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  1. 1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Great news that he is doing position drills already.  With our depth at dline, we do not have to rush him back at all.  Looks like he is on pace to be full go week 1.

    I *REALLY* hope the "Big Ticket" does not turn out having a career like Dave Cadigan. 

  2. 29 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    I'm with you.........   just added more fact.

    The "fraud" label for Gase is unanimous but Rex is a polarizing figure among Jet fans.  I liked Rex a lot and thought he was a good HC.  His demise was a result of a roster that got worse and worse as his tenure progressed.  His last two seasons saw arguably the worst Jets roster since the scab roster of strike shortened season.

    You can blame Rex for that and it would be fair, but I blame Johnson and Tanny.  Tanny was known to be weak willed, and Johnson gave too much power to Rex to make player/roster decisions.  Johnson is a trust fund fop and not a qualified administrator that has the tools to evaluate the abilities of subordinates and act accordingly. 

    Never, ever, EVER give an emotional reactionary like Rex control over hiring the help... 

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  3. On 3/27/2020 at 8:59 AM, southparkcpa said:

    I agree with all of that. Im NO FAN of anything Patriot. I simply state that 70 percent of HC's would have won maybe 2-3 SB's with Brady. Drafting GRONK when we drafted Kyle Wilson??? That was no accident.  He attracted players like Randy Moss.  His players almost universally speak glowing of him but we should take the word of some internet JETS poster? I'll listen to his frmer players and look at his wins.  Comments about the SB wins , yes. But he got there. We haven't in 50 years. I persoanlly know the GM of the Panthers, he is a member of my golf club. To this day he SWEARS the Pats cheated in the 2004 SB.  No mention of Kasay kicking the ball out of bounds at the half.

    Interesting.  I know someone who swears the '69 Jets were "helped" along in their SB win over the Colts in order to solidify the new league and make more $$$

    Brady was a big part of the Patriots success, but calling Belichick a fraud is over the top.  Brady didn't play in a vacuum.  He was always behind one of the best offensive lines.  Those players were drafted by BB and trained by coaches that BB hired and sustained. BB's stamp was all over that team and still is.  He may not be affable, but he's not a fraud.

    Wanna know who is/was ??? 

    I'll give you a hint.   He is a former Jet HC with the initials AG. 

    THAT'S a fraud. 

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  4. 13 minutes ago, AFJF said:

    Yeah, what you're saying sounds like a football conversation so I get it.  But pre-draft I lost count of the number of comments about how attractive fans thought Zach was or was not in a way that suggested they thought it would impact his play.  

    Having looked back at this very brief discussion, it's more obvious than ever that we need football to get here ASAP.

    Wilson is not just a football player.  He's not just playing to win or lose.  Media & money are the compelling bits here.  Brand names like NFL and NY Jets and so on.  It is profit driven.  His looks are part of the marketing mix and the viewer/consumer experience.

    Remember Broadway Joe ??? Is he in the *NFL HOF more for his brilliant statistics or for his persona, charisma and good looks ??? 

    The NFL is profit/media driven entertainment first and foremost.  

  5. 1 minute ago, AFJF said:

    Or was it because he thought the other guy was too pretty?

    Yes.  EXACTLY.  Now you got it ;-)  Guys from my cave don't wear Flintstone animal skins. We go with Barney Rubble digs.  We notice what skins your sportin'.  Come to our cave in Flintstone gear and you'll get the business end of my club.  

    Appearances are noticed, evaluated, judged within a social and situational context.  Always.  

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  6. 12 minutes ago, AFJF said:

    But this isn't a new thing.  Saw tons of pre-draft commentary on his appearance when all we really saw of him was his play on the football field.  I dunno...I'm an old guy now.  Maybe just a generational thing?

    Not new.  Older than modern man.  As old as the first caveman that bashed another caveman over the head with a bone because he was from another cave.  



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  7. Just now, JiFapono said:

    I feel like when you practice in designer form fitting clothes including shorts the size of my boxer briefs with Gucci sunglasses and perfectly gelled hair, you're asking for people to take notice of your appearance.  I dont know, could be wrong but I know wear tank tops to show of my well defined arms.  Suns out, guns out.

    Indeed.  Beyond that, humans are primates with instincts and tendencies.  Noticing and responding to appearances is and always will be part of the human condition.  It plays a central role in procreation and civilization in general.  The "trivialities" of outward appearance including both the natural (physical/body characteristics) and the contrived (dress and cosmetics) play a central role in how humans react to and with each other.  It is one of the components of tribalism and in-group preference along with things like religion, language, political philosophies and what football team you identify with.  As a given troop defined by any of the items listed above learns to "include" they also learn to "exclude".  Humans, like all primates are nervous animals that are driven to form social groups.  One of the many social components that humans employ in their social systems is appearances, both natural and contrived.  It will be so until the human race goes extinct. 

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  8. 18 minutes ago, AFJF said:

    I'm familiar with Goodall's work but I've never heard anyone preface any of their statements about her by reminding everyone what she looks like.  An alarming number of people don't seem to be capable of doing this when discussing Zach Wilson.  

    Very clinical.  Most impressive commentary.   Amazing what you come across in a football forum.  I've enjoyed and benefited greatly from this discourse. 

  9. 12 hours ago, AFJF said:

    Why are so many people hung up on his physical appearance?  

    Recognition and perception of aesthetics is part of the human condition.  Consider Jane Goodall's research and how it applies to other primates.  Humans are cognitively superior chimpanzees with planet killing technologies and pretty boy quarterbacks. 

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  10. 4 minutes ago, ZacharyWilson said:

    Which did you like the least? The quick release, the accuracy, the arm strength, the mobility, the obsession with football, the high football IQ, the confidence or the beautiful hair?

    For myself, I dig it all.  Since I'm a Jets fan and have been for a LONG time, I don't want to get too excited for another let down. but he's got some really intriguing tools.  His delivery is faster than Marino's, his footwork and mobility are tremendous and his ability to throw from any angle in any direction appears to match Mahomes.


    This is all tape from college and practice.  We don't have a shred of tape from a pro game.

    That's what I'm waiting for before I go off half-cocked 

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  11. 9 minutes ago, ZacharyWilson said:

    Mods, can we please change my screen name to this??

    Haha... IMHO.  I LOVE that as a nickname for Wilson.  It is not intended to be disrespectful.  Quite the contrary.   I'm taking his boyish looks and flipping the script.

    You've heard of Pretty Boy Floyd.   Same deal, only the "Pretty Boy"  in green and white does his shooting and destruction with his arm... He's a bad-ass "pretty boy" and bad-ass is exactly what you are if you can shoulder a nickname like "pretty boy" 

  12. 1 hour ago, johnnysd said:

    I am a Jets fan. As in FAN. 

    While I can be somewhat analytical and objective Tuesday through Friday during the season., when it comes down to it I can't help but become a total fanboy for our time. I never in any circumstance root for us to lose.

    Now that does not mean I cannot hate a player or dislike him. If I feel that a player is holding us back I will hate him until he is gone.

    But In Zach's case I am like 1,000% in. When I watched ALL his games back in December I left feeling he was the best college QB I had ever seen.

    And then I so desperately wanted the Jets to pick him but I thought there was not a scintilla of a chance we would be so bold.

    And then we picked him. I was SOOO excited even though, unlike Sam we pretty much knew he was the pic for many weeks.

    And since then he has done everything right it seems. He has been awesome in OTAs (Sam sucked against the 3s), he has shown leadership and intelligence and work ethic.

    So I am ALL IN. I will be rooting for him with every fiber of my being and will be that way until he absolutely proves he is not the guy. I was really excited about Sam (not as much as Zach, not even close) but it took me like 2.5 seasons to actually see that he sucks.

    So who is with me?

    Until Zach "Pretty Boy" Wilson gives me a reason to be a particular fan, he's just "potential" 

    Either he can reproduce the type of play we saw from him in college in the NFL, or he can't.   He wont be a QB like Sanchez, Gabbert or Trubisky.  Meaning there wont be lingering questions regarding weather he will pan out or not for four years or so.  Wilson is going to be uniquely elite, or an absolute disaster and we'll know which way it will go by game three of the regular season. 

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  13. On 7/6/2021 at 11:33 PM, nycdan said:

    If Rodgers goes to DEN they would probably move way up.

    But if I had to pick a 3rd choice after KC and TB, I think I might go with LAR.  I think Stafford could be electric there and it would be pretty cool to see.  I don't think anyone can beat KC in the AFC if they are healthy and that new OLine looks pretty promising.

    Agree.  Goff was really holding them back.  The HC/OC SM did a great job considering, but even a novice fan could see that Goff was a bottleneck.  Stafford is a good QB that was limited by his circumstances.  Both the Rams and Stafford are about to cash in... 

  14. 9 minutes ago, EM31 said:

    At the risk this time of actually offering a Safety who can cover?

    With A QB that can pass (I hope) and a nice stable of pass catchers and a nice offensive line (I hope), the safety position isn't a big worry.

    NFL Circa 2021 - Pass Pass Pass.   Score Score Score.

    That's the way they made the rules.  Gearing up to do anything other than that is planning to swim against the tide as your strategy. 

    Spend your money on the passing game.  

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  15. 13 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Exactly.  Robinson is a true leader.  Maye is acting like a child by unfollowing the Jets.  

    Thank you again Joe Douglas for knowing that maye is not the type of player we want around here long term.

    Egg-Zactly.  I understand fully and can relate that employees want to be compensated fairly for the work they do, and compensated more than others if their performance/contribution is greater.  Regardless,  there is no cause or excuse to act out like a fool.  State your position & negotiate as you should, but do so as a professional, not a petulant child. Remember, these "kids" are all college boys.  Even if they leave a year sooner, they must have at least taken "Time To Grow Up 101"

  16. 18 hours ago, Bungaman said:

    I think over the long haul Lance will be the surprise of all the QB's drafted: all the tools, just very green. 

    I believe the fates of all the QB's will rest on the supporting casts (including coaches, organization, etc.) around them. Fields might be screwed, at least short term, by landing in Chicago - a graveyard for QB's as of late. So were the Jets, but I like to think it's past tense for us now. Jacksonville might be another bad spot, but Lawrence might have the talent to rise above it - or at least survive until another coach comes to town to replace Meyer, which I think is inevitable.

    SF and NE are decent landing spots for the others. 

    This is not going to be popular, but I think the QB that will perform above his billing is Mac Jones.  My thoughts on Fields and Wilson have not changed.   I don't think Fields will pan out as a starter after four up and down seasons and Wilson is either going to be elite or a total disaster.   Who knows about Lance.  Could be an elite QB after a few years of learning, or a total bust.   

    Lots of moving parts.  Who knows for sure about any of them ???

    Time tells all. 

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    MLB: Mosley - (Obvious)

    SSLB: Davis - (Obvious)

    WSLB: Cashman for about a quarter until he dislocates his ass bone or whatever and then, Nasirildeen for the rest of the season and probably a pile of snaps to Sherwood as well.



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