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  1. All good guys. I especially liked Callahan's blocking schemes. A combo of zone and man. Very well suited for who they had on the line. And dont forget that Rex was smart enough not to replace Mike Westhoff.
  2. Favre never had any intention of staying with the Jets regardless of how good or bad the Jets were. He had his own agenda. The Jets were a stepping stone for him to get back into the NFC north and the Vikings. From what I recall, Favre even had his locker in a separate area when he was with the Jets. Favre was never really a Jet. There is proof QED that Mangini was a good personnel guy. If you look at the moves he made with the Browns, you'll see he was also selecting good players there as well.
  3. Sigh... We are in agreement. All the pro-Rex fans agree. He was good at instilling a positive, fun approach to the game in his team, he was good at running the defense, he was good at entertaining the media and he was a disaster at picking players. That is why I muse over the idea of Rex as HC with a strong GM to save him from himself...
  4. That wasn't a scheme issue, it was lack of manpower. By 2011, the D-Line was lacking quality and the LB's were slow. At the third level of the defense was Eric Smith. Despite his limitations, Rex was enamored with his football intellect and grasp of his scheme. Remember Smith trying to catch Kepernick ??? True, Rex was one of the few who liked overload blitzing with press-man coverage, but that was far from all he had in his repertoire. You would regularly see Rex run uncounted numbers of formations and coverages. It was endless and it wasn't always man coverage. What you got post snap was never given away with what you saw pre snap. Rex simply didn't have the horses. His own fault for making bad roster decisions, but you also have to blame Tanny for letting it happen and Woody for not recognizing that his GM was being run by his HC. If the roster revolved and evolved instead of devolving, they would have won at least two more games that year and gotten another wild card...
  5. Agree fully. Right in line with what I have been saying. Rex was allowed by Tanny to make bad roster decisions. Rex would have done a lot better for a lot longer with a strong GM. Though, fixing that was problematic. The GM should hire his own coach, not have a HC forced on him. Woody forced Idzik to keep Rex and Idzik was keen to get rid of him by means of sabotage. But now that Douglas is the GM, he can bring Rex back in 2020 as *his* HC. Yeah... I know... And you are right. Fandom oh my part
  6. Tanny was a pushover for who/what ??? Players demands ??? Wooody's orders ??? The way I saw it, Tanny was taking his orders from Rex. The end result was a roster without enough good football players. Who other than Rex would you say caused the talent level to go from the excellent 2009 roster to the disaster we saw after Idzik's first and last year ??? I agree that having Rex back working under a strong GM is not realistic, but it is *absolutely* ideal
  7. I just looked at the Jets injury report. Once again, it looks more like a roster than an injury report... WTH is going on ??? Anyone remember Sal Alosi ??? When he was the S&C coach with the Jets, they seemed to be very healthy... Find him and bring him back. Just keep him behind the bench during kick-offs...
  8. That would deprive the entire team of Rex's over all fire and fun approach to the game. You need Rex as the personality and swagger of the franchise. You want him up on the podium in front of the team and the media.
  9. That is it, exactly. Mangini great at building the roster. Rex great at using it. The fault in both cases was Johnson. He didnt force Mangini to bring in an OC and DC. Subsequently, he didnt force Rex into accepting the personnel decisions of a qualified GM. THAT is all in the hands of the owner. A top admin has to realize what his people are good at and what they are not able to do. Rex as HC + Qualified GM + Good OC = Super Bowl.
  10. I like GW, but no defense has been nearly as complex, flashy, exotic and fun to watch as Rex's 2009-2010 concoction. Rex is the only DC that I have seen that can stay a step ahead of BB's offense real time. Like I said... Just keep him away from the roster and the offense. IMHO, Woody blew it with Rex because he didn't safe guard Rex from his own shortcomings. He did the opposite. He let Rex buy his own groceries.
  11. Rex ran the Mangini/Tanny team better than Mangini could have. Problem was, as Rex generated excitement with his championship game appearance, Johnson and Tanny gave Rex more and more control over the roster. I call Rex an "emotional reactionary" when it comes to players. Letting Rex have some input on players is a good thing, but giving him total control of the roster guarantees disaster. Mangini as GM and director of player personnel with a lawyer behind him for contact language Rex as HC Pick an OC who can get you a quick, explosive lead so the defense can pin their ears back.
  12. I'd love to have Rex back. 2009 and 2010 were the most fun I have had since the Sack Exchange and the lead up to the Mud Bowl. Something to consider, though. I'd only want Rex back under these conditions. The GM keeps Rex away from the roster and from the offensive side of the ball. Rex is great at keeping the players motivated, fun for the fans and media and lights out for the defense. BUT... He's an emotional reactionary where players are concerned and he has almost a contempt for offense. You don't let him make roster and draft decisions and you make sure you get him a dynamic OC and you make doubly sure the OC runs the offense without any meddling from Rex. IMHO, you'd have a Super Bowl team and one that is fun as heck to watch and follow...
  13. I think RA is great to keep, but it all depends on the $$$. He's talked about as the field stretcher, but he looks good when they get him involved in the shorter timing stuff. BTY...Nice profile icon. Love that move, One of the best SciFi films of all time.
  14. Agree with everything you wrote regarding Faneca. He had a good year with the Jets and then became a liability especially in pass blocking. He was getting blown up regularly. I'd take him when he was effective, but certainly not at the end of his career.
  15. I liked O'Brien a lot. All agree he had a great arm and excellent ball placement. His downfall was pocket awareness and not that he was immobile. Even a fat cow can take a single step to avoid a freight train *if* the fat cow can see, feel or hear it coming. The o-lines in front of O'Brien got a bad name because it was close to impossible to protect him. He didn't see the pressure and take that all important step up, back or to the side. The brass spent a lot of effort and draft picks trying to protect him. Dave Cadigan, Mike Haight, Jeff Criswell and a few others. I'm seeing somewhat of the same issue with Daniel Jones. He is not aware of the pressure. He sure can move, but he seems deaf dumb and blind to the pressure at times...
  16. Chad would be a smart pick. The important stat is the W's, not passing yards. Chad would give you the best TD to interception number and probably the best third down conversion percentage. Leadership is also off the charts. Though, with Chad, instead of my choice of Walker, Toon and Chrebet, I'd probably be better off with Key, Toon and Chrebet. Key over Walker for Chad who would need possession receivers over field stretchers.
  17. It is questionable, but I think FM had more skills when he was at his best.
  18. Nice pass catching back for sure. A must for the Tuna Jets...
  19. Hello... I saw the previous post about assembling the Jets all time defense. Some nice picks and info... Anyone wanna take a crack at offense + special teams ??? LT- Birck (post Faneca arrival) * I would list Winston Hill, but I never saw him play LG: Faneca (his early tenure with the Jets) Center: Mangold TE: Mickey Shuler RG: Dan Alexander RT: Marvin Powell RB1: Freeman McNeil RB2 (pick a full back or scat back): Leon Washington WR1; Wesley Walker WR2: Al Toon Slot: Wayne Chrebet QB: Chad (before first injury) Punt/Kick Return: Bruce Harper K. Pat Layhey P. Dave Jennings
  20. I watched some highlights and read a few scouting reports. If he works out the way the "experts" predict, he'll be very good in the running game, but possibly deficient in the passing game. Not very athletic even by o-line standards and he has a short reach. I think you can make up for a short reach on the inside of the line if you are agile, but he seems to be lacking both wingspan and agility. Who knows, though...
  21. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You don't need the early rounds of the draft either to man the center of the o-line with pro-bowlers. Just really good scouting. Dan Alexander (round 8 ). Brandon Moore (undrafted FA) Randy Rasmussen (round 12) Joe Fields ( round 14) Dave Herman (round 8 )
  22. Yes. 4-5 years without one of the centers I mentioned over a time period of 50+ years. Schmidt was on the roster from 1964-1973. 9 years. Joe Fields 75-87. 12 years. Jim Sweeney. 84-94. 9 years. Mawae 98-2005. 7 years. Mangold. 2006-2016. 10 years. The Jets have had a string of great centers. Not just excellent players, but incredibly durable and dependable with long tenures.
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