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  1. 22 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

    Couldn't disagree more.

    Firing Douglas after three years (and only two drafts) and picking a third 1st round QB in 5 years in insane and the definition of disfunction. Why would anyone want to come here? And why would anyone think that with the limited pool of applicants who would want to walk into this the Johnson brothers would make the right hire?

    Douglas, Saleh, and Wilson are the guys through the end of 2023, at least.

    Douglas is already a failure as a GM with regard to drafting and FA.  But, I agree... Still, little else to do but enjoy the ride through the swamp until it becomes sensible to fire JD considering contract. 

  2. 3 hours ago, jbt said:

    A monkey throwing sh*t on a wall with the list of all draftees could of done a better job the last 10 years.  Early returns on JD are not that good but need at least another 2 years to decide.  If he needs to go the Jets need to hire someone with actual GM experience and good results


    I don't see that we need another two years to judge JD's results at drafting and FA.  They have been horrible.  

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  3. 16 hours ago, PCP63 said:

    Watched a few games this week, and one thing I've noticed, especially during the Bucs games (I live in Tampa) is that the announcers are so goddam monotone, and clearly aren't excited at all about football. Romo is the obvious exception.


    If I have to hear another ******* word that Chris Collinsworthless or Al Michaels says, I'll shoot my damn brains out. I wanna hear Chris Berman yelling "stumblin, bumblin, fumblin, touchdown!!!!" not some monotone jackasses that barely know anything about football. 


    Seriously, I don't care about the rules changes or the flags or anything else, but they seriously need new announcers nearly all across the board. This monotone, emotionless announcing with absolutely no insight makes the broadcasts incredibly boring.

    I dig fully.  Love it when things are more colorful when watching a game.  I'd pay $50 per game if Gus Johnson would call the Jets games.  At least I know I'd have fun even if the Jets suck. 

  4. 16 hours ago, PCP63 said:

    Watched a few games this week, and one thing I've noticed, especially during the Bucs games (I live in Tampa) is that the announcers are so goddam monotone, and clearly aren't excited at all about football. Romo is the obvious exception.


    If I have to hear another ******* word that Chris Collinsworthless or Al Michaels says, I'll shoot my damn brains out. I wanna hear Chris Berman yelling "stumblin, bumblin, fumblin, touchdown!!!!" not some monotone jackasses that barely know anything about football. 


    Seriously, I don't care about the rules changes or the flags or anything else, but they seriously need new announcers nearly all across the board. This monotone, emotionless announcing with absolutely no insight makes the broadcasts incredibly boring.

    Best call ever...





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  5. 1 minute ago, kmnj said:

    my original post was before the season and I was called a troll and clueless and I should be banned..... I was spot on-our RBS are trash and our line is bad.  At this point we know what we have with Coleman-he  should never start again-Joe drafted guys he believes are good(I actually think they are not but that is another story lol) . Joe and Coach need to play TY and Carter going forward-see if they are what Joe thought they were-Coleman is trash which is why his two previous teams including the coach's old team let him walk

    I was holding out hope and was doing my best to be an optimistic fan. Then I saw the line perform and the ball carriers in action.

    It is not just a matter of gelling or getting used to the system or making adjustments.  The manpower on the line is poor. 

    I also want to say I was strongly against drafting Becton.  I wanted an offensive line pick, but cautioned against Becton.

    The Jets are never going to be a quality organization until the team ownership changed hands and provided the new owner is a capable administrator.  From that comes a successful GM, HC and sustained talent on the roster

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  6. 2 hours ago, LIJetsFan said:



    Sorry guys but this link was way too complicated for me to paste here but this contains many replays with excellent breakdowns.  I highly recommend giving it a look see.  Go Jets! 

    Considering what we saw from the offensive line that JD fielded, the "silver lining" is going to be on the injury list in the not too hear future. 

  7. On 9/8/2021 at 11:22 AM, kmnj said:

    our "number one rb" averaged 1.9 yards last year and has run like he had a piano on his back the past few years

    our "number two rb" is at best an unknown with under 300 yards and only one td in his brief history

    I keep hearing the jets are going to be a run team like the niners were-really who is going to be doing the running?

    Perine is trash too

    Joe has done nothing to improve our running game vs last year -a washed gore = a washed coleman 

    on the plus side Wilson will be throwing all over the place as the passing game is going to be the only thing working for the jets so hopefully is becomes our franchise QB we all hope and pray for







    Spot on.  If the "offensive line guru" has fielded the mess we saw last Sunday, you'd think he would have at least hit on a skill player or two.  Their stable of ball carriers is embarrassingly bad.

    Given his past experiences, especially with the Eagles, I was very hopeful that the manpower would improve.  The results we are seeing look very bad.  He has not done any better in the draft than Mr. Coffee.

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  8. 2 hours ago, carlito1171 said:

    This is interesting because it’s the foundation of the Shanny offense....but I’m not sure if we have the right personnel to do the job...notably Becton. He would be much better served in a gap, man to man scheme where he could just man handle the person in front of him. 

    San Fran’s OL is really good with ZBS and they downright maul you in the running game. What do they have that we don’t? Better O Lineman.....better fits for the ZBS, or a combination of both? 

    agree.  the blocking scheme they are using is not a good fit for the talent, or lack of talent that they have for the line, especially "big ticket" once he gets back

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  9. 19 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

    New coach.  New offensive coordinator.  New QB.  All new receivers.  But at least you gave them a game.

    GM with three year to acquire manpower for the most important unit on any team.  The offensive line.  His results.  Horrendous. 

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  10. 10 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

    Did you make this judgment after one whole game of the new regime or did you make it at halftime?

    New regime ?  How long has the offensive line guru had to acquire manpower ??? Do you see who is on the line and how they are playing ?

    Give your brain a chance. 

  11. 15 minutes ago, Maynard13 said:

    It's the first game of the year. If this continues and the results are similar, then you have a point. Although the point is more directed at JD rather than the Johnsons who really have no input here other than hiring the GM's and coaches. So on to the source, JD.  I have been really disappointed, in particular, with JD's  assemblage of the OL.  As far as including Saleh in this conversation, that's pure lunacy. The OL has sucked last year and was equally as bad the previous year. The additions since then have been pedestrian: McGovern, Lewis, van Roten, Khlalil.  They havent or didnt play very well. Fact.  Word is still out on Becton. He has shown some promise but has also raised concerns.  The safer bet would have been Wirfs. JD traded a bunch to get AVT.   He's played 1 game. No camp. Who knows what we got.  JD spent 10M on Fant who ,again, has been average as the rest of his FA's and draft picks.  This is the biggest concern to me. JD was SUPPOSED to be a connoisseur in regard to the OL.  He has been Gase-like.  And his draft picks leave a lot to be desired. It's also way to early to make an educated assessment on JD at this point. It's going to take a few more years. BUT, it's not looking good thus far. 

    Agree with many points but... C. Johnson hired JD on the advise of Gase.  JD's lack of performance goes back to Johnson.   And I'm sure that Chris had discussion with Woody regarding both the Gase hire and the Douglas hire.  Remember, the phone is only a second away.   They conferred about it and agreed on it.

    As far as Saleh.  Yes, yes and YES.   He's not to blame, BUT he is part of the mess now.

    If JD goes, then you have a HC in Saleh without a GM.

    Remember Rex without Tanny ??? You got Idzik who was working to sabotage his one HC in order to get rid of him.

    JD's drafting and FA moves have been awful.  So much so, I don't see him keeping his job.  The Jets wont ever get above 8-8 at best and heads will eventually have to roll.

    BUT... The owner wont change.

    So get ready for the next GM/HC combo to come in, inspire optimism... And Fail

    Let me add one more thing here.

    There were reasons that Belichick  left the Jets running after he wrote is resignation on a used table napkin.  He met Jonson and saw what he was about.

    There are reasons that very good FA's don't want to sign with the Jets.

    The Jets are a marked team due to what there is at the very top.

  12. 11 hours ago, phill1c said:

    WHat do the teams of 1986 have to do with today's team? What does the 2010 have to do with it? Nothing except their memories. The present team is not and shouldn't be saddled with past failures.

    I don't blame the fans because it's not easy to be optimistic. But if you really can't be, then why are you calling yourselves "fans"? Get a team you can get behind, not one you just like to insult. It's bad enough when the team loses, but when it's 0-1 and they act like it's 0-50 years, well, that's just a needlessly  baselessly critical.

    But I also realize that I'm not the arbiter of what makes a good fan. I just realize for me it's hard to listen to a loud stream of negativity after the first game. 

    Losing the first game had nothing to do with it.  Watching the offensive line (and the GM is supposed to be the guy for that) is what set me off.  They way they played was simply not defensible.  It has much less to to do about "needing time to gel" and far more to do with the quality of the manpower.   And if you go back and look at my posts leading up to the 2020 draft, you'll see I felt the Jets must draft an offensive line player, but should stay clear of Becton. 

    If the line plays better as the season goes on, I'll own up to it, but they wont.  Not by much at least. 

  13. 9 hours ago, doitny said:

    did you hate Woody after he hired Rex? or how about after the 2 AFCCG we went to under him? 

    you can blame Idzik on Woody, but Mac? he was hired after Casserly did a GM search. i bet alot of us had no problem with Woody taking the advice from Casserly instead of making his own choice. 

    we forget Todd Bowles was a hot candidate when we hired him. and Gase was on Chris. im sure Woody ok it but he wasnt hear to do the research . 

    then i guess Chris hires the hot GM in JD who in turn hires the Hot HC in Saleh.

    i dont know what else you want from a owner but to hire the hot candidate that everyone wants. 

    and i dont know about you but i seen alot of hope yesterday.  

    yeah the OL was really bad but i seen Wilson almost get killed and keep making plays. Wilson got sacked 6 times and hit 10 times and still threw for 258 yds and 2 TDs 1 INT.

    Sam had 2, 6 sack games last year and threw for 230 0-0 and 120 0-2  see the difference? that is what i always said about Sam, if he was a good QB he would have shown us more with the OL and weapons we gave him. what Wilson did yesterday was show you that more i was talking about.

    i seen a secondary that was suppose to get lit up from the fantastic trio of Darnold, Anderson and Moore. but that didnt happen. that Robbie TD was from a safety who was here for 4 days out of position.

    i seen a HC who made halftime adjustments that worked. yeah the OL was really bad but there is a lot of hope i see. and im not killing Moore or JD for his drop pass in his FIRST GAME. and lets not all act like he was wide open and it hit his chest, that more drop was a tough catch. defender was all over him and Wilson make a great throw.

    we all need to step away from the cliff, its just one game. 

    Let me focus on a point that I think is compelling.  I didn't blame Woody for the Rex hire.  I thought it was a great hire and I still love Rex.  He's in the top three of all time Jet coaches, IMHO.  What the problem was is this.

    Woody didn't realize that Rex although being a good game coach and wonderful player's coach and fan's coach and media coach, was also an emotional reactionary.  Instead of keeping Rex on the field and away from the front office, Woody gave Rex a free hand to despoil the roster.  Tanny was a push over and Rex was allowed to wreck his own tenure.

    A smart owner would have recognized what Rex was and what he wasn't and managed accordingly.

    Opposite strengths and weakness with Mangini.   Good administrator, good draft guy, good roster guy, good organizer.  Poor in game coach due to lack of capitol experience.  Again... If Woody was a smart top admin, he would have made sure his GM backed Mangini up with very strong OC and DC.

    There were avenues open to sustained success with both Magini and Rex but Woody didnt have the tools as the prime admin to manage them.

    I DONT hate Woody.  I dont know him.

    He is an inexperienced person with a lot of money that bought a toy. 


  14. 2 hours ago, KO91 said:

    Trevor Lawrence should stay in school if the Jets get the #1 pick. The Jags would be so much better. 

    Given the wonderful offensive line Joe Douglas has assembled, TL would be just as bad off with the Jets as he would with the Jags,  What I saw from the Joe Douglas offensive line yesterday was every bit as bad as the days of Anthony Cement / Adrian Clarke offensive line.  HE;s has three years and they still have the worst line in the NFL.  

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  15. 2 minutes ago, BroadwayRay said:

    Seven of the guys JD drafted this year were starting on Sunday. And according to PFF, four of them played fairly well in their first NFL game. We as Jets fans should be well acquainted with the "suck balls" standard for GM drafting after watching Idzik and Maccagnan for all those years. JD has not yet hit that threshold.

    How did you rate the offensive line that JD put in front of Wilson ? 

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  16. 2 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    I'm a fanboy?  lol  Go look at the neg reps I received for predicting exactly what we saw yesterday.  No, you didnt disturb me, you just posted some ridiculous over dramatic nonsense so I pointed it out.

    It's Week 1, that was the first time that team has played an entire Football game together in a brand new system.  The OL settled down in the 2nd half.  It safe to assume, they'll get better and that's all you can look for with the youngest Football team in the NFL.  

    Right now, the jury is out on JD.  His first draft looks bad, lets see how his 2nd one pans out but I'm not ready to say he's a miss just yet and I'm certainly not ready to say Robert Saleh is to blame.  This team is dog sh*t, if you want to put that on him, that's weird.  He just got here and if you knew this team was going to lose, then you should have expected this type of performance and more so realize the big picture is to see week over week improvement. 

    All points well taken.  I did't directly blame Saleh.  His defense was the only thing that performed better than I expected.  And with a boatload of new players to boot.  But.  I repeat.  Same owner and same results.  Or, to be fair at this point, same owner same apparent results.   I stand by it. 

  17. 3 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

    If you had told us the Jets would lose 19-14 prior to the game, people would still be enshrining Zach into the hall as the GOAT. 

    Like I said, once people started seeing the growing pains and the illusions they had convinced themselves of that the Jets were a 'sleeper' were dashed they were going to lose their sh*t

    no way did i think the jets were any sort of a sleeper or dark horse team.  i had hoped that i would at least see progress or signs that sustained success was a future possibility.  the condition and play of the offensive line convinced me that nothing is improving.  

    jd had two seasons to build a line and even more motive to do so considering a rookie qb.

    What i saw yesterday from that offensive line was horrendous.  Bad as a unit, bad as individual play as well.  And his big ticket draft pick is out again as are many of his other players.


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  18. 4 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Which bad FAs and bad draft picks do you think is due to Woody Johnson putting his thumb on the scale, calling the shots from his office (whether that office was in Florham Park or in the U.S. embassy in England)?

    I'm no great fan of his, to say the least, but every GM since 2001 has had the opportunity to sign or draft anyone he wanted. Universally, they all say that, even months/years after their dismissal when they have no reason to fall on their swords, and lie to protect the guy who fired them. 

    Who hired the GM ?

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  19. 3 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    Of all the overreactions on overreaction Monday you just wrote of the Saleh era because he took over a 2 win team and lost to a better team in his first game?   

    That's some next level chicken little sh*t right there.



    Both JD and Saleh are involved here.  And the loss was not the issue.  I predicted 5 losses in the first 6 games.  What is disturbing here is the offensive line they collectively fielded to put in front of a rookie qb.  And from a GM that comes advertised as one who gives particular attention to the offensive line.

    The results I saw suggest incompetence. 

    Did i disturb your fanboy sensibilities ???



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  20. 6 minutes ago, sackdance said:

    You want results? Go on a diet. You want a new owner of the Jets? Buy the team.  

    Otherwise, stfu.

    you should be censured for this response.  at the very least, you should be put to bed without any supper. 

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  21. Just now, jamesr said:

    I agree that the reason we are still in this mess after such a long time is because of the various screw ups from Woody & Woody over a long period of time.

    But the facts are that they have - seemingly - altered course and are learning from the screw ups. A bit late perhaps, but better late than never, and it won't undo the nearly 10 years of damage overnight. 

    i felt the same way you did.  but.  take a look at jd's drafts and his fa players.  not looking good.   did you see that offensive line yesterday.  as a unit it was horrible.  as far as individual play on the offensive line, it looked just as bad.  other teams/gms have proven you can build a line in a single off season.  jds line sucks. no improvement over two off seasons.  you almost had a dead QB yesterday.  Did you see Wilson's head bounce off the turf ??? 

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