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  1. We are in agreement. I also felt that it was Davis behind the CK story. Also, as stated, it was not about football for him. It is about marketing/publicity, and washing away the ghost of Chucky
  2. Raiders and Davis trying to accomplish two things with this strategic marketing ploy. 1. Prove that they still don't care if the masses or the league object to the controversial moves they make. 2. Davis is making good use of a media-made character to exercise the ghost of Chucky. But... These Raiders are a cheap imitation of the historic Raiders in every respect. My statement here has zero bearing on CK's politics and everything to do with his game on the field. Even before the politics entered the CK story, his game was full of holes. Now that he has been out of the game for years, he is twice as useless on the field. This is marketing and politics.
  3. I think he will wind up washing out, but I TRULY hope he makes all the Becton ball busters eat their words. If he kills it the first part of the season, I gonna do penance by ordering a custom Becton jersey.
  4. SAS knows Basketball. but he often steps on his own dick when commenting about anything else. He's an entertainer, not a Nobel Laureate. Enjoy his act for what it is.
  5. Been saying for a LONG time, that the Pro Bowl needs to be dropped as a game, but continue as an honor. Too much risk of injury and nobody cares about the game itself. But, you still want to honor and reward the players that produce at a Pro Bowl level. Also, it needs to be made into a TV event that fans will actually want to tune in for. 1. Elect Pro Bowl players the same way as always. 2. Send them all to HI or an equally beautiful and enjoyable location. 3. Get them all on camera without their uniforms on, so fans can see them in a different light. That in itself is a spectacle. 4. Instead of playing a game on the football field, have them fight it out AFC vs NFC with contests similar to what they did in the 70's with Battle Of The Network Stars. IE, Dunking Booth, Tug Of War, Obstacle Course (one with no reasonable chance of injury), pie eating contest, lawn mower or small go cart racing, egg walks, etc... Things the players can have a ball with and fans can crack up watching them have a fun time.
  6. Agree fully. JD, Saleh & Woody (Woody said he would be heavily involved in the draft ) did as much as you could ask to outfit Wilson with offensive manpower. I don't think I have ever been this intrigued about the Jets. Not so much excited, but intrigued. There are so many issues that are in doubt and so many stories to watch play out. Saleh's performance, Zach's performance, Becton's performance, Sauce, Garrett Wilson, J.J.'s performance in general and how he will compare to Thibs, Breece Hall, the two FA TE's and Ruckert, how the offence will evolve. In all the time you have been a Jet's fan, can you remember so many story lines to watch ??? The Jets are packed with football food for thought.
  7. I'm on record pre-draft warning against the Becton pick. I'm on record this off season insisting the Jets brass wanted to replace him. I still don't believe he will work out. On the other hand. Considering all the mudslinging sent in his direction, I REALLY hope Becton comes back and blows the roof off the LT spot. If that happens, I hope the fans go out of their way to kiss his ass with great zeal. I cant remember every wanting a guy to prove the fans wrong (including myself) more than I do Becton.
  8. What's your feeling on Zach Wilson ??? I'm totally stumped at this juncture. His play and stats got better late in the season, but I still didn't feel convinced. Clearly, the arm talent is there, but the rest ???
  9. It's going to be a lot of pressure on Saleh all season long if Zach Wilson does not pan out. If Wilson plays well and with consistency, it will make Saleh and staff look good. How Wilson looks is going to pretty much be how Saleh looks. The league has morphed into a QB league. Even McVay needed to get the QB bottleneck out of his way in order to win a Super Bowl.
  10. A *lot* more riding on Zach Wilson. In fact, the entire team and 2022 season is riding on Zach Wilson, and the issue is still in doubt.
  11. Said it before, and once again. If Wilson turns out to be anything approximating a franchise QB, the Jets can and should win this game and will win as many as 10 games in 2022. If Wilson flops, the Jets will win win 6 games tops. The Jets offensive manpower is very well appointed now. Especially, if Becton's demise was BS. The defensive roster is not studly, but they do have the horses to keep most every offense to 21 points. Given that, if Wilson works out, they can outscore most teams. 2022 is all Wilson. wilson, Wilson, WILSON. Good QB = Good team regardless. Lame QB = Lame team regardless.
  12. Top QB's will be going from #1 overall to #32 overall. YES, there are going to be that many of them
  13. Ha ! Spent 8 hours in working in the yard/garden this past Saturday and yesterday a 20 mil bicycle ride.
  14. This new mock has 6 QB's going in round one. By the time the 2022 season is in the books, I think it will be even more. Probably 8. 2023 is going to eclipse 1983 by a good margin. And, YES... There is that much talent at the QB position coming out next year. I HOPE Wilson works out, but if he does not... The remedy is right here in this little link https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/2023-nfl-mock-draft-quarterbacks-fly-off-board-in-first-round/ar-AAXkHEl?cvid=f415de5d71204adea182458f1fec94c7
  15. May be they just like seeing a good game ??? They are not from the area, so no wonder they don't act like NYC Metro area fans.
  16. Wow. The Dolphins are now unseating the Jets as the off-season heavy weights
  17. If Wilson shapes up into anything approximating a franchise QB, they have enough talent to win ten games and perhaps earn a wild card. That is based on the offensive roster. Plenty of manpower now especially if we get the surprise of surprises and Becton comes to work. The defense is probably going to be weak at the second level, but they can score enough points to stay above water IF Wilson works out. If Wilson continues to struggle, they will win about 6 games. Then, it will be off to the QB rich 2023 draft to look for the QB of the future.
  18. Agree. The right side of his brain concocts a story and then publishes it for the left side of his brain.


    The Jets got the better edge guy and one that can shut down ball carriers as well. Dont be surprised to see Thibs on 3rd and long only.
  20. If Wilson plays well and is consistent, the Jets can win 10 games. If Wilson flops 5 to 6 wins is about right
  21. I went into the draft with Sauce on the brain. I knew JJ existed, but didn't know much. The more I read and watch highlights, the more I'm beginning to think that JJ may be the best guy they drafted this year.
  22. He has five teams taking a QB in round one. It will be at least 7 and possibly 8 teams taking QB's in 2023. And, yes... There are that many QB's coming out in 2023.
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