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  1. Egg-Zactly. The Jets are a two win team. As usual, they are winning the "off season". LOLZ.
  2. Agree. Still the same owner. The Jets are a two win team. And the won those two games because the Rams and Browns went into those games 100 % convinced the Jets came to lose. And the result. A two win team that blew a once in a generation chance at a very special QB. And, they are now on the verge of drafting a QB that may very well be a total bust. That applies to both Wilson and Fields.
  3. Which measurable would be most significant ? 1. Length Flaccid 2. Length Erect 3. Length In Red Zone
  4. If Rex was the coach and defacto GM, the Jets would be going CB at #2, #23, #34, #66, #87... etc. Some talk that Atlanta would be willing to trade out of the 4th overall spot. I have a feeling JD likes to stock-pile picks rather than trade them away to target players, but it would be interesting if JD took Wilson at #2 and then traded a few picks away to move up to #4 and take Sewell or Pitts or one of the top WR's Perhaps trade one of the 1st round picks for next year and a 2nd too. Something like that.
  5. Call him "C.P. ". Short for "Consolation Prize" since the Jets foolishly blew their chance at getting the best QB in the draft by far. And they did it to win two meaningless games for the pride of a horrible HC and QB that are long gone. Only the Jets.
  6. Well. It seems the Jets always win the off season. Looks like they are winning it again. The Jets have been an inconsistent and poorly run organization with respect to on-field results ever since Sonny Werblin moved on. Mr. Hess was by all accounts well liked and respected, but he was also an "uninvolved" owner. Hence, the teams record suffered. There was the Tuna Jets for a short while and they were very impressive while Mr. Hess owned the team, but it went back to bush league management once Woody became the owner. EVERYONE left town quickly including Parcells and BB. I sa
  7. Gase also ignored him on the field. If you have ready any of my former posts about Gase and or Darnold, I wrote well over ten times that Gase's system was just about a perfect opposite to the system he should have developed for Darnold. Gase was jamming square pets into round holes. He was a horrible HC/OC
  8. Not a chance. Too many bad performances from Fields within a small sample size. If they don't actually take Wilson, it may be Mac Jones. Also. A labrum issue is not as critical as other types of shoulder issues. You can miss time due to a labrum procedure, but it is not likely to derail a career. If you recall, Sanchez had a torn labrum and he recovered with no loss of physical abilities.
  9. Since "defense" is "reactionary" for the most part, the best way to star learning is to read a bit about offensive nomenclature and play calling. If you hear a play being called, it all sounds like nonsense, but if you break it all down, a lot starts to make more sense. Offensive nomenclature is the best beginning spot for learning your X's and O's. Different systems use different types of "coding", numbers vs. names for example, but they do the same thing. The set, alignment, protection, assignment and so on... This bit below is a good read to start with. https://www.espn.com/
  10. Would have been better if it was an announcement of Bret Favre coming back to the Jets
  11. Remember the Colts owner blowing-up about Kiper after the 1992 draft ??? The Colts drafted Steve Emptman Quentin Coryatt 1 and 2 over all. Kiper wrecked them for those selections and the Colts owner went ballistic. Said "Kiper has never even put on a jock strap" and a few other choice remarks.
  12. Professional sports run on money. Fans pay. The league earns, The players sacrifice to earn. The media pays to earn.
  13. Let's hope that he is sooo highly rated, that the Jaguars take him at number one and leave Trevor Lawrence to the Jets. That would make me feel a lot better in general.
  14. Not so much ego. He bet on himself and won. It was about maximizing his income. Football players age fast and they know it. So do their agents. I would also bet that Revis was/is very careful with the money he made. I don't know a single thing about him personally, but going on how he ran his career, I bet he has smart investments and never spends the principal
  15. Douglas will be lucky to get a third round pick in trade for Darnold. A late third rounder. At this point, it is a "cut your losses" situation. No GM out there is going to part with a 2nd round pick for arguable the worst statistical QB in the draft. Even if there is a GM out there that thinks there may be a chance to get good value out of Darnold, that GM knows there is not going to be any sort of a biding war over him. Take a third and move on... If JD knows what he is doing a 3rd rounder is a potential pro bowl player *IF* he knows how to pick 'em.
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