on the fly.
  10. My pre-draft QB assessment. Not sure how it will all pan out, but this is what I was saying 1. Trevor Lawrence - Best prospect in the draft 2. Mac Jones - Only other QB prospect I would draft if Lawrence was gone. Take Lawrence or Jones OR keep Darnold and trade down for value. 3. Fields. Don't draft. Bust in the making. Small sample size, holds on to the ball to long. 4. Wilson. Don't draft. Small sample size, BYU schedule. Possible bust in the making 5. Trey Lance. Dont draft. Way to small sample size. Although possible can be fantastic after a year or two
  11. The Jets can beat NE if Wilson does not turn the ball over. Or more to the point, if LaFleur has a good plan for Wilson to execute and that plan involves producing yardage/points before the game is 3/4 of the way over and Wilson executes the plan meaning no unforced turnovers.
  12. The current regime of Douglas and Selah are going to be around until at least the end of the 2023 season. Wilson may or may not get benched this or next season. I tend to think Wilson will not get benched this year due to a lack of a suitable replacement being on the roster. For Wilson it is sink or swim. There are a thousand moving parts involved in the poor performance we have seen. So many, that it is almost impossible to zero in on anything. I'm seeing LeFleur as the largest issue right now, but who the hell knows. Wilson could have issues even in practice and LeFleur cant
  13. It comes down to one word... WOODY A ship sails in the mold of the master. A few good crew members can not make up for a bad captain. They can set the rigging and keep the deck in Bristol fashion, but a bad captain will still run the ship onto the rocks and down to the bottom. As long as the Jets have the same owner, the ship will be stuck on the rocks.
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