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  1. Let's hope that he is sooo highly rated, that the Jaguars take him at number one and leave Trevor Lawrence to the Jets. That would make me feel a lot better in general.
  2. Not so much ego. He bet on himself and won. It was about maximizing his income. Football players age fast and they know it. So do their agents. I would also bet that Revis was/is very careful with the money he made. I don't know a single thing about him personally, but going on how he ran his career, I bet he has smart investments and never spends the principal
  3. Douglas will be lucky to get a third round pick in trade for Darnold. A late third rounder. At this point, it is a "cut your losses" situation. No GM out there is going to part with a 2nd round pick for arguable the worst statistical QB in the draft. Even if there is a GM out there that thinks there may be a chance to get good value out of Darnold, that GM knows there is not going to be any sort of a biding war over him. Take a third and move on... If JD knows what he is doing a 3rd rounder is a potential pro bowl player *IF* he knows how to pick 'em.
  4. Could be, yes.... I favor taking him over any QB other than Lawrence...
  5. Taking Wilson before Lawrence would be a monumental gamble. I cant imagine a team with a first year HC going in that direction. With Lawrence, you have a high floor. Little if no chance of him being a bust. If I was a GM and needed a QB, my board would have two first round QB's. Lawrence and Mac Jones. Wilson, Fields and Lance would not even be on my draft board.
  6. This is NY Jets legendary Super Bowl winning QB Zach Wilson 40 years from now as he steps to the podium with glee to inaugurate the Jets brand new west side stadium in Manhattan...
  7. If he runs around on the filed in the NFL the way he did in college, he'll be bringing that "electricity" with him to the hospital...
  8. HAHAHA... Good one I have always described Darnold as a "stylist". Meaning, he wont work out in most offensive systems. Certainly not the system Gase was trying to jam him into. However, I think Sam would shine in a modernized version of the Joe Bugel / Joe Gibbs offense that the Redskins ran in the 1980's. That was a great offense for the skill set that Joe Theismann had and it would work very well with Sam too. I don't think there are any HC's or OC's out there that could or would be inclined to run that type of an offense. Such an offense would be build around powerful
  9. If a QB is not selected with their 2nd over all it should be a WR. DS or JC, obviously.
  10. Agree fully. Entertainment is what it is all about. IMHO, a team with a winning records for 10 years in a row grants more entertainment to fans vs. a team that wins one Super Bowl in a decade and has 9 losing seasons in the same decade. Also... The best team of the season does not always win the Superbowl. It takes a lot of luck, timing and help from the refs. Most of the Pittsburgh Steeler's Super Bowl wins came courtesy of the refs giving them a lot of help in the playoffs. Go back to every single Super Bowl winner and look at their playoff path to the trophy. You'll find m
  11. I would not take Fields with a compensatory pick after round 7. He's a bust. So is Wilson, btw...
  12. I would only want the Jets to keep Darnold *IF* they installed an offence that fits his skill set. And that is to say, he should be traded to a team that knows how to use him. I have ZERO confidence in any of the Jets management or coaches knowing what to do or being allowed to do what needs to be done. Pick it apart and look at it from ten different angles, but the most compelling fact remains. The Jets have the same owner, so get used to more of the same bad product. If that was not the case, the Jets would be drafting first overall and bringing on Trevor Lawrence. This or
  13. Wilson injures shoulder in camp. Placed on IR. Season over. Fans start discussing 2022 draft by end of September. Douglas on the hot seat. Saleh in limbo with talk of possible new incoming GM.
  14. All good points. The problem for all of us is that our prescriptions are based on supposition. I think Darnold has the tools to be a playoff qb. However, that is also predicated on a lot of variables. Will the new CS know how to use him best and will they also give him a good supporting cast. Lots of moving parts...
  15. If it is Wilson, the Jets are set back by at least 4 years and Joe Douglas will go down in Jets history as another "also ran" Wilson is a bust waiting to happen. So is Fields. Keep Darnold and draft the best WR or OL, or if it must be a QB take Mac Jones...
  16. I say Jones is the second best QB in the draft and other than TL, he is the only QB I would take in the first round this year. Wilson and Fields will be on to their second careers after their rookie contract is up
  17. Pro day is even more useless than the combine. If you see a prospect shooting up the draft board due to pro day or the combine, it has little to do with how that prospect plays football on the field. Watch the game tape. If it isn't there on the game tape, it never will be.
  18. Another guy with a "system" ??? I sure as hell hope not. You have unique *players* and from their respective qualities, comes your function... Is Saleh another cement head with a shoe box full of plays ???
  19. Darnold does not exist in a vacuum. What he does depends on what system he operates in and with what coaching staff and supporting cast is on the field. With Gase and his vapid shoe box offense, the answer is no. If you put him in a modernized variant of the Joe Bugel / Gibbs offence (1980's Redsk.. No... No... Washington Football Team) Darnold would do wonders. He can be a league leading QB. The compelling issue here is that Darnold is a "stylist" You need a coach/OC that knows the music.
  20. Agree. And I really think Wilson is going to be a bust. I also believe the same of Fields. Other than Trevor Lawrence, the only QB in the draft I'd want anything to do with is Mac Jones. On the other hand... QB's are risky draft picks any way you slice it. As of late, I've come to believe that the situation the QB prospect winds up in is far more important that the QB's abilities themselves.
  21. If you are not inclined to believe the obvious, it must mean the rest of us need another layer of tin foil on our hats.
  22. Wrong. They offense gave up the ball and then GW was forced to call cover zero. And if that didn't work, there would have been a defensive penalty committed to extend the Raiders drive.
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