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  1. The Jets had Greg Williams to thank for any "overachieving" they did and Adam Gase to blame for being DEAD LAST in overall offensive performance. Gase is a horrible coach.
  2. Consider the quality of the competition over those last 8 games. Gase apologists are hanging their hat on a rusty nail.
  3. FYI... If this thread is getting slow you might want to peek in on another recent thread that I linked below. You'll meet up with other posters who have similar things to say about Gase's coaching prowess. There are more people you can accuse of being a football illiterate because they also realize Gase has been deficient at utilizing his assets and inept in general. Perhaps those people don't know a single thing about blocking schemes either. That MUST be the case... f
  4. I'm glad you are amused and entertained. I don't mind the insults or put downs if they come along with some good football mixed into the masterbatch
  5. Again. You distort things to make yourself look intelligent. All the things I mentioned like zone blocking, line shifts, misdirection, play-action, running styles were to demonstrate different components of an offense. Such has to be understood first before you can discuss designing an offense with an overall vison in mind. And the first insult of the thread came from you, not me. Your response was to refute the larger point of my original post by obsessing about zone blocking. That was never a key to the larger point. It was something you zeroed in on because you didn't like the tenor of my post and you wanted to swing your sack around. For all I know you coached or played football at a high level and for many years. Even that would not give you the standing to look into your ego driven crystal ball and exclaim that others could not possibly understand blocking schemes or that they never saw a football in their life. And now... YOU ARE DONE
  6. Similar things were said by Gase apologists or fanboys when he was the HC in Miami. At the end of his tenure, even his previous supporters in the Miami sports media were talking truth.
  7. Why don't you try to make yourself even more convincing. Along with not knowing what zone blocking is, you can add that I don't know the difference between a guard and a tackle. And don't stop there. You can always say that I don't even know what a football is. That would really make your argument. All the world bows down to the fiery logic of your of your blistering football intellect. Like I said before... The clock is ticking. The season will start. The Jets offense will underperform for reasons that include what I have been describing in this thread. And, I'm sure you will still be cock sure of yourself. After all, I don't even know what a quarterback is and you wrote the book.
  8. More of the same.... You don't understand or wont to admit that a QB as an asset is best used when the OC designs his system around the strengths of a given QB. And for this specific thread, I say Gase has not done that with Darnold. And your big piece of evidence to the contrary??? Bring up zone blocking and my supposed lack of understanding it. Sure... That does it. I award you with the largest "participation trophy" that has ever been bestowed on one who has tried as hard as you have regardless of results
  9. You complicate the obvious and trivialize the momentous as it suits your purposes. Keep defending Gase and his offensive system. Use any evasion, distraction or red herring you like to detract from what I have been explaining. The clock is ticking. The season will start. Games will be played. There is no way to avoid what we will all see play out on the field. By the end of the 2020 there wont be a single fox-hole left for Gase or any of his apologists to jump in.
  10. Yes... I remember that amazing pass. Sam shows special talent. Even Gase cant smother it totally...
  11. Saying it is called "getting used to each other" is trivializing the matter. What Sam had to explain to him are things that even a Pop Warner coach should be able to see quickly and clearly. I am *REALLY* looking forward to this season. Not so much that I am looking forward to watching the Jets field a bottom third offense, but I know the man hiding behind the curtain is going to be exposed. Then we can move on. I think JD knows his business and it is encouraging for the future despite the rotten apple at the top of the barrel.
  12. This is perhaps the most useful post of them all... You suggest that Gase will not throw out the progress they made *after* he eased up on his compulsions and listened to Sam's request for constructive change. This is key. I have no doubt that Gase is dedicated, competitive and a very hard worker along with being very intelligent in general. Will he drop his sad attachment to an old security blanket, open his mind and orchestrate a destiny for himself apart from the one that Peyton Manning gifted him ??? This is a real question...
  13. I see. You are declaring victory. If it makes you feel better...

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