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  1. Anyone remember Stan Blinka ???

    I've been trying to remember what two major personal fouls he committed in what I remember as two back to back games...

    What I remember for sure was the announcer in the game for the second personal foul going nuts...


    Does anyone remember what those personal fouls were and who he did it to ???

    I *think* I remember one of them might have been a clothesline tackle and the other was a Ray Nitschke style elbow to the neck...


  2. 9 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    Adam's 5M per already puts him close to the top 5 SSs in the NFL.

    Landon Collins is the top, making 14M.

    What, so far, in what you've seen from Jamal Adams makes you think he'd take less than that?

    No one is saying give him away, but if you can get a 1, it's better to take that then think he's going to play for Patrick Chueng SS money, and ultimately get nothing.

    I would rather have proven players in trade.  First rounders just scare me.  They are valuable on paper.  

  3. 15 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    Here's where I'll say, "Game Changer is a bit of a stretch for a guy who's career includes 13-wins in 3 seasons and two INTs. " Then, you'll say, "well, he can't do it himself."  And, I'll say, "Exactly."

    Jamal Adams is not a "Game Changer," despite having changed a couple of games (mostly against bottom of the league teams).

    Ug... I am not suggesting you pay a top SS the same money you pay a top QB, LT, CB, EDGE

    If you have a top SS that is as dynamic as Adams, you pay him as you would pay a top SS.  When his rookie contract is done, give an offer of what amounts to an average of the moneys paid to the top five SS's in the league.  If he is not agreeable, he can sign elsewhere. 

    If you think you can get value for him now as a trade, it better be a number one draft pick or a two and a three.  You cant give away a player with proven elite abilities

  4. 1 hour ago, TeddEY said:

    Because we don't want to pay him a ton of money (or more importantly, a large percentage of cap space), and if you can get something of value for him, it's a good idea, rather than paying him like you paid "CJ Ghostly" or letting him walk for nothing.  Paying Mosely should be a cautionary tale, not something to repeat because Mosely, thus far, was a poor decision.

    This isn't that complicated.

    You pay the following

    1. Franchise QB (proven production and proven durability)

    2. LT (proven production and proven durability)

    3. CB (proven ability to play man at elite level and proven durability)

    4. Edge Rusher (proven production and proven durability)

    5, Any player at any position that is a game changer and has proven durability (Adams)

    The rest get market rate (median money for the position) or they don't get signed.  Any player asking for more money while still under contract can get their contract rate or sit out for the remainder of their contract if they are not happy.  If they outperform their contract, we can talk about it when they are up for renewal.  And you NEVER pay anyone top dollar unless they fit into one of the five categories above. 

  5. 23 hours ago, genot said:

    Revis for 4 or 5 years was one of the best corner backs who ever played. Not many interceptions during that time. why? Nobody threw his way. when Adams is in coverage, why would a team throw his way? You might not think he's all that much. He is clearly the best player in that secondary. you would agree with that. No?

    Adams is the best player on the Jets defense.  That includes C.J. Ghostly and Quinnen "on the way to being a bust" Williams as well. I don't know why any fan would not want him back.  It's not like he is cold-cocking women on elevators, electrocuting dogs or using substance.  He's an enthusiastic young player who has time to develop maturity... 

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  6. On 12/3/2019 at 5:08 PM, Skeet Ulrich said:

    Exactly, completely mismanaged. The season was done by Columbus Day - just let the guy heal and rehab. If he's not ready by OTA it's a disgrace

    Columbus Day ?!?!?!  The season was over on January 18th, 2000.  This season, past seasons and ones to come



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  7. 54 minutes ago, KRL said:

    It seems like Jamal Adams injury is pretty serious (high ankle?) and with only
    four games left he may not make it back.  What's going to be interesting to watch
    is the play of the defense.  If they play at a respectable or better level will
    that put the thought in Joe Douglas head that the defense can perform well without
    Adams?  If that occurs I will not be shocked if Douglas pulls the trigger and looks
    to send Adams to DAL in the off-season.  Getting back picks over the next two years
    to restructure and restock the team would be more beneficial than having a high
    priced impact safety.  Jerry Jones isn't happy with DAL and I could see him making
    major changes, not only in their coaching staff but in their roster.  If Douglas
    could get something like a #1 and #3 this year and a #2 next year the roster could
    get overhauled quickly.  Imagine having these picks in the draft:

    #1 our own
    #1 DAL 
    #2 our own
    #3 NYG
    #3 our own
    #3 DAL 

    That would be SIX picks in the first 100 players in a draft that is deep at OLine
    among other positions (WR, CB).  Of course if the defense collapses over the final
    four games you can ignore this

    Adams ??? Who needs him. Trade him and aquire a few more inside defensive lineman in FA and the draft.  Since Williams is not looking too good, this position is a priority.  They need to trade Adams, Darnold, Robbie Anderson, Griffin and load up on defensive tackles.  It is such a priority I would strongly recommend that they use every pick in the 2020 draft on defensive tackles.  It will be worth it if one of them works out.  Then you can trade him for more picks to use on interior defensive lineman... 

  8. 32 minutes ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

    The Johnson's are awful at running a football operation. At this point, if a player complains about ownership/front office, I will believe the player. They have demonstrated that they are clueless at running a successful football team. 

    Yep.  It is painfully obvious.  Just looking at all the wasted money and cap space is enough to make you want to drive you head through a wall.  Osemele, Trumane Johnson, Lev Bell.  No fault of Bell, but with Gase running the show, the money spent on Bell's contract goes straight up the spout.   

    And now watch them eject Jamal Adams and Robbie Anderson,  Two guys who want to play and are fun to follow.  Jamal Anderson would try to play with two broken legs. 

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Can't it be both?  Osemele has apparently done stuff like this before, hence why the Raiders tossed him away.  

    Winters sucked even when healthy, so I really have no sympathy for him.  

    I wonder if the Jets brass suspected that KO had that injury when he signed.  That might explain why they $hit-canned him.  Not sure, but I think there is still ongoing drama regarding his pay. 

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  10. Been thinking about this...

    Winters does all he can to play through injury.  He is not effective. The fans rag him for poor performance.  He is placed on IR and is almost certainly done with the Jets and quite possibly done with football...

    The team doctors tell Kelechi Osemele he can play with his injury, but he prefers not to.  He states he doesn't feel right playing with the injury.  Does not think he will be as effective as he wants to.  The Jets cuts him, despite how badly quality players are needed on the offensive line.  Add to the mix, that his injury is one he can come back from fully next season after a corrective procedure.

    Did the Jets brass blow a fuse out of frustration and go off half cocked ???



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  11. 20 minutes ago, Alentador31 said:

    For all of Rex's warts.....you could never doubt his passion and his players always came to play....except AFC championship games. I would still take Rex over Gase at this point I think. I have been trying to stay patient but man...Gase makes it difficult. 

    I don't blame Rex at all for the two losses in the AFC Championship games.  His coaching during those two respective runs was fantastic.  They did a great job managing Sanchez as well.  He played some of his best ball during those two playoff runs.

    The loss to the Colts in the 2009 AFC Championship game was close to unavoidable.  They did not have the offense to outscore the Colts and despite that, they had the lead at the half.  They lost the game because they ran out of defensive backs.  Rex didn't have enough DB's to cover all the targets the Colts could put out there.   The loss to the Steelers in the 2010 Championship game, I believe was caused by fatigue on the first and second levels of the defense.  They were worn out from the playoff run and they showed it.  The Jets offense had the Steelers on their heels at the end of the game and the defense simply could not get a stop when it was most needed.  Rex was calling all the right defenses, but they didn't make the needed plays on the field.

    I will take Rex back in a heartbeat so long as he is NEVER allowed to be the defacto GM

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  12. 23 minutes ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

    No one is saying run him more, but running him up the middle incessantly where the Bengals are actually talented is poor planning and goes against a winning formula. 

    Yes...  Don't run him up the gut.  At the very least, get him out in space and throw him the ball.  Put him in bunch formation on the end, a screen pass.. Anything.  If you don't use your best players why bother ???

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  13. 20 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

    Adam Gase is not going anywhere. He'll be the Jets head coach in 2020. You know that right? 

    Chris Johnson publicly gave Gace the go for 2020, but his mind can and should be changed...

    The poor player refuses to even allow himself to believe that his QB is much better off running an offense that is different than the one he is queer for.  Square peg, round hole.   "SPRH Gase" 

    Even if Johnson has him back in 2020, he wont be back in 2021.  His ineptitude guarantees it and Douglas wont let Gase destroy his reputation... 



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  14. Bill Belichick: "Study your opponent to gain an understanding of their weaknesses, so that you can then attack and exploit it."

    Adam Gase: Study the round hole before you attempt to hammer through a square peg. 

    It is pretty obvious.  Gase wants to pass the ball.  Even if he knows he can win more games by running a balanced offense right now, he is not going to.  In one regard he has somewhat of the right idea.  The current rules BEG you to pass the ball.  Building an offense to run the ball is pretty much like choosing to row up steam.  In that sense, Gase has it right.  It is was Chris Johnson was referring to when he said of Gase, that "he is coaching to where football is going"

    The problem is, no coach or GM can wave a magic want and "poof"  you have the perfect roster for the system that you are queer for.  You have injuries to deal with, game planning against  your opponent's weakness, weather considerations and so on... 

    "No plan survives first contact with the enemy"

    Any coach that can not adjust his plan to suit the skills and limitations of his players as they relate to the skills and limitations of his opponent is a BAD coach... 

    Any coach that is not DRIVEN to win NOW is a *LOOSER*

    F**K sake, Rex was pissed off about not winning the Jets/Giants Snoopy trophy...

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  15. 30 minutes ago, Scott Dierking said:

    My fandom started with the Jets in 1973, so I do not cover the full spectrum of the team.

    Fortunately, throughout most of Jet history they have had good to very good offensive lines. When they drafted Namath and he had the knee problems, the quickly realized it was an absolute must to keep him upright and protected. That lasted through the mid 70's. They had All Pros in Winston Hill, Dave Herman and stalwarts like Randy Rasmussen.

    Later in the 70's they added Joe Fields, Marvin Powell, Chris Ward, Dan Alexander. That core lasted until the mid 80's. 

    In the late 80's they added early round picks Mike Haight, Jim Sweeney and Dave Cadigan. While they did not meet the previous achievements of previous Jet o-lines, they represented attention to the positions (2 first round picks and a second), and at least were stable.

    The early 90's was when things started to slip. Sweeney was still a stalwart in the middle, but the exterior was slipping with the likes of Cadigan, Siupele Malamala, Dwayne White and Roger Duffy. Not a great unit, but I would certainly rank it higher than the current era. In a large way.

    The mid 90's began to be the dark years Enter Rich Kotite in 1995 and the starting unit was Matt Willig, Roger Duffy, Cal Dixon, Carlton Haselrig and James Brown (not the running back, not the announcer). A particularly horrific unit. Kotite so quickly recognized his mistake and decided to bring in Jumbo Elliot as a prize free agent in 1996. It was just a bandaid.

    In 1997, wanting to secure the "prize" qb in Neil O'Donnell, they decided to revamp the o-line to be: Elliot, Lonnie Palelei, Roger Duffy, Matt O'Dwyer and David Williams (turnstile). They had so little confidence in this group, that the barely played O'Donnell behind the line in preseason. Genius. They also had the fortune of having both Tackles injured for game one of the season, and decided the night before the game to tell Roger Duffy he was going to play Tackle. A position he had not played before. Predictably, O'Donnell was sacked 8 times in the game.

    The '96-'97 crew earns a spot as least effective lines.

    Enter Tuna in 1998. He immediately re-vamps the line by brining Kevin Mawae as a key free agent, drafting Jason Fabini and you have a starting unit of Elliot, Todd Burger, Mawae, Matt O'Dwyer and Fabini. Randy Thomas was brought in as a second round pick in '99.

    Variations of this line continued through the Groh and Edwards lines of the early to mid 2000's. Added in were the likes of Ryan Young, Kerry Jenkins, Kareem Mckenzie, Dave Szott, Pete Kendall, et al. The units were from my opinion above league average and paved the way for Curtis Martin through those years. Herm Edwards was a run-oriented coach and recognized the need to protect their qb and rb's. Anchored by Mawae until 2004 the Jets showed a willingness to spend FA capital on high draft picks at the o-line positions.

    Enter Eric Mangini in 2006 and the Jets invest 2 first round picks and insert D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold into the line-up. Those 2 anchor the line with various cast members through the 2015 season (Ferguson) and 2016 season (Mangold).

    Enter the John Idzik (2013-2014) and Mike Maccagnan (2015-2019) draft era. We can only assume that they felt so blessed to ride in on the coattails of the Ferguson and Mangold triumphs that they felt that these positions were a constant gifting to the organization of the New York Jets. They were so confident in these positions that they have invested draft capital of (2013 (3) Brian Winters, (5) Oday Oboushi), (2014 (4) Dakot Dazier), (2015 (5) Jarvis Harrison), (2016 (5) Brandon Shell), (2017 Nothing), (2018 Nothing) (2019 (3) Chuma Edoga).

    Hey I realize that I do not need to explain to any Jet fan here that the o-line has been ignored horribly, recently. 

    But, for those that are recent Jet fans, this has not been a history of this franchise. It used to be a source of pride with the team and a strength. 

    Personally, I would nominate this group as the worst unit in Jet franchise history.



    Excellent question, and timely as well...

    Although the 2007 line had Mangold, Brick and Brandon Moore, it also had, unfortunately, Adrian Clarke at LG and Anthony Clement at RT. 

    I don't like to be wantonly critical of *ANY* player that is special enough to make it on to an NFL roster, but the performances of Clarke and Clement at those two respective positions was so bad, it made the sum total of that unit's performance disastrous.  

    Now, here is the REAL bad news...

    As dangerous as it was for a QB to play behind that line, it was only two players short of being one of the best lines in the league.  Carnation instant offensive line... Just add Woody and Faneca.   The current Jets line is not quite as dangerous to play behind as every single one of the "starting back-up's" can play at a decent level for a back-up, NOT ONE OF THEM is a bona filed starter.  Yep... They need five new guys on the line.

    So... 2007 was the most dangerous line due to Clarke and Clement, but the current line is the worst line in Jet history having not one bona fied starter...

    A few more quick points.  In 2007, many fans were saying that Moore had to be replaced too and Brick was a bust.  Not true in either case and if you watched the games you could see Brick and Moore were doing a good job.  It was Clarke and Clement causing all the problems.  Also worth noting as for Brick.  He became one of the better pass blocking LT's in the league from 2008 on to his retirement, but he was never a good run blocker.  During the Rex years, almost all the outside running plays went via Damian Woody.  They never tried to run around Brick because they knew he wasn't a run blocker... 

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  16. 2 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    1. Harbaugh and Douglas would kill each other. 

    2. what a scumbag Rex is to even joke about taking a head coaching job that’s not open. And he wonders why he can’t get a courtesy interview. 

    With Douglas as the GM, if the Jets canned Gase and hired Rex as the HC for 2020, their chances of getting to the post season would go up ten fold.  

    Who is a bigger scumbag ??? A guy who wants a job or the guy who has a job that he can only pretend to do ???

    REX 2020 !!! 

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