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  1. Just now, doitny said:

    we dont know, but like i said thats some coincidence that the 2 teams that play in that stadium have the most injuries in the league year in and year out. 

    Could very well be explained by the distractions in the NY Metro area.  More things to do other than work on conditioning.

    They need to take a look at all injuries that occur on that field, including those of opposing teams not including concussions. 

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  2. 16 hours ago, NYJets43 said:

    If Woody wants to win over Jets fans he gets it done.

    I’m assuming Payton is going to sit out this season. At that point the Jets can have both the GM and HC position available and give Sean full control. 

    Get ready for a lot of Sean Payton speculation  over the next 12 months. 

    Looking at Sean Payton's mug every Sunday would be even more unpleasant than having to look at the Jets current uniforms. 

  3. 23 hours ago, JiFapono said:

    Seriously.  It hasnt been watchable since 2010 and Rex Ryan.  Dan Campbell?  I might tune in for that.  Dude might actually go get a Lion if he knows there are cameras around.

    Agree fully.  Rex and his Jets had an appeal that no other team/season of Hard Knox has come close to living up to. 

  4. 17 hours ago, GangGreen Machine said:

    I have been looking at a bruiser RB to compliment Michael Carter. What about BYU Running back Tyler Allgeier? At 5'11" 220 lbs, he has a nose for the end zone. Familiarity with Wilson as well as a change of pace from a shifty Michael Carter. This guy looks like an upgrade from Tyler Johnson. Maybe they could take him at pick 68 or 107 depending on draft stock? 

    1-4: EDGE George Karlaftis

    1-10: Trade into the teens and pick up LB Dean, LB Loyd, or C Linderbaum or Stay at 10 WR Drake London

    2-35: S Jaquan Brisker

    2-38: TE Trey McBride

    3-68: LB Chad Muma

    4-107: RB Tyler Allgeier


    1- 4- EKWONU (if he is there and JD does not make the pick, I will drive me head through a wall)

    1 -10 SAUCE. (he may very well be the most perfect fit of for Sales system of any CB in history and a team identity builder/leader)

    2 - 35 - Logan Hall (Prototypical 5 technique)

    2 - 38 - Drake London (WR)

    Round 3 and 4.  Interior OL or RB

  5.  His $$$ is right in line with his performance.  If they can maintain that balance, keep him.

    What I would most like to see with the line.  Use 4th overall pick on Ekwonu.  He is the best player in the draft and will be an every year pro bowler at LT.   Becton can play inside, try RT or vanish after his rookie contract is done.  What to do with Fant in the case that the Jets draft Ekwonu ??? RT ??? 

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  6. 5 hours ago, CanadaSteve said:

    First off....Game for the ages!  Probably one of the best football games played in the longest time I can remember.

    That said.  This overtime rule in the playoffs.  I can understand (kind of) why they have it the way they do for regular season.  But when it comes to the playoffs, should both teams not get at least one possession?  I mean, it literally comes down to a coin toss.  Would have made that game even more exciting if Buffalo gets a chance to go down and score as well.


    They should make OT a shortened time period.  10 minutes.  No sudden death.  With the rules that the league has now, it totally favors the offense,  Too much comes down to the coin toss.  It pays no mind to the body of work that was done by both teams for four entire quarters.  

  7. 3 hours ago, Phillyjet said:

    The Jets have such a long way to go to even be competitive, it's crazy.  QB play, defense, playmakers. The gap is wide. Very wide.

    If Saleh was calling the defense for the Bucks and Bills at the end of those games, the Bills and Bucks would probably have won. 

    What I learned is that good defense is not allowed to exist these days.  The league makes the rules so that football games resemble a track and field contest for 55 minutes and for the last five minutes of the game, the NFL now resembles that last minute of an NBA game.  

    Just start these games at 40 to 40 with 5 minutes to go.  Same effect.

  8. 9 hours ago, slimjasi said:

    Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce are magic  

    Allowing the chiefs to get into FG range (just inside of 50 yards, no less!) in 13 seconds is completely inexcusable. If they just squib kick it, a few more seconds run off the clock and they very likely win.They blew the game, IMO. 

    Magic ??? Stupidity on the part of the Bills.  They should have squib kicked and then rushed with three guys tops once the Chiefs began the drive.  Pure stupidity.  But then again, so was the defense that KC used when the Bills scored their last TD.

    Is there such thing as sound defense any longer ??? Or any defense for that matter.

  9. 17 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    Interesting. Ekwonu does seem like the one pure LT despite how talented and versatile Evan Neal is. Ekwonu is also a better fit for zone blocking schemes vs. man/power blocking.

    It’s interesting that on DraftKings there does seem to be a pretty clear top four. You’ll notice the next couple guys are quarterbacks. Again, these are odds/betting numbers and the risk/reward around the most premium position like QB makes these kinds of things happen. Some people place bets on the chance that a great Combine and pro day for a guy like Pickett could result in a trade up by some team.

    In any case, found this interesting.





    Agree with this fully.  IMHO, Ewkonu is the best player in the draft.  He's going to be a perennial pro-bowler.  If the Jets have a chance to take him with their first pick, they have to go for it.

    Also... Another player that is going to be great, and would be especially a great fit for Salehs' defence is The Sauce. If they have a chance to draft Sauce Gardner with their second first round pick, they would be foolish not to.  He is loaded with physical football skills and on top of that, ideal intangibles.  A smart, physical heads up CB like Sauce would be ideal for Saleh's defense.  He's going to be a great football player that influences games.

    My ideal draft dare I hope

    Ewkonu and the Sauce.

  10. 5 hours ago, Jetluv58 said:

    Lose the black.  The league already has the Raiders and Steelers.   Whenever you try to be someone you're not, that's when you f**K-up.

    Go back to the classic legacy uniforms.  One of the cleanest, sharpest looking uni's in league history.  One of the few things that was nice about watching the Jets the past years and they f***ed that up too.

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  11. 18 hours ago, LAD_Brooklyn said:

    4. Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

    The Jets had big defensive issues in Robert Saleh’s first season as coach, from the front seven to the secondary. They didn’t get after quarterbacks, and they couldn’t cover pass-catchers, which is a recipe for another top-five draft pick. Hamilton would fill a void at safety, especially if Marcus Maye leaves in free agency. Six-foot-4, 220-pound Hamilton has rare traits for his size, and he can play in the box or as a center fielder (he had eight career interceptions for the Fighting Irish). He was one of the most versatile defenders in college football for the past three seasons. Hamilton played in only seven games in 2021 because of a knee injury, but I’m told he’ll be ready to work out at the NFL combine in March.

    10. (via SEA) Drake London, WR, USC

    Quarterback Zach Wilson had a rough rookie season, as the Jets finished near the bottom in most offensive statistics. So if I’m giving them defensive help with the No. 4 pick, let’s give Wilson a target here, because his best pass-catchers in 2021 are all better out of the slot. Elijah Moore, Jamison Crowder and Braxton Berrios are good players, but they’re never going to be down-the-field aerial threats. London -- who is 6-foot-5 and also played on the USC basketball team -- has a chance to be a special outside receiver. He caught 88 passes for 1,084 yards and seven touchdowns in eight games this season. His record-breaking year ended in late October because of a fractured right ankle, but he is expected to be ready for the 2022 season. He can be Wilson’s top target, giving the Jets a huge red zone threat.



    Mel Kiper: NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    1) Jacksonville Jaguars — DE Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan

    2) Detroit Lions — DE Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon

    3) Houston Texans — OT Evan Neal, Alabama

    4) New York Jets — S Kyle Hamilton, Notre Dame

    5) New York Giants — OT Ikem Ekwonu, NC State

    6) Carolina Panthers — OT Charles Cross, Mississippi State

    7) New York Giants (via CHI) — OLB David Ojabo, Michigan

    😎 Atlanta Falcons — CB Derek Stingley Jr., LSU

    9) Denver Broncos — ILB Nakobe Dean, Georgia

    10) New York Jets (via SEA) — WR Drake London, USC

    11) Washington Football Team — QB Malik Willis, Liberty

    12) Minnesota Vikings — CB Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, Cincinnati

    13) Cleveland Browns — WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State

    14) Baltimore Ravens — C Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa

    15) Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA) — ILB Devin Lloyd, Utah

    16) Philadelphia Eagles (via IND) — DE Arnold Ebiketie, Penn State

    17) Los Angeles Chargers — DT Jordan Davis, Georgia

    18) New Orleans Saints — QB Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

    19) Philadelphia Eagles — WR Chris Olave, Ohio State

    20) Pittsburgh Steelers — QB Matt Corral, Ole Miss

    21) New England Patriots — WR Jameson Williams, Alabama

    22) Las Vegas Raiders — CB Andrew Booth Jr., Clemson

    23) Arizona Cardinals — DE George Karlaftis, Purude

    24) Dallas Cowboys — DE Travon Walker, Georgia

    25) Cincinnati Bengals — OT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa

    26) Miami Dolphins (via SF) — WR Jahan Dotson, Penn State

    27) Buffalo Bulls — CB Trent McDuffie, Washington

    28) Detroit Lions (via LAR) — QB Sam Howell, North Carolina

    29) Kansas City Chiefs — DE Cameron Thomas, San Diego State

    30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers — DL DeMarvin Leal, Texas A&M

    31) Tennessee Titans — CB Kyler Gordon, Washington

    32) Green Bay Packers — TE Trey McBride, Colorado State

    If I was the GM

    At 4.  Ikem Ekwonu

    At 10. Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, Cincinnati (even if Stingley is on the board)

  12. 3 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

    That tells me he should be on the block.

    I agree he doesn’t pass the eye test for an Elite player, and the stats back it up.

    Tells me he is a dude and not a *football player*.  Have the same feeling about Becton.  Remember when "football players" were "football players"??? See the 70's 80's.  These days, more high priced, pampered, privileged, high-tech trained kids now and not too many "football players". 

    When football became a massive money making institution for both college and professional leagues, it lost a lot of its social value and basic appeal.  It used to be played for the sake of the game itself and for the qualities that it could help to tech kids at all levels of education.  It was born out of the blue color working class people as a game for gritty, hard nosed kids, and now it's become a shell of itself like many of the players are compared to the "football players" of old.  Working class people cant even afford to attend NFL games now.

    Many of today's players remind me a lot of Met Life Stadium itself.  Tools to be used in a big, vapid corporate money making scheme.  No heart.  No soul.  No football. 

    But the players sure are bigger, faster and make more money.  

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  13. 14 hours ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

    Rumor also has it that JD will be very active in his pursuit of the best free agents. Will try to sign the best free agents that fit the scheme and stay away from players who will not contribute to winning football


    What the hell took him so long ??? He should have already been doing that for 2+ years.

  14. 20 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    There is no "H" in Becton. Seeing this makes me unreasonably frustrated. Someone help me.

    The spelling isn't the problem here.  It is the player.  Another wasted first round pick by JD.  As was the QW pick.  Usually, fans would be excited to have two first round picks in an upcoming draft.  I'm disgusted about it already.  I already have some idea how it's going to go.


  15. 3 hours ago, KRL said:

     Let's see what Wilson
    does against two playoff teams (TB & BUF) who are fighting for seeding.

    You don't need to wait to have some idea of how badly the Jets will look against two very well coached teams with good rosters.

    I can already tell you.

    The Jets will look like the one of the worst teams in the league.  

    No rocket science there. 

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  16. 4 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    JD has been here for 2 drafts, not the last 10.  Thats why he is here, because the last 10 drafts sucked.  Sucked so bad that we're on our 3rd GM over that span of time

    Id like to know all those horrid teams are who went from worst to first in two seasons.  

    Recent teams. Look at what Tampa did, Cleveland did, Buffalo did, Tennessee did, Arizona Did.  All teams that were not performing under previous regimes/GMs and made a fast and steady climb to the playoffs under quality management.

    The Jets have gone from bad to bad to awful.  The roster is a total dud and the GM's top picks, Becton, Williams and Wilson are not working out and probably never will.  Becton because he's not mature/focused, Willaims because he's out to lunch on Sunday and Wilson because he is CLEARLY a developmental talent with no clear teacher and or system to bring him along.

  17. 4 hours ago, Matt39 said:


    The Jets were a franchise on the rise after reaching the AFC Championship Game in 2009 and 2010, but a series of missteps at the ownership level plunged them into turmoil. They're on their sixth general manager-coach pairing of the decade, three of which ended with ugly divorces and one lasting only four months.

    It starts with owner Woody Johnson, whose great-grandfather founded Johnson & Johnson. While former GM Mike Tannenbaum called him "unconditionally supportive" -- and he was fired by Johnson after the 2012 season -- other former staffers and ex-players provided a less flattering view of Johnson. They described a man easily influenced by those in his inner circle and by public sentiment. One former member of the organization said Johnson replaced "good people" after the playoff run and "kept people not as qualified, but had his ear."

    Johnson hired a search firm to find Tannenbaum's replacement, settling on former Seattle Seahawks cap specialist John Idzik, who was teamed with Ryan, the holdover coach. The relationship turned toxic. Idzik wanted to turn the Jets into Seattle East and Ryan, who had four playoff wins on his résumé, didn't want to change.

    "That wasn't a good marriage, obviously, me and Idzik," Ryan said.

    Idzik, in his first interview since being fired with Ryan after the 2014 season, told ESPN, "The coach-GM relationship, especially in the second year, was a major influence" in their downfall. "Ultimately, the guy to answer that question is Woody. In all candor, I did everything in my power to make it work with Rex and me."

    Idzik was surprised he got only two years, saying, "I wasn't some young guy where you'd say, 'Let's see what he can do.' I had been around the league for a while. I wasn't a Johnny-come-lately." Speaking in a general sense, he said the constant turnover in the organization has resulted in "quality casualties."

    Johnson, who declined to comment for this story, cleaned house in 2015, this time enlisting former NFL GMs Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf as consultants to lead the search for a coach and GM. They wound up with Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan, a Casserly protege and career scout who wasn't on any team's GM radar. They hired Bowles only after Johnson snubbed No. 1 target Doug Marrone, who had opted out of his Buffalo Bills' contract for the chance to reunite with Maccagnan, an old friend. Sources said Johnson got cold feet because of negative press surrounding Marrone's candidacy.

    The Maccagnan-Bowles tandem, which lacked a clear vision, flirted with the playoffs in 2015, but otherwise was an abject failure. They tried the win-now approach, then downshifted into a massive rebuild/salary dump. By the end, the two men were barely talking to each other.

    The height of dysfunction occurred in May 2019, when newly hired coach Adam Gase -- an uninspired choice -- won an internal power struggle that resulted in Maccagnan's ouster. Gase disagreed with Maccagnan on key personnel decisions, and the situation became so untenable that acting owner Christopher Johnson -- in charge while his older brother was overseas in a U.S. diplomatic post -- sent Maccagnan packing after the draft and a wild spending spree in free agency. It was so bad that Gase refused to sit next to Maccagnan in the draft room, sources said. Months later, Johnson told reporters that he regretted the timing of Maccagnan's ouster.


    "It starts with ownership," said one former player, alluding to the Johnsons. "You've got to get the right people in. You've got to be able to have a strategy and a game plan and an identity. I'm not sure if they have that."


    ""It starts with ownership," said one former player, alluding to the Johnsons. "You've got to get the right people in. You've got to be able to have a strategy and a game plan and an identity. I'm not sure if they have that.""

    WOW... You mean others realize where the real problem is ??? It wasn't just Bill Belichick that left town on a rocket sled after getting a load of the new incoming owner that saw a problem ???


  18. 3 minutes ago, Flea Flicking Frank said:

    spot on, I have been saying for years we spend so much time arguing about Rex, Mangini, Sanchez, Idzik, Gase, Darnold, ZW, etc. and at the end of the day nothing ever changes because a fish stinks from the head down. Problem is, you can't fire the owner, but until the owner changes his ways, nothing will change barring an accident

    We are in full agreement, here.  And even if the current owner sells the team, it is far from a guarantee that the new owner will be able to build an organization that produces a football team that wins with regularity on the field and competes for playing time in January. 

    The two first round picks that the Jets have next year *still* don't signify much that will go towards what fans want to see.

    And, no... I'm not a troll that insists that we all divest and stop watching.   

    There will always be some individual performances to enjoy and a few exciting plays here and there.  If you watch the games at home or listen on the radio, just do something else along with watching/listening to the game. What ever your other interests are.  Needlepoint or painting or working around the house or whatever.  Don't make it all about the game.   Less painful and you wont have three wasted hours behind you. 

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  19. 5 hours ago, Anthony Jet said:

    Holy sh*t you guys suck, it’s pretty obvious what he’s saying. We don’t need to every thread to turn into a ZW sucks thread.

    ZW is a symptom.  

    Allow me to state, once again.

    It all starts at the top.

    The owner/acting owner makes a big mistake.  One that we *all saw coming* and hires Gase.  

    That glaring mistake leads to another mistake.

    Gase hires Joe Douglas. 

    Results of that hire demonstrates that a second mistake was caused by the original mistake.  Douglas has been an absolute disaster.  By now, any competent GM would have had a large part of the roster filled out.  What we see now, is a roster that is made up of players that would be second string talent on most rosters and in some cases, practice squad guys.  

    And, that second mistake leads to another mistake.  Douglas hires Saleh.  And once again, the results define the quality.

    Saleh is out of his depth and it really, really shows.

    So... If the OP objected to fans obsessing about Wilson... Well.... I agree.  If you want to point the finger in the right direction.... Keep looking up.   All the way up.

    And therein, is the problem.

    When the decisions made at the very top are bad, everything from there on down will be faulty.


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  20. 53 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

    Yeah, I’m past the point of worrying about draft picks and position. Maybe when they show they can pick and develop a few impact players I’ll come around, but for now, I could care less.

    It’s the same bs every year. Nothing changes.

    And it all goes back to the top.

    Johnson hires Gase (a mistake).  Gase brings in his mistake with JD.  JD brings in his mistake, Saleh.  Saleh brings in his mistakes on the CS.

    When the first decisions at the top are mistakes, everything from there on down is faulty. 

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