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  1. Tom Brady has just about every NFL record that there is for a QB, but one. Now he wants Favre's record for QB that has retired and unretired the most times
  2. Some people in here want to bring back the Flight Crew. How about a cheerleader *moaning* chant ???
  3. Depends on what "wokeism" is defined as. If it is people coming to a realization that some folks have been treated badly and because of that, they become more understanding, wokeism is a good thing. There is a practical sincerity to that and I think it is good. If it is all consuming attention given to progressive ideals to the point of being senseless and backwards, it is a bad thing. In that case, it is vapid social politics that usually involves people that have not been practically mistreated in any way making specious accusations against good people that have not given any offense. It is almost always applied to advance a political agenda. Some of the people that are drunk on wokeism don't even have a political or social ideology of any kind. They can be people that don't have a lot going on in their life and are reaching for an established gambit to gain significance. So... It depends. If it is honest, constructive "wokeism" it is good. If it is the later, it is a menace.
  4. the tomahawk chop is a silly characterization of the native American culture and people. As if all they did was chop of scalps with a tomahawk. It is as much a slur as "redskin" good example of how complicated social politics and the media has gotten.
  5. I cant think of any two team chants that I make me cringe more than the KC "Tomahawk Chop" chant and the "Fly Eagles, Fly" song. I find both annoying as well as lame. At least with the Jets, Broncos and Packers, etc. chants, they are quick and to the point. The KC and Eagles chants are not only lame, but the go on and on and on and on... And how does KC get away with the "Tomahawk Chop" ??? The media cops forced the team formerly known as the Redskins to change their name to the "Commanders". Why no pressure on KC franchise to encourage the fans to cease and desist with what some viewers may see as an offensive characterization of native American culture ???
  6. Once you start naming your favorite Jets, you cant stop at 4. It's like eating popcorn.
  7. Brady to Raiders. Rodgers to Jets. Carr to Panthers ,Colts. or Redsk... CAUGH. Commanders. That seems most likely now.
  8. It would only help in one way, but I have always thought about putting a sensor system in the football. This way you can tell where the ball was. Over the line to make or goal line. That would just help with the spot and not the other stuff.
  9. Dunno what the public Says, but my personal fave not in any particular order. Also... Has a lot to do with the person and not just the player. That's why Gastineau aint on my list. Mary Lyons Freeman McNeil Joe Namath Wesley Walker Mangold Mo Lewis Bart Scott Jim Leonhard Sanchez Brandon Moore Mickey Schuler Bruce Harper Dan Alexander Coles Chrebet Faneca Sauce Salaam Buttle Mehl Bobby Jackosn Darrol Ray others...
  10. Yes and no. Nothing wrong with paying for a performer. However, history has demonstrated that you can not buy a championship. Buying a "dream team" does not workout in the NFL. Many have tried and failed. What you can do, is add that one missing piece to complete an already well appointed roster. Tampa did it with Tom Brady. The Rams did it with Mathew Stafford. In the Jets case, the missing part seems to be the QB. On the face of it, it would make sense to pay Rodgers or even Carr. BUT... TB had Bruce Arians in the big chair The Rams had Sean McVay. By all accounts, excellent NFL head coaches that KNEW offense. The Jets have Bobby. The jury is still out. They could follow the Rams and TB model of buying the QB to compliment the rest of the roster and get to the mountain top BUT the could still fail due to the HC And... Possibly even the owner gumming up the works. The Jets are the Jets. Rodgers or no Rodgers and they will be until they own another Lombardi
  11. The plan. Win more games. The result. The Jets...
  12. He is often wrong about a lot of the prospects he evaluates and he is often wrong about what team will draft what player. What is he good at is knowing the vitals of the draft prospects and the situation of the teams to a fair degree. It is good for fans who like to follow the draft because he gives a lot of raw info to take in. That is the larger portion of it. Not the accuracy of his predictions. It is his presentation.
  13. Hello ??? You Play To Win The Game
  14. For sure. This move guarantees one of two things. Especially if they have Rodgers lined up to come in along with Hackett. 1. They make the playoffs and all are safe for the next two to three years. 2. They don't make the playoffs. Subsequently, the entire regime gets canned on Black Friday. GM, HC, OC, DC. All of them. FYI... If they do have Rodgers lined up already, expect it to be two years max with an escape for all parties involved after 1 year.
  15. Fuk sake. We get good news. Hackett as OC, possible AR as QB and Carter as OL Coach. and you had to fuk this thread up with ZW ??? Burry his ass already.
  16. It sure looks that way. If so, is Rodgers in the NY media market a concern ??? Or is that nothing to worry about considering his extensive experience being out front ??? He's gotten a lot of media attention the past few years. Perhaps what the NY media market throws at him will just roll off his back.
  17. Wow. I'm guessing that Carter knew that Hackett was coming in as OC and I have a feeling that all involved know who the QB signing will be. Considering the Hackett news, I'm beginning to think Rodgers.
  18. Not a good HC, but a good OC. I would have preferred the combo of Carr and Olson, but if it is Hackett and Rodgers, it makes 2023 very interesting
  19. Very much approve as OC. This makes me thing that the Jets have made headway with Rodgers. How would Rodgers handle NY media market ??? Considering Rodgers' experience, is it even an issue as far as how he will manage ???
  20. He wont be assembling the play book. But he'd dictating a lot of it. Not just the nomenclature. The type of offense itself. And you can be sure that he'd be calling most of the plays or changing the ones that were called
  21. And now... Look who suggests Rodgers to the Jets: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/stephen-a-smith-wants-to-see-1-nfl-team-trade-for-aaron-rodgers/ar-AA16JI9g?cvid=947161397449441fb251e821f5b9a2f3 "Stephen A. Smith Wants To See 1 NFL Team Trade For Aaron Rodgers" "On First Take Wednesday morning, Smith outlined his case for why the Jets would be a good trade fit for the four-time NFL MVP, starting with a supporting cast that includes 2022 draft picks Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson and a strong defensive unit. "I like the thought of him in a New York Jets uniform, you know why?" Smith said. "Because I like what Douglas and Saleh have put around the quarterback spot." Smith also said that he feels the New York media environment would hold Rodgers accountable more than the one in Wisconsin has, which could have a positive impact on how the quarterback plays."
  22. burrow and also the super bowl mvp
  23. Yep. That could be a problem when dealing with a five-alarm head case.
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