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  1. 4 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

    Actually Winters being injured is a major plus for us. I think the interior of the line is much improved with Lewis, Harrison, and Compton. 

    When the offense is on the field, I think this is key.  They may actually show some consistency for four quarters with this line.  Also of interest is TE Griffin.  Obviously catches what comes his way, but has also looked promising with his blocking.  If he continues to improve, it will go a long way to stabilizing the o-line.  IMHO he may turn out to be the surprise of the season. A TE that can do it all pays dividends in passing and running yards... 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Raideraholic said:

    That injury was a career ender for Bo because they didn’t know how to treat the injury.( waiting to long, and oxygen was deprived to the hip . 

    Today they do, and I think there is very strong chance Tua makes a full recovery.    I'm hearing anywhere from 6 months to 18 months including physical therapy depending on how bad the fracture is. 

    Hopefully they will get him patched up.  I'd say that he will still get drafted by round 3 if the reports on his recovery are favorable. Perhaps still round one.  Look at Dallas with Jalin Smith. Not a QB, but same type of situation.  Considered the best defensive prospect until catastrophic knee injury.  Now he's a contributor. 

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  3. Count me in.  I would LOVE to have Rex back under a few stated conditions.

    1. He does not make draft or roster decisions.  That must be the province of a proven GM

    2. The GM "helps" hire the OC and gives firm orders to the HC that he delegates charge of the offense to the OC

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

    Why did the Mangenius get a player who didn't want to be here if he's so great at building a team?

    Maybe Tanny only made the bad moves. 

    I'd say they saw it as the best chance to win that season. It was only a one year rental.  I would not call it a bad move.  If Favre's arm didn't fall apart, they would have made the playoffs and Mangini would have gotten another year at least.

    Interesting thing to ponder.  Before Favre's arm issues, the Jets offense was very prolific.  They moved the ball and scored points.  Remember who the OC was ??? Yep.  Schotty Jr.  And a season later, the entire fan base was calling for Schotty to be drawn and quartered.

    What do you make of that ???

    1. Favre was running the Jets offense and not Schotty


    2.  A good QB can make any OC look good and a bad QB can make any OC look bad

  5. 57 minutes ago, Skeptable said:

    Lazy narrative... He was recommended to CJ by Gase as someone he can work with... The moment you realize that JDs contract is 2 years longer you will understand that JD will have no problem moving on if it comes to it. 

    JD isn't going to sacrifice his first shot at GM by being that stubborn... He has waited to long for this opportunity 

    I'm not hopeful about Gase, but it is too early for me to be 100 % sure.  Here is what I see.

    1. Strong circumstantial evidence that players don.t respond well to him.  This could be a problem for one of two reasons.  Gase is not on the level with players and they don't trust him.  Or, he's a tough boss and the don't like it.  If it is the former, it cant be fixed or dealt with.  There is no excuse for sustaining a sewer rat. If it is the later, you have to let players know they are there to do a job by being firm with them and getting rid of those who don't buy in.  We all know from doing our own jobs.  You don't work with another man or woman because of their personality, you work with them because you both have a job to do and if you don't do your best because your coworker is not a charmer, *you* are the one that is NO GOOD. 

    2. Gase seems like he may be the guy that has a particular offensive system and insists on running it regardless of who is on his roster.  If that is the case, it will take a season or two for JD to get him the players that he needs.  Personally. I think this type of a coach is doomed.  If you can't adjust and improvise and create, you are going to be an 8-8 coach at best, year in an year out.  I HOPE we see Gase getting creative and taking advantage of players like Bell and tailoring the game to Darnolds abilities.  

    Winning cures all.  If the Jets go on a run and display consistently productive offense, in five weeks no one will be calling for his head.  

    I will say for sure...  We'll know what Gase is and what he isnt *for sure* by the end of this season.


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  6. 5 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Some of this is true, some of it?  Eh. 

    Absolute worst at hiring assistants?  Are you talking about guys like Bill Callahan, Tom Moore, Mike Pettine, John DeFillipo, and Anthony Lynn?  I get the whole Jeff Weeks thing, but c'mon.

    All good guys.  I especially liked Callahan's blocking schemes.  A combo of zone and man. Very well suited for who they had on the line.  And dont forget that Rex was smart enough not to replace Mike Westhoff. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, Irish Jet said:

    Mangini left such a good situation that Favre retired his way out of it.

    F*cking revisionists.

    Favre never had any intention of staying with the Jets regardless of how good or bad the Jets were.  He had his own agenda.  The Jets were a stepping stone for him to get back into the NFC north and the Vikings.  From what I recall, Favre even had his locker in a separate area when he was with the Jets.  Favre was never really a Jet.

    There is proof QED that Mangini was a good personnel guy.   If you look at the moves he made with the Browns, you'll see he was also selecting good players there as well. 


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  8. 3 hours ago, southparkcpa said:

    That D roster was all REX.  If it were weak in talent, it was all REX. He was absolutely behind the drafting by putting pressure on our "Paper GM" Tanny.  Let the record speak ... he is so far below 500 as a coach.  2 AFC champ games clouds the vision of emotional fans.  REX is below average in almost every category when you look at his entire body of work.

    Sigh... We are in agreement.  All the pro-Rex fans agree.  He was good at instilling a positive, fun approach to the game in his team, he was good at running the defense, he was good at entertaining the media and he was a disaster at picking players.  That is why I muse over the idea of Rex as HC with a strong GM to save him from himself... 

  9. 38 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    Agreed but the majority here seem to forget, after 2010, teams carved up REX defense like it was butter.  I remember a Harbaugh 49ers team when they put in an unknown QB named Kaepernick. It was clear that REX had not planned on it and our D looked helpless. same with the Dolphins. Rex is old school, blitz, strong CB type defense. 

    The game has become too complex for him. the Ravens knew it and passed on him.  The Bills defense got worse under him. 

    That wasn't a scheme issue, it was lack of manpower.  By 2011, the D-Line was lacking quality and the LB's were slow.  At the third level of the defense was Eric Smith. Despite his limitations, Rex was enamored with his football intellect and grasp of his scheme. Remember Smith trying to catch Kepernick ??? True, Rex was one of the few who liked overload blitzing with press-man coverage, but that was far from all he had in his repertoire. You would regularly see Rex run uncounted numbers of formations and coverages.  It was endless and it wasn't always man coverage. What you got post snap was never given away with what you saw pre snap.  Rex simply didn't have the horses.  His own fault for making bad roster decisions, but you also have to blame Tanny for letting it happen and Woody for not recognizing that his GM was being run by his HC.  If the roster revolved and evolved instead of devolving, they would have won at least two more games that year and gotten another wild card...

  10. 33 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    He often gave into coaches preference rather than his draft philosophy. His draft philosophy was also not very good and his decision making was very suspect but I don’t think we take Quinton Coples in 2012 if not for Rex. 

    Agree fully.   Right in line with what I have been saying.  Rex was allowed by Tanny to make bad roster decisions.  Rex would have done a lot better for a lot longer with a strong GM.  Though, fixing that was problematic.  The GM should hire his own coach, not have a HC forced on him.  Woody forced Idzik to keep Rex and Idzik was keen to get rid of him by means of sabotage. 

    But now that Douglas is the GM, he can bring Rex back in 2020 as *his* HC.

    Yeah... I know... And you are right.  Fandom oh my part :( 

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  11. 2 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

    This is completely insane and manufactured from pure fandom.

    Mangini was 8-3 until Favre’s arm gave out. Rex did well the first two years but that didn’t give him roster control. Tanny was known for being a push over. It’s really that simple. 

    Getting Mangini as a personnel man is fantasy as well as Rex as HC or DC or anything affiliated with NYJ. 

    Not to shoot down your hopes and prayers but it’s just not ideal nor’ realistic.



    Tanny was a pushover for who/what ??? Players demands ??? Wooody's orders ??? The way I saw it, Tanny was taking his orders from Rex.  The end result was a roster without enough good football players.  Who other than Rex would you say caused the talent level to go from the excellent 2009 roster to the disaster we saw after Idzik's first and last year ??? 

    I agree that having Rex back working under a strong GM is not realistic, but it is *absolutely* ideal 

  12. I just looked at the Jets injury report.  Once again, it looks more like a roster than an injury report...

    WTH is going on ???

    Anyone remember Sal Alosi ???  

    When he was the S&C coach with the Jets, they seemed to be very healthy...

    Find him and bring him back.  Just keep him behind the bench during kick-offs...



  13. 2 hours ago, ElBarrioJets said:

    I'd keep these if the $$$ is economical. 

    Kelvin Beachum (is an average starter on the outside and can be a top notch back-up

    Tom Compton (not stellar, but not a scrub)

    Brandon Shell (potential to be a better than average starter)

    Edoga (may be a good inside guy after all is said and done but not LT.  but he can be a good full time player with a bit of development)





  14. 4 minutes ago, Jetsplayer21 said:

    Ughh he took mangini’s D was never ranked better than 18th? Rex took that same D and instantly made it number 1.. I don’t think the addition of Bart Scott was that big of reason why  🙃

    That is it, exactly.  Mangini great at building the roster.  Rex great at using it.   The fault in both cases was Johnson. He didnt force Mangini to bring in an OC and DC.  Subsequently, he didnt force Rex into accepting the personnel decisions of a qualified GM.  

    THAT is all in the hands of the owner.  A top admin has to realize what his people are good at and what they are not able to do.  

    Rex as HC + Qualified GM + Good OC = Super Bowl. 

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  15. 10 minutes ago, isired said:

    You can have 2009 and 2010 back, and more, without Rex. Build a strong and deep OL and a stout D. You're welcome.

    I like GW, but no defense has been nearly as complex, flashy, exotic and fun to watch as Rex's 2009-2010 concoction. Rex is the only DC that I have seen that can stay a step ahead of BB's offense real time. 

    Like I said... Just keep him away from the roster and the offense.  

    IMHO, Woody blew it with Rex because he didn't safe guard Rex from his own shortcomings. He did the opposite. He let Rex buy his own groceries.  

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