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  1. 4 hours ago, SpartanJet said:

    Remember when people wanted this lil shrimp as our QB?  Josh Allen was clearly the best of the bunch it was obvious then and even more so now.

    was not obvious to me.  i thought Allen would be the worst due to erratic passing accuracy.  

    my ranking on draft day





    and my ranking for 2021 was





    lance (but totally incomplete as far as sample size)

  2. 1 minute ago, Warfish said:

    A bit early, ain't it?

    Year 1 - Obvious Dud.

    Year 2 - TBD

    Future - TBD

    But what is your GUT saying ??? This was a three answer multiple choice.  Gotta play by the rules.  You can always choose choice three :-) 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

    Tough to tell.

    I am happy enough with his 1st year as far as being head coach goes, however his much vaunted defense stunk badly and no not just the players, we had some serious scheme issues imo.

    Agree fully.  BUT.   Unlike Rex (who I loved) Saleh is working on the entire team and not just the defense like Rex did.   If Saleh focused only on the defense, would those schematic issues have been there ??? 



  4. Considering it was impossible to gauge anything about the Jets last season due to the many MANY new moving parts....

    I'm super curious to see what the fan's gut feeling is about Saleh.

    Stud or Dud ??? 

    I'm not sure how he's going to work out, but at least I like him when I hear him.  

    Please vote. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Fantasy Island said:

    Maybe Zach Wilson isn't here after this year.  If he gets upgraded protection and targets AND still sucks, then he will be replaced.

    I agree with this.  The Jets may "ROSEN" him if he does not play good and with regularity.  Forget about looking for "flashes" of talent.  That is a rookie year consolation.  He has to show up early and often as much improved.  If we still see a struggling QB week to week this coming season, it will be time to start planning ahead with respect to franchise QB. 

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Yup, blocking is certainly a form of "production" that stats don't really track, understood.  If he's a huge blocking upgrade over Griffin, that's a good thing.  

    Just looking in the aggregate, he doesn't not appear to be a meaningful pass-catching upgrade.  Doesn't mean he won't be, maybe he will.

    But he was what I posted above with  better QB's than Wilson, and in better Offenses.  And he's been very up and down (two solid years, the rest, meh).

    Not writing him off, but I wouldn't consider TE sorted out based on this signing.  He's more a 2nd tier guy that a true answer from the looks of things.

    Agree with this for the most part.  Top level of the second tier.  However, that is very much sufficient.  Not every team has the luxury of an elite tight end, but every team needs a decent tight end where as the Jets have not had much of any tight end.  

    There is also the eye test.  Not only is he a much better blocker than any TE on the roster, the eye test also suggests he is a very nice rout runner and pass catcher.  He's very aggressive to the ball.  

    It will come down to scheme/function.  The ability to make a substantial contribution is there.

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  7. 23 hours ago, Beerfish said:

    Never draft Qbs from USC

    Always draft oline from Boston College or Wisconsin

    Never draft RBs from Penn State

    Draft secondary players from Florida schools

    Draft secondary and WR players from LSU

    Draft Wrs from small schools

    Don't draft LBs from Ohio State

    Don;t draft QBs from Pittsburgh but draft anyone else from Pittsburgh

    Draft TEs from Michigan or Wisconsin

    Don't draft pass rushers from Florida



    Always avoid being drafted by the Jets

  8. 1 hour ago, FidelioJet said:

    Wow. I must say - I’m a little shocked. Didn’t think he was even above those tjis type of look at me drama.  

    Boy was I wrong. 

    Probably just wanted a break from getting hen pecked for a few months.  He's also due a big chunk of doe from Tampa if he plays. 

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  9. 18 hours ago, The Crusher said:

    I don't like it at all. He wasn't ready to start with the this brand new offense being installed, No shame in it. 

    I cant stand listening to Michael Kay, but I do listen to his show on the way home from work when he has Steve Young on.   I agree with an important statement that Steve Young made regarding the Jets, Wilson and what he saw when asked to evaluate ZW.   Steve went on to say that the Jets have so many brand new parts and first year players and coaches, there is no way to accurately evaluate anything including ZW.  

    We should see more of what ZW is or is not this year.  

  10. 1 hour ago, Jethead said:

    Solid reasoning but Neal is better than Ikey IMO.

    Could be, yes.   I dont thin so, but could be.  At least I hope the Jags see it your way <wink>

  11. 18 hours ago, doitny said:

    i dont think you can talk OL at all.

    1st. were giving Becton the year. we dont have the luxury to draft guys "just in case" he doesnt work out. there is another draft next year if we have to replace Becton.

    2nd. if you do draft one of these Tackles, what do we do with Fant? if you give him a extension which should be for about 3 years then you just drafted a Guard. a non-premium position. if you dont resign Fant then we just replaced one good player with another. we didnt improve our team at all.

    we need to wake up and smell the 2000s. nobody wins anymore with a great OL. and for sure nobody wins with more than 2 OL drafted in rd 1. 

    this is the Brick/Mangod effect. no thats not a typo. some of you guys treat him like a God. like we could never win without a great Center or LT. yet look around the league and everyone is winning without anybody close to those guys. 

    i am not advocating for the Safety at 4, but he would help us win more games than any OL we draft.

    JD needs to throw out his value chart. if he sees someone, he really likes then he needs to pick him at 4. even if hes projected to go later. i wonder how many teams regret not drafting Parsons because their chart said they couldn't take him at a certain spot.?

    BTW our OL was ranked 11th by PFF. its not a need. i bet OL is the best ranked position on our team

    You never have the luxury of hoping offensive lineman work out.  You bring in ones via the daft and FA that you KNOW will work out.  That is why I was against the Becton adventure.  I was arguing against taking him pre combine.  

    I HOPE Ekwonu is the pick at 4.  

    If Douglas is smart enough to let his grey matter override his pride of authorship in the ill advised pick of Becton, he will have already moved on from it by the time the draft opens.

  12. 1 hour ago, section314 said:

    Honest question......do you think he lasts till #4?  

    The earliest I see Sauce going is 8.  Perhaps even 7

    The first six guys off the board, and not in this order are going to be

    Ekwonu, Neal, Hutchinson, Thibodeau, Picket, and one or two of the following will go before Sauce

    Cross, Ojabo...

    I also see the fist DB taken to be Hamilton (S) before either of the two CB's (Sauce/Stingley) are taken

    And I see Stingley sliding down past ten. 

    Absolute dream off season for the Jets.

    1. Jags miss the boat and they don't take Ekwonu

    2. Jets take Ekwonu with # 4

    3. Sauce falls to 10 and the Jets get him there.

    4. Jets sign FA center Jensen or guard Cappa

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  13. 20 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:



    This guy will be the pick at 4. They will then draft one of these other edges at 10 (Johnson, Walker, Ojobo, Thibodeaux)

    If anyone has been reading my posts,  you have to know just how much I like this FOOTBALL PLAYER.  Never mind any of the measurables.  

    A player like Sauce gives your team leadership and identity.  More than an athlete or a CB.   He's a football player and he's got his head on right.  He's already an adult.  Big Ticket can learn from him as well as can others who are on his team and in his locker room.

    And now this.  The type of defense that Saleh runs is PERFECT for Sauce.  With the Saleh defense, you don't want specialists, you wan do-all football players at the second and third level of the defense.  

    That is Sauce.

    Now... I would not draft him at number 4 if Ekwonu is there, but I would consider doing something to move up a spot or two IF they get Ekwonu at number four and believe that Sauce wont be there at 10,

    And please don't tell me the Jets don't need another OT.  Becton has to graduate kindergarten.  That might take another decade or two.

    So.  What to do if Ekwonu is taken by the Jags with their first overall pick.  And if they are smart, they will do just that.  Like SAUCE, Ekwonu is a football player, leader and already an adult. 

    Trade down out of the fourth overall a few spots to may be 6,7,8 and take SAUCE there.  Then take another player at 10 and use what ever you get for the trade-down to add to the stable.

    Also... in FA, I'd love to see the Jets land center Jensen and yes... guard Cappa.   Good players on the offensive line are a must.  Elite players on the offensive line will win you a playoff spot and playoff games.

    In the modern NFL, never underestimate the importance of the offensive line.

    The changes in Tampa are why Brady is retiring until he finds another team that still has a pro bowl quality offensive line and a few skill players.


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  14. 2 hours ago, Stark said:

    I know these guys are required to put out multiple mocks, and a lot of the time why they change stuff up.... but man. JETS pass on Thibs. I just can't see it happening.


    Can't post entire article but ill give top 10 picks

    1. Jags - Ikem Edwonu, OT, NC State
    2. Lions - Aidan Hutchinson, DE Michigan
    3. Texans - Evan Neal, OT, Alabama
    4. JETS - Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame 🤮
    5. Giants - Kayvon Thibodeaux, DE, Oregon
    6. Panthers - Charles Cross, OT, Miss St
    7. Giants - Devin Lloyd, ILB, Utah
    8. Falcons - Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner, CB Cincinnati
    9. Browns (Trade with Broncos to pass JETS) - Drake London, WR, USC
    10. JETS - Tyler Linderbaum, C, Iowa

    At least he realizes that Ekwonu is the best player in the draft.  Considering the Jags need a T,  unfortunately, he wont be there fro the Jets :( 

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