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  1. And more for you, here on the Raiders Game... https://raiderswire.usatoday.com/2020/12/06/prevailing-conspiracy-theory-among-nfl-minds-that-jets-threw-the-game-vs-raiders/ https://larrybrownsports.com/football/boomer-esiason-emmanuel-acho-accuse-jets-of-throwing-game/569341 https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/12/raiders-jets-derek-carr-stunned-by-defensive-call They threw the game...
  2. And what defense did the DC call on that 50 yard TD and why did he call it ??? Or more to the point, why was he forced to call it ??? Believe what you want.
  3. I got it from an individual that has been around the game for 50+ years. This person was a div 1 college assistant coach and knows a lot of people around the game including former coaches and assistant coaches of the Jets. NO WAY can I list his name in a public forum. The Jets did not start the 2020 season with any intention of taking. That plan came to life around game 5 when a lot of the player sell-offs took place. Trevor Lawrence was not even a consideration until then. It went from being a possibility to a very attractive and attainable goal. A goal that that was adopted at t
  4. Belief has nothing to do with it. That is how it went down.
  5. The Jets brass blew it *TOTALLY* when they were coerced into going on a two game winning streak, thus ending their possession of Trevor Lawrence. Fields and Wilson are busts waiting to happen. Watson would be an expense that didn't need to be taken on had they maintained their hold on the first overall pick. As usual, the Jets brass do what they have to in order to ensure the Jets remain a laughing stock and a defective product in general. Bottom line and summary. It was all there for the taking, and they found a way to screw up in epic fashion. Joe Douglas does not mat
  6. Agree on Randy. Top notch player and person as well. I saw my first Jet games at Shea when I was a tike back in 1981. Marvin Powell was still there and so was Randy. What I remember most about that season was the Wild Card game vs. the Bills at Shea. The portable part of the stands was bouncing up and down from the fans getting into it . I thought it was going to come down. I also remember the temperature and the wind. I was frozen solid and wind burned.
  7. The talent lever on the line was good. Way better than what Darnold has. Jeff Criswell took some time to stop getting flagged, but he shaped up nicely. Mike Haight was not nearly as bad as some fans think he was. Interior lineman have a hard time pass blocking for a QB that wont or cant get out of the way. Jim Sweeny was an excellent center. Dan Alexander was just about the best guard the Jets ever had. He never had a bad game. Reggie McElroy was a mean, nasty player that more than held own for years. Mickey Shuller was a good blocker and had the head to help his QB as a check down or wh
  8. Yes... He got his brains bashed in. I liked him a lot, but his pocket awareness issues were glaring. Tom Brady does not move any quicker than Ken O'Brien did. The difference is Brady has eyes all around his head and he knows what direction to take that single step. You only have to move a few feet. The compelling factors are: 1. Be aware that you have to move and: 2. What direction to take that step. Awareness and economy of motion.
  9. I liked O'Brien, but he was a large part of the reason that the Jets offensive line never looked good. O'Brien had the worst pocket awareness of any QB that played for the Jets. He simply didn't feel, hear or see it coming. Nice arm, good ball placement, good character, good football smarts, but badly flawed due to non existent pocket awareness. I see Giants QB Daniel Jones with a similar problem.
  10. A top QB is the most important ingredient, but why let that push you into making a bad decision in the draft ? Fields and Wilson are both busts wanting to happen. The QB ship already sunk when the Jets blew their shot at Trevor Lawrence... Take the top WR at number 2 and install an offense that puts Darnold in a good place to use his best skills Use the second first round pick to upgrade the interior of the offensive line *unless* there is a sure-fire DB there for the taking..
  11. Dunno... No QB = No Team. If Darnold gets traded AND they don't manage to pull off a blockbuster trade for a top QB, then they have to get their QB with the 2nd overall pick. I think Mac Jones may very well go before both Fields and Wilson. If the Jets trade down, they may lose out on Jones. It is possible 4 QB's will go in the top 10 with other teams looking to trade up to get Fields, Wilson or Jones...
  12. Zach Wilson is a probably bust. Fields is a probable bust. Lawrence has been and is the only choice if you have the first overall pick. If the Jets stay at number 2 and decide they want a QB, the guy they should draft is Mac Jones
  13. Lets reel it all in. NO GM would pass on TL nor does ANY GM prefer any other QB prospects over TL. That includes the Jags. TL goes #1 and there is NO chance the Jags blow it. They know better. Fields small sample size and way too many poor performances. He could actually be a bust. Wilson major injury issues and possible character issues. A super privileged kid that could fold when the word is not served up at his feet. If the Jets don't land Watson, they are best to stay with Darnold and draft DeVonta Smith with their first pick and an interior lineman or DB with their se
  14. You are making this WAY to complicated. Irsay knew Manning was *DONE*. They wanted Luck and got him. They did it by losing every single game. Or more to the point, by not trying to win.
  15. because other teams could trade into the number one spot ahead of the Jets. hence, the would still miss out on TL
  16. Nope. But their management did plan to SUCK FOR LUCK. And they were successful in doing so.
  17. Yep. A tank job orchestrated by an owner and GM would be a big deal if proven. And I think that is the point that was driven home to Johnson. The only way they could dispel such talk from a former Jets coach would be to start winning games. Or else...
  18. I don't agree. See Jim Irsay and the Colts and Andrew Luck. Even the players were laughing at the tank job.
  19. Agree fully. It is hard to believe and there are no good reasons to believe any of it
  20. That may very well be true. Again. I don't know any of this first hand.
  21. Just one more thing to add that makes this all seem more credible to me when I heard it. As I'm sure you know, MANY Jets fans are not fond of the job the owner has done. And people who worked for the Jets in the past like Parcells and Belichick obviously ran for the hills after being introduced to the new owner. I should also say. There are other people that don't like the Jets for the same reasons. Powerful people that own NFL teams and have the hear of the league office.
  22. Yes. They could have. Players were never given any motive or instruction to play below their best abilities. but the GM traded away players that would have certainly given them a few more wins, and coaches did not put the players they had in the best place to win. In the pro game, things are very competitive. In order to lose every single game, only a few veiled efforts have to be made to accomplish that. You dont need players on board with it. Just the owner, GM and HC
  23. None. Not one single source I can post. You can consider it the rantings of a fan on the internet.
  24. Who would ??? I don't know it first hand, but I trust the person that told me. Going to add here. Just conjecture, but it may have been that CJ was actually threatened with the loss of the first over-all draft pick for deliberately loosing games. If CJ knew that their DC was ordered to throw the game and that DC was disgruntled and ready to talk... That would be enough of a pretext for a league official to make a case against them and enough motive for CJ and JD to worry and start winning to avoid scandal and a loss of a draft pick
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