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  1. Could very well be explained by the distractions in the NY Metro area. More things to do other than work on conditioning. They need to take a look at all injuries that occur on that field, including those of opposing teams not including concussions.
  2. Looking at Sean Payton's mug every Sunday would be even more unpleasant than having to look at the Jets current uniforms.
  3. Agree fully. Rex and his Jets had an appeal that no other team/season of Hard Knox has come close to living up to.
  4. First name Michael. Last name, four syllables ending with a vowel Known to my friends as Slick
  5. 1- 4- EKWONU (if he is there and JD does not make the pick, I will drive me head through a wall) 1 -10 SAUCE. (he may very well be the most perfect fit of for Sales system of any CB in history and a team identity builder/leader) 2 - 35 - Logan Hall (Prototypical 5 technique) 2 - 38 - Drake London (WR) Round 3 and 4. Interior OL or RB
  6. His $$$ is right in line with his performance. If they can maintain that balance, keep him. What I would most like to see with the line. Use 4th overall pick on Ekwonu. He is the best player in the draft and will be an every year pro bowler at LT. Becton can play inside, try RT or vanish after his rookie contract is done. What to do with Fant in the case that the Jets draft Ekwonu ??? RT ???
  7. They should make OT a shortened time period. 10 minutes. No sudden death. With the rules that the league has now, it totally favors the offense, Too much comes down to the coin toss. It pays no mind to the body of work that was done by both teams for four entire quarters.
  8. If Saleh was calling the defense for the Bucks and Bills at the end of those games, the Bills and Bucks would probably have won. What I learned is that good defense is not allowed to exist these days. The league makes the rules so that football games resemble a track and field contest for 55 minutes and for the last five minutes of the game, the NFL now resembles that last minute of an NBA game. Just start these games at 40 to 40 with 5 minutes to go. Same effect.
  9. Magic ??? Stupidity on the part of the Bills. They should have squib kicked and then rushed with three guys tops once the Chiefs began the drive. Pure stupidity. But then again, so was the defense that KC used when the Bills scored their last TD. Is there such thing as sound defense any longer ??? Or any defense for that matter.
  10. Agree with this fully. IMHO, Ewkonu is the best player in the draft. He's going to be a perennial pro-bowler. If the Jets have a chance to take him with their first pick, they have to go for it. Also... Another player that is going to be great, and would be especially a great fit for Salehs' defence is The Sauce. If they have a chance to draft Sauce Gardner with their second first round pick, they would be foolish not to. He is loaded with physical football skills and on top of that, ideal intangibles. A smart, physical heads up CB like Sauce would be ideal for Saleh's defense. He's
  11. Lose the black. The league already has the Raiders and Steelers. Whenever you try to be someone you're not, that's when you f**K-up. Go back to the classic legacy uniforms. One of the cleanest, sharpest looking uni's in league history. One of the few things that was nice about watching the Jets the past years and they f***ed that up too.
  12. If I was the GM At 4. Ikem Ekwonu At 10. Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, Cincinnati (even if Stingley is on the board)
  13. Tells me he is a dude and not a *football player*. Have the same feeling about Becton. Remember when "football players" were "football players"??? See the 70's 80's. These days, more high priced, pampered, privileged, high-tech trained kids now and not too many "football players". When football became a massive money making institution for both college and professional leagues, it lost a lot of its social value and basic appeal. It used to be played for the sake of the game itself and for the qualities that it could help to tech kids at all levels of education. It was born out of th
  14. What the hell took him so long ??? He should have already been doing that for 2+ years.
  15. The spelling isn't the problem here. It is the player. Another wasted first round pick by JD. As was the QW pick. Usually, fans would be excited to have two first round picks in an upcoming draft. I'm disgusted about it already. I already have some idea how it's going to go.
  16. You don't need to wait to have some idea of how badly the Jets will look against two very well coached teams with good rosters. I can already tell you. The Jets will look like the one of the worst teams in the league. No rocket science there.
  17. Defend an awful product to your heart's content.
  18. Recent teams. Look at what Tampa did, Cleveland did, Buffalo did, Tennessee did, Arizona Did. All teams that were not performing under previous regimes/GMs and made a fast and steady climb to the playoffs under quality management. The Jets have gone from bad to bad to awful. The roster is a total dud and the GM's top picks, Becton, Williams and Wilson are not working out and probably never will. Becton because he's not mature/focused, Willaims because he's out to lunch on Sunday and Wilson because he is CLEARLY a developmental talent with no clear teacher and or system to bring him alo
  19. He might be staying out of his way, but JD is not the right guy. Given how long JD has been in his position with the Jets and considering the roster the Jets have, any reasonable onlooker should conclude that JD has been a disaster. Nothing about the roster looks good. After two seasons, there should at least be a substantial part of the roster in place. The Jets roster is a scrub roster and other than AVT, JD's top draft picks look like absolute duds.
  20. The team has to change hands to an owner that is ready willing and able to hire a competent GM and then, stay out of his/her way. Until that occurs, the Jets are going to be a franchise that fields a football team that loses on the field, loses regularly and loses soundly.
  21. ""It starts with ownership," said one former player, alluding to the Johnsons. "You've got to get the right people in. You've got to be able to have a strategy and a game plan and an identity. I'm not sure if they have that."" WOW... You mean others realize where the real problem is ??? It wasn't just Bill Belichick that left town on a rocket sled after getting a load of the new incoming owner that saw a problem ??? I
  22. We are in full agreement, here. And even if the current owner sells the team, it is far from a guarantee that the new owner will be able to build an organization that produces a football team that wins with regularity on the field and competes for playing time in January. The two first round picks that the Jets have next year *still* don't signify much that will go towards what fans want to see. And, no... I'm not a troll that insists that we all divest and stop watching. There will always be some individual performances to enjoy and a few exciting plays here and there. If
  23. ZW is a symptom. Allow me to state, once again. It all starts at the top. The owner/acting owner makes a big mistake. One that we *all saw coming* and hires Gase. That glaring mistake leads to another mistake. Gase hires Joe Douglas. Results of that hire demonstrates that a second mistake was caused by the original mistake. Douglas has been an absolute disaster. By now, any competent GM would have had a large part of the roster filled out. What we see now, is a roster that is made up of players that would be second string talent on most rosters and in som
  24. And it all goes back to the top. Johnson hires Gase (a mistake). Gase brings in his mistake with JD. JD brings in his mistake, Saleh. Saleh brings in his mistakes on the CS. When the first decisions at the top are mistakes, everything from there on down is faulty.
  25. bad job yesterday ??? how about horrible job all year. GM has been a disaster and the cs is clueless. And it is not going to get any better even if they have five first round picks in 2022.
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