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  1. The Zach "PRETTY BOY" Wilson era has officially begun ! It's gonna be a fun watch. With Jet fan caution, I like the way the organization is shaping up. A wise GM, mature, confident and respected HC & an exciting new QB with seemingly endless tools.
  2. The "fraud" label for Gase is unanimous but Rex is a polarizing figure among Jet fans. I liked Rex a lot and thought he was a good HC. His demise was a result of a roster that got worse and worse as his tenure progressed. His last two seasons saw arguably the worst Jets roster since the scab roster of strike shortened season. You can blame Rex for that and it would be fair, but I blame Johnson and Tanny. Tanny was known to be weak willed, and Johnson gave too much power to Rex to make player/roster decisions. Johnson is a trust fund fop and not a qualified administrator that has the
  3. Interesting. I know someone who swears the '69 Jets were "helped" along in their SB win over the Colts in order to solidify the new league and make more $$$ Brady was a big part of the Patriots success, but calling Belichick a fraud is over the top. Brady didn't play in a vacuum. He was always behind one of the best offensive lines. Those players were drafted by BB and trained by coaches that BB hired and sustained. BB's stamp was all over that team and still is. He may not be affable, but he's not a fraud. Wanna know who is/was ??? I'll give you a hint. He is a former J
  4. How many years in a row do Belichick & his Patriots have to suck before their mystique vanishes ?
  5. Wilson is not just a football player. He's not just playing to win or lose. Media & money are the compelling bits here. Brand names like NFL and NY Jets and so on. It is profit driven. His looks are part of the marketing mix and the viewer/consumer experience. Remember Broadway Joe ??? Is he in the *NFL HOF more for his brilliant statistics or for his persona, charisma and good looks ??? The NFL is profit/media driven entertainment first and foremost.
  6. Yes. EXACTLY. Now you got it Guys from my cave don't wear Flintstone animal skins. We go with Barney Rubble digs. We notice what skins your sportin'. Come to our cave in Flintstone gear and you'll get the business end of my club. Appearances are noticed, evaluated, judged within a social and situational context. Always.
  7. Not new. Older than modern man. As old as the first caveman that bashed another caveman over the head with a bone because he was from another cave.
  8. Indeed. Beyond that, humans are primates with instincts and tendencies. Noticing and responding to appearances is and always will be part of the human condition. It plays a central role in procreation and civilization in general. The "trivialities" of outward appearance including both the natural (physical/body characteristics) and the contrived (dress and cosmetics) play a central role in how humans react to and with each other. It is one of the components of tribalism and in-group preference along with things like religion, language, political philosophies and what football team you ide
  9. Very clinical. Most impressive commentary. Amazing what you come across in a football forum. I've enjoyed and benefited greatly from this discourse.
  10. Recognition and perception of aesthetics is part of the human condition. Consider Jane Goodall's research and how it applies to other primates. Humans are cognitively superior chimpanzees with planet killing technologies and pretty boy quarterbacks.
  11. For myself, I dig it all. Since I'm a Jets fan and have been for a LONG time, I don't want to get too excited for another let down. but he's got some really intriguing tools. His delivery is faster than Marino's, his footwork and mobility are tremendous and his ability to throw from any angle in any direction appears to match Mahomes. BUT.... This is all tape from college and practice. We don't have a shred of tape from a pro game. That's what I'm waiting for before I go off half-cocked
  12. Haha... IMHO. I LOVE that as a nickname for Wilson. It is not intended to be disrespectful. Quite the contrary. I'm taking his boyish looks and flipping the script. You've heard of Pretty Boy Floyd. Same deal, only the "Pretty Boy" in green and white does his shooting and destruction with his arm... He's a bad-ass "pretty boy" and bad-ass is exactly what you are if you can shoulder a nickname like "pretty boy"
  13. Until Zach "Pretty Boy" Wilson gives me a reason to be a particular fan, he's just "potential" Either he can reproduce the type of play we saw from him in college in the NFL, or he can't. He wont be a QB like Sanchez, Gabbert or Trubisky. Meaning there wont be lingering questions regarding weather he will pan out or not for four years or so. Wilson is going to be uniquely elite, or an absolute disaster and we'll know which way it will go by game three of the regular season.
  14. CRRRRISP, PRECISE movement... I dig it !!! If he got the hands too, he's going to be a nice player.
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