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  1. Jaco technical, creative innovative. BUT... i SOOO much prefer when he is supportive rather than explorational. I also find the sound of a fretless J-Bass annoying at times. The initial attack of a hammer stroke on a fretless electric bass has that pseudo string bass sound that I don't find too pleasing. Id rather listen to Cliff Williams with AC/DC over an hour long explorational jazz jam with Jaco. Another guy that many players talk about a lot for technical ability is Less Claypool. Most of Less Claypool's work sounds like a big diarrhea stew to me.
  2. Don't kill me, but I always wondered why Bonham was/is so wildly loved. I know he came up with a pile of slick grooves and he was somewhat of a proto-thrash guy with his patented triplets, but I think he was pretty much a caveman style drummer. My favorite rock-pop players are Bill Bruford and Stuart Copeland. I would not put Bonham anywhere near those two. I dig fully that he was the ideal drummer for LZ and it would not be the same without him, but no way do I laud JB as an elite talent. He is a "great" drummer, but not a great player. Like I said... Please stay calm and put down the b
  3. Covering Geddy takes left hand and right hand technicality, and JPJ takes feel, touch. Depends on what you are best at. As odd as it seems, I find some off Geddy's stuff easier to get right than I do getting some of Roger Water's work on bass. Getting such a slow groove right is a challenge if you grew up on reproducing all the electronic synth bass lines that dominated the 80's Go, go go !!! Here is another "self oddity". I think the biggest POS of a bass is the Rickenbacker. Tried one once and almost vomited. BUT. My absolute favorite rock/pop bass player, Chris Squire used a
  4. I always calked Fodera "The Brooklyn Bass" :)
  5. I dig. Still, I prefer to own and play the ones made in America. If you like the J-Bass, I'm wondering if you ever saw/tried the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. It is a Japanese made bass. I've been mulling over buying one for the past year. VERY nice bass. Compelling for many reasons.
  6. JPJ harder to reproduce than Geddy Lee
  7. Other than my P-Bass, my BX-1 is the only other bass I held on to. Too unique to part with.
  8. I am a bass player, so I have little to no hands on with guitars. I have always loved the clean sound of Strats. Many who play then describe them as being harder to fret and in general harder to play than Less Pauls or most any other "new school" guitar yet, they love them best for many good reasons. For recording, the Fender P is in my opinion the king of the studio for just about any style. It just sits in the mix perfectly
  9. I'm always wondering when the guitar player I see without a Strat or the bass player I see without a P-Bass will finally see the light.
  10. True, we have to wait it out to see how things play out, but early on, QB's like Elway, both Mannings etc clearly had the tools while QBs like Sanchez and Sam Darnold clearly had issues. I think with both Lawrence and Wilson. we will know within three games which of those two groups they will most likely end up in. Both will make rookie mistakes, but we really will know early on what the future looks like with those two.
  11. Trevor Lawrence Having A Bad Day At Camp... What Could These Early Signs Mean ??? https://thespun.com/nfl/afc-south/jacksonville-jaguars/trevor-lawrence-is-having-a-tough-day-at-jaguars-practice Could the "Generational Prospect" Trevor Lawrence In Combination With Uban Meyer Add Up To A "Generational Disaster" ???
  12. That's Jimmy The Emu Clausen...
  13. That's my nick name for Wilson, like it or not. To me, he's Pretty Boy Wilson.
  14. Do it. Get him. Pay him. They need all the protection they can get to keep Pretty Boy Wilson upright and clean. The entire management structure depends on what Pretty Boy does. If Wilson flames out, JD is toast and so his is scouting department, his HC and the HC's entire staff. You can never have too much quality help on the offensive line circa 2021 especially if a rookie QB's development and career are dependent upon it. Keep Pretty Boy safe and sound.
  15. Although I'm still affected by the loss of the first overall draft pick and Trevor Lawrence, I must say that I'm starting to leave that behind. I'm really warming up to Pretty Boy Wilson. I like everything I see and hear so far. A lot. I just hope I feel the same way after a few weeks of regular season play.
  16. "Pretty Boy" Wilson enjoying himself to the full. So much for the idea that he would have any issues adjusting to the NYC Metro area. Looks like he was made for it. Gotta love Pretty Boy Wilson !
  17. Egg-Zactly. Let's see how his arm talks comes the regular season.
  18. Makes sense... Lets see how things play out. I'm still suffering the aftershocks of the Jets needlessly missing out on Trevor Lawrence. I hope Wilson cures me.
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