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  1. I suppose we cant come up with the right option because we don't really know what is going on. If GB is in fact holding out for something like a first round pick, the best action would be to start securing another vet. That will send a message that the Jets are ready, willing and able to press the nuke button. Perhaps, though the Jets and Packers have already worked out the substance of the deal and are just pouring over a few details regarding contract and cap and so on.
  2. I would trade the Jets second round draft pick and some conditionals next year if it would ensure OBJ would not be on the Jets roster. Bringing that clown show to the Jets would signal that the train has gone off the rails. Not kidding or overstating that, either. It would be a harbinger of another very bad year.
  3. "BECTON ISNT PLAYING AROUND" And... He isn't playing either. suckers...
  4. Yeah, but it looks like he'll be succeeded by an even bigger disruptive influence. OBJ. The ultimate clown show. If JD is fool enough to sign him, I will be very displeased. It would signal the season going sideways before it starts. You can't make any sense out of casting off Moore and follow it up by signing OBJ. Only a disorganized, foolhardy GM would do it.
  5. True, People can make progress. But In this case, I'd say... You'll be sorry.
  6. Too many examples and not enough time. I think this example is a good demonstration. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/odell-beckham-fires-back-at-giants-gms-comments-in-twitter-tirade-says-hes-only-a-cancer-for-a-losing-team/ "Odell Beckham fires back at Giants GM's comments in Twitter tirade, says he's only a 'cancer' for a 'losing' team" Right... So as soon as things don't go to an ideal and the way he wants it. he's on what he would call a "losing team" and he starts acting out while the rest of the team holds quiet and does their job like men. You are a loser on a losing team the second you start thinking and acting like a child when the day gets tough. I dont want him on my Jets. I dont want to cheer for him. If the Rodgers trade depended on it, I'd sooner go with any marginal FA QB out there and skip on both Rodgers and this OBJ clown. I was a third generation season ticket holder until they signed Michal Vick. The day they did that, I called the Jets office and cancelled my tickets and moved my PSL. I can be happy with pulling for a team that does not win as often as the dynasty franchises, but some other things I cant stomach
  7. So he's going to act out like an ass in front of the cameras in a packed stadium, but he wont act out anywhere else ??? He's trouble looking for an outlet.
  8. Right. Not pointing to you, but I guarantee there are those pointing to Moore's attitude issues and lauding the trade that are also suggesting that the Jets sign the ultimate problem child OBJ. I don't mind that they cast off Moore, but how do you do that and then sign a five alarm head case like OBJ ?
  9. And that is also predicated on Rodgers wanting to and agreeing not to retire rather than play for a team that is not the Jets, IE Lazard, Hackett GB is screwed and JD knows it Anything more than a number two is outrageous to give up
  10. I don't want OBJ even for free. Even if the Rodgers deal hinges on it. Lazard was a nice addition and one that will please Rodgers but No OBJ. None. No thanks.
  11. I've been flipflopping over who would be the best fit for the Jets. Skoronski. Johnson or Jones. Skoronski will probably be the first one gone. I think Jones or Johnson would be good picks. And I will be pissed off if JD gives up a number one draft pick this year or next. The max he should offer is a number two this year and perhaps a conditional next year if the Jets make the playoffs
  12. The Jets are in a much better spot. The goal for the Jets is not Rodgers at all cost. The goal for the Jets is sustained success. That means, you dont piss away high draft picks on a older QB who will be around for two years at most AND is coming from a team that has no choice but to deal him.
  13. Yep. They can shuv it and we can go with a non sensational, non HOF vet QB that will still get the Jets to the playoffs. If you recall last season. They did not need a HOF QB to make the playoffs. All they needed was a QB that wasn't awful. Tannehill could win 10 games with the current Jets roster provided that JD drafts the right OT with #13. ADDITION: As a matter of fact, I want to see JD have CONSPICUOUIS talks with all the rest of the FA QBs out there.
  14. YES ! The Jets fan base is on board with telling GB FU !. That is the vibe that is out there. We wont condemn Woody or JD if they let the trade fall through so as not go get fleeced by GB. In fact, we will applaud them. We would like to have Rodgers, but we don't need him. Let GB keep him.
  15. Not so much that Joe D has balls of iron. More like any GM with five cents worth of brains can see that GB has to take what is being offered. No way do the Jets have to give up a first rounder for Rodgers. In fact, they don't even have to give up a second rounder. GB is screwed beyond reason if 1. Rodgers retires. 2. Rodgers stays on the GB roster. And here is the rub. Rodgers knows this too and he is working with the Jets so he can play for them. No other teams are in the mix for Rodgers. No one can help GB deal with the Jets or Rodgers. JD and Rodgers are in a freight train together playing chicken with Gutekunst who is on a unicycle.
  16. under no circumstances should they give up a number one draft pick.
  17. I had started a thread a few days ago about qbs that were cast off. Geno Smith for example. I'm wondering if the low success rate of QB's drafted in the later rounds has a lot to do with the GM and HC's pride of authorship in high round draft picks as opposed to it being all about a prospect's actual abilities. Could it be that teams will go all out and then some to try to make a Zach Wilson work out while doing little to nothing to make a QB prospect drafted in a later round work out ??? These days, everyone wants the QBs that are drafted in round one to start right away and it often leads to very bad results. I'm guessing there were and are a lot more QB prospects that could have worked out if they had gotten better coaching and for longer time before they were put on the field. That goes for all the later round QB picks that probably didn't get so much consideration. Thousands of moving parts to it.
  18. and the gb management. he'll be pissing in the gatorade bucket every chance he gets.
  19. He aint gonna ride the pine. He's gonna piss on it.
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