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  1. 2 hours ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

    The media is not going to rattle him, He answered it appropriately. 

    Agree.  But the coaches need to drill him to take the easy stuff and they need to give him a specific high percentage pass play book.  Any further issues that ZW has is on the CS for not doing their jobs.  If they want to start Wilson, he needs to be guided.  

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  2. 4 hours ago, Albaniajet said:

    I’m not that impressed with Jones.  And I even rated him ahead of Zach last spring.  He looks like a glorified Case Keemun 

    Agree.  He is not Tom Brady.  My feelings on this draft were that Lawrence was the best QB in the draft followed by Mac Jones.  I didn't even consider Wilson, Fields or Lance 1st round worthy unless the team that took them had a plan to train them for a few years before they hit the field.  Especially Wilson and Lance.  Lots of physical ability, but not pro-ready.  

    If the Jets insist on starting Wilson. they better get Rex to help them out with the old Mark Sanchez "Red Light, Yellow Light. Green Light" program.

    Wilson is going to keep making mistakes towards his own demise unless he is restricted to a high percentage passing game with plenty of running.  

    This is not Wilson's fault.  The GM and HC combo need to cool their heels with Wilson and do it the right way. Give him a very basic passing scheme or get him on the bench and bring him in a vet mentor.


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  3. 8 hours ago, rtnelson said:

    Or he's talented but can't learn the playbook or lacks motivation to improve.  It happens all the time.

    Indeed.  We only get to sit on the sidelines during the off season.  The GM's and insiders get up close and personal with the players.  Most fans, me included were glad that Mims fell to the Jets.  It was seen by the people watching from home as a great value pick.  But... There were reasons the other GM's let him fall.  And, now we see why. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Albaniajet said:

    Woody is the worst owner in the NFL. Not sure how it’s even a debate

    One of the worst, yes.  Not making any statements about his character or virtues.  He may be a stellar human being.  Going by results specifically and only where it applies to the Jets.   Given that, I'm suggesting that he's not a good top administrator for the Jets.  

  5. 35 minutes ago, Albaniajet said:

    Woody keeps hiring duds

    Woody has never been able to build a "team".  He made a few good hires, however, there was/is never any real vision or direction.  Just a lot of parts that never move in synergy.  Some of the parts have been quality parts, but there has never been one clear vision or plan.  There has never been any sign that a larger plan or vision was guided with needed adjustments/intervention as any larger strategy needs to be.  That is the sure sign of problems at the very top.  Woody has money and he spends, but he's not a skilled or savvy administrator.  He was gifted a lot of money and never really clawed, learned and grew his way through life or business.  His position is one of privilege and not merit.  It shows. 

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  6. 13 hours ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    We root for a garbage team

    We get treated like garbage by the media

    We are treated like garbage by other fans

    We are treated like crazy garbage by people who do not even follow sports

    We watch the same garbage year in and year out and it hardly ever changes

    We feel like garbage most Sundays

    Yet we have more integrity and are just as knowledgeable as any other fanbase in the professional sports. 

    In the stadium, watching on tv, on twitter, on youtube, in these forums. As far as fanbases go, we are royalty. Every single one of us here, no matter what their opinion is.  It's hard the **** enough. Remember that.

    Go on and make fun @Warfish I don't care what you think. You watch the games from DC or wherever the **** you live. Im at the stadium and see all these people putting their money and their time and their hearts into this team, taking two or three hours to get home, driving from Virginia at 2am to get to the game, etc and get nothing in return. So laugh all you want.

    It all boils down to ownership.  A vessel sails in the mold of its master.  The ship's crew can be a good one, but if the captain has no business sailing away on his own the lot will wind up in Davy Jones' Locker. 

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  7. 59 minutes ago, David Harris said:

    **** this sh*t

    The Jets havent looked like an NFL team in years. 

    It’s unreal how terrible this team has been for years and I’m sick of watching this crap.

    And it wont get any better until the team changes ownership. 

  8. 29 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

    Wilson is a gunslinger who made a lot of plays with talent in college. That doesn't fly in the NFL especially against the better coaches / defenses. He needed to sit. He needed to learn to pull those tendencies in. He's the exact type of QB who needs a solid vet to play in front of him for a few games then be able to talk to him after every drive when he takes over.

    Once again, the Jets are throwing a rookie QB recklessly into the fire with a questionable defense, a horrendous offensive line who can't grasp the blocking scheme and a rookie HC and rookie coordinators. 

    I'm not absolving Wilson of the way he played. I'm saying his mistakes were totally predictable and the team did little about it despite seeing this crop up in camp and the rest of the pre-season. A stupid waste. 

    Agree... What we saw today was a rookie QB with a CS/GM that does not want to take the slower, steady rout by having him sit and learn for a year.  Wilson is skilled, but very inexperienced. If they insist on staring him, they have to make sure there is a running game for him to lean on and most importantly, they have to drill him to take the easy stuff until he matures/learns.

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  9. 20 minutes ago, Sammybighead said:

    Guys we have a very good WR Corp. Enough with Mims already. I get everyone is frustrated because he's a second round pick and they want to feel justified in drafting him. But let me repeat. WE HAVE A GOOD WR CORP. 

    We don't need him. Let him develop or let him fail, it's up to him. There isn't some coaches conspiracy to keep him out. Others are better right now, period. 

    JD's pride of authorship with his draft picks, otherwise Mims who I had high hopes for wold be prep team.  I think we all see now why he fell.  We thought this could be a great value pick, but there were obvious reasons that other GMs passed. 

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  10. 34 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Eh.  I think we had this discussion yesterday, but that seems pretty ******* harsh.  They got what may end up a starting LT.  A starting CB.  A safety and WR that have started some games.  If this is the peak for all of them?  Maybe it is an F, but we have seen worse and recently.

    For the time being, it's an F.   

  11. 6 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Am I supposed to deny they are hurt?  Of course they are not on the field. OTOH,  I don't know why we were supposed to be sure Becton wouldn't last the season.  Only reason other than luck would be the @Matt39 football commitment theory, which certainly might be valid.  Right now 2020 looks pretty bad, but it is still early.  If Becton, Mims and Hall work out and Davis is a rotational/special teamer?  It's not horrible. 

    Time well tell.  Thus far, not looking good.  AVT and Wilson could tip the scale in JD's favor.  At the moment, I just hope Wilson survives it.  True, the line may get better with time, but does the QB have time ???  I saw his bead bounce off the turf last week due to horrible blocking.  That could have been a concussion right there.  A few of those and it is career. 

  12. 18 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    That'll he'll need to radically change his approach and probably fire a bunch of scouts, and maybe even some higher level front office people?  

    Not sure myself.  Considering contract, all there is to do is hope it gets better.  I'm not calling for his head because he's going to be onboard until at least 2024.  Just pointing out that it has been a letdown thus far based on his draft and fa results

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  13. 12 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    He also had success in Baltimore, under arguably the greatest drafting GM of all-time.  2 different SB-winning orgs vouched heavily for the guy and were sad to see him go.  That's a very different pedigree from a guy like Idzik, who was "found" by Korn Ferry, or Mike Maccagnan, who supposedly was about to get fired by Houston before we threw him a lifeline.

    This all easily could easily fail but you absolutely have to give Douglas 4 offseasons before you move on from him.  

    His resume is undeniable.  I'd feel a lot better if his results with drafting for the Jets looked better.  Agree it can take time, but the offensive line should be looking a lot better at this point.  Along with a poor line,, JD didn't even hit on any skill position players yet.  If none of his 2021 draft picks work out this season, what will that mean for 2022 ?

  14. 15 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    I know I like to split hairs and bust balls, but it is a pretty big distinction.

    It was a lazy post on my part.  I understand the significance of the distinction.  Are you on board with the larger point ??? They are JD draft picks that are not on the field and contributing regardless of said distinction. 

  15. 2 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

    Yes.  Incorrectly referred to Davis & Mann as practice squad.  I stand corrected.  From the Jets official site.  Regardless, they are not on filed contributing.  Add Becton as well to IR even though I did not incorrectly refer to him as practice squad

    OL Mekhi Becton - Reserve/Injured
    LB Blake Cashman - Reserve/Injured
    OL Cameron Clark - Reserve/Injured
    DL Vinny Curry - Reserve/NFI
    S Ashtyn Davis - Reserve/Injured
    OL Parker Ferguson - Reserve/Injured
    DB Saquan Hampton - Reserve/PUP
    S Lamarcus Joyner - Reserve/Injured
    DL Carl Lawson - Reserve/Injured
    OL Alex Lewis - Reserve/Left Squad
    S Zane Lewis - Reserve/Injured
    P Braden Mann - Reserve/Injured
    DL Kyle Phillips - Reserve/PUP
    OL Teton Saltes - Reserve/Injured

    Adding here.... I had Cashman and Lawson listed on IR before the season started.  I figured as did many that they would not make it past game 1 of the regular season in one piece

  16. 1 hour ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Do you know the difference between injured reserve and the practice squad?  I'm surprised you didn't list Becton as "practice squad." 

    Yes.  Incorrectly referred to Davis & Mann as practice squad.  I stand corrected.  From the Jets official site.  Regardless, they are not on filed contributing.  Add Becton as well to IR even though I did not incorrectly refer to him as practice squad

    OL Mekhi Becton - Reserve/Injured
    LB Blake Cashman - Reserve/Injured
    OL Cameron Clark - Reserve/Injured
    DL Vinny Curry - Reserve/NFI
    S Ashtyn Davis - Reserve/Injured
    OL Parker Ferguson - Reserve/Injured
    DB Saquan Hampton - Reserve/PUP
    S Lamarcus Joyner - Reserve/Injured
    DL Carl Lawson - Reserve/Injured
    OL Alex Lewis - Reserve/Left Squad
    S Zane Lewis - Reserve/Injured
    P Braden Mann - Reserve/Injured
    DL Kyle Phillips - Reserve/PUP
    OL Teton Saltes - Reserve/Injured

  17. 1 hour ago, MR.GANGGREEN28 said:

    Basically Mims is either a bit slow or is lacking the desire and effort to prove himself as a #1 WR in this league. I like to believe that the lights will turn on for the kid and he’ll see his way to the top of the depth chart. Either way, it’s an interesting read with some solid breakdowns.


    another great pick from the 2020 draft by JD

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  18. 31 minutes ago, Origen said:

    And Mike Ditka was a Hall of Fame Tight End who traded an entire Draft class to get Ricky Williams.  Everybody is an idiot or a genius, which was he?

    #1 He's not the only GM out there offering contracts to players, other teams are involved.  If you want to "build" a team you can't overwhelm every free agent you want to guarantee they will come and expect to have any money to be able to do anything else.

    #2 LT who had no preseason last year and played out pretty damn well, then people freaked out about practice reps and the first game sucked because of the other side of the line.  OK, sure.  But they are learning a new system and playing together for the first time, kinda like last year, so seeing the results like last year while disappointing was not all that shocking.

    #3 RG who missed the whole preseason and played his first NFL game ever. 


    I would hate to see how you rate yourself at the end of each day with the criteria you seem to have for others. 

    It rains on all teams.  There are excuses and there are excuses.

    I'm not going to get personal in this forum regarding my own professional performance and rating.  Not the place for it and you would likely accuse me of being a braggart. 

  19. 6 minutes ago, Origen said:

    When you are trying to go for athletic upside over a more proven but limited top end, you are not always going to hit.  That's why freaking out over 1 draft is stupid.  If 2 years from now Becton and Mims are All-Pros and what was the point of any of this conversation?  So you could be the first to say "See I told you they sucked" before anyone else did and get that valuable SoJ street cred?  Why not let time happen and give this a chance to play out before deciding you need to get some attention?

    Becton and Mimms are the lesser part of the issue. EVERYONE including JD agreed that the oline should come first and he was advertised as the o-line guru.  The Jets offensive line is one of the worst if not the worst in the league right now.  That is inexcusable.  You have back-up quality players at three positions, a LT that may be a washout and a new guard that we have seen nothing of yet.  


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  20. 31 minutes ago, Origen said:

    Which one of those picks was made in a world without Covid restrictions effecting EVERYTHING?  Or did that not effect scouting and visits and meetings and the combine for all those people you listed?  How about we give the guy a year where things aren't COMPLETELY INSANE in the world before you decide he's terrible.

    That might be a valid point or it may be BS.  I don't know if the restrictions were such that it deprived the GM's of information and access to prospects in a way that would make a big difference in their ability to make sound decisions.  What I do know is that other GMs stuck gold in the same draft.  So, I'd say it is a lame excuse


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  21. 1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:


    A New York Giants fan allegedly found maggots in the ketchup on his hot dog during the Sunday game against the Denver Broncos at MetLife stadium.

    A Snapchat video posted to Twitter shows the fan holding a hot dog with what appears to be maggots inside the ketchup. “Bro, there’s straight-up maggots in the ketchup,” the fan can be heard saying in the video. “That is nasty.” (RELATED: Report: Several Saints Coaches Test Positive For COVID-19)


    Delaware North, MetLife Stadium’s official concessions provider, told Giants Wire that the contaminated ketchup dispenser had been thrown out and that this was an isolated incident.

    “We take the sanitation of our facilities extremely seriously,” Delaware North said in a statement. “Upon learning well prior to kickoff Sunday that a single ketchup vessel had been compromised, we took immediate action and discarded the vessel and thoroughly inspected other condiment stations. As an additional precaution, we are sanitizing all condiment pumps and increasing the availability of single-serve condiment packets.”


    The food wasn’t the only thing souring the experience of Giants fans at MetLife on Sunday. The Broncos held a 20-point going into the final minutes of the fourth quarter, leading fans to exit the stadium in droves. Quarterback Daniel Jones rushed for a touchdown as time expired, but it was for naught. The Giants lost their season opener to Denver 27-13.

    The Jets offensive line gets the MetLife house ketchup with this Sunday's pregame meal.  

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  22. 3 minutes ago, Origen said:

    How long was Reese the GM for the Giants?  How long was he a moron before they won those 2 Super Bowls?  How long was he awesome before he became a moron again and got fired? 

    Looking back at our previous GM's I have had 0 hope that they had a plan as to what they were doing in regards to building a team.  They drafted crazy, they signed free agents crazy, it was madness.  Sometimes it almost worked, always it never did.  After decades, we finally seem to have a coach and gm who appear to be on the same page and are looking at players the same way, not getting into pissing matches in the Post.  Are we a #1 seed filled with future HoF players?  No.  But at least for once they are trying to build the team.  Give it a friggin' season before you start your "See How Right I was That The Jets Suck" parades that some people seem so incredibly intent upon having.

    What JD draft pick or FA move is working out ? 2020 class was a disaster

    2020: Becton - Not working out/injured and may never work out.  

    2020: Mims - looks to be in the doghouse and has underwhelmed. 

    2020: Davis - practice squad

    2020: Zuniga - Wasted pick and with good interior lineman on the board to boot.  Hated this pick. 

    2020: Perine - Not much here so far. 

    2020: Captain Morgan - Ugh

    2020: Hall - Could be a good pick. 

    2020: Mann - practice squad

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  23. 6 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

    I believe in his pedigree and his approach.

    I agree thus far the results are disappointing. But he inherited a mess. You can't draft poorly for 10 years and expect anyone to turn it around in two years.

    The Eagles had success when he was part of the organization.  That is a matter of record.  But that credit may not not have been his portion.   They may have had success because of him or in spite of him or somewhere in between those two.  We don't know.  What we do know is that few if any of his players are panning out.  With two off seasons, we should see a quality offensive line as a minimum.  What we see is a mess.  

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