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  1. Why did Adam Gase name his dogs Timex and Rolex ??? Due to his difficulties with clock management, he thought it would be handy to have a few watch dogs
  2. OC yes. HC, no way. It was Rex's influence/defense and coaching that got them two AFC Champ Games and lots and lots of non stop entertainment for the fans. Rex was a very good coach, but a catastrophic acting GM.
  3. Joe Douglas is not going to make any final decisions on Zach Wilson until he sees just how good his Mom looks in a Macarana line...
  4. All good points. Well taken. Never any need to take my ribbing seriously. I'm just being a weeny. I will have my crystal ball out for both Wilson and Trevor Lawrence's first starts and I will post my findings. On another note. I was totally flamed that the Jets blew their shot at TL and had torched a bunch of my Jets stuff in my fire pit. I'm not so sure now that the Jets settled for who will be the second best QB in the draft. I *REALLY* like Wilson's delivery. He may have the fastest release in the league. He is also massively powerful below the waist and he puts that to good
  5. Welker had natural stick-um on his hands especially in critical times. Berrios is not sure handed like Welker. Not even close. Berrios runs precise, crisp routs, but his hands are questionable.
  6. Another self awarded trophy for you. Well done STUD
  7. Part of your previous statement is true and part is not. While you can't be sure if a given QB will be ultimately successful after one game... *I* CAN BE SURE if a given QB will NEVER pan out after only one game *IF* I see certain things that QB does or does not. True, a rookie will be a rookie and learning the position takes time to master, but there are things you may see in a first outing that indicate your shiny new QB is *NEVER* going to make it. If you end your comment with "END OF DISCUSSION", it is there that you have officially awarded yourself a participation trophy. It's onl
  8. Here we have yet another individual running away with a self awarded participation trophy. Well done, Ace. You'll always be a winner in my book.
  9. Calling "BS" is an indictment of your limited powers of observation and reasoning.
  10. I don't think that is the case. Seems she's always been the same person. What has changed is that her son is now a NY Jet QB and the powerful NY media has their proverbial microscope on her.
  11. Agree. None of the videos or stories are mean spirited or destructive in any way. Most find it entertaining. It adds to the Jets/Sports spectacle. Pro sports are about entertainment and fun. It's not just the purity of the sport that many tune in for. I like some human interest and fun stuff too. It is why I loved the Rex era so much. Non stop entertainment. If Zach's mom is fun and remains visible, it is a good part of the Jets mix as long as none of it is mean spirited.
  12. I think Michaels hand picked Joe Klecko and Greg Buttle and a few others from that period. Michaels' input on manpower was all over the team that almost made it to the Super Bowl if not for the Miami Mud Pie...
  13. Don't miss out.... Tune in for commentary and prognostication that you will find nowhere else. SAME BAT TIME. SAME BAT CHANNEL.
  14. And Brandon Moore ??? He just hopes Wilson doesn't run into Tucker's ass
  15. Kensil had it right a lot of the time. Not that time, though...
  16. Elway had amazing mobility and a strong arm. Peyton was not in synch, but the arm talent was there. I dont agree with what you saw. Another example close to home was Kellen Clemmens. I knew he was going to suck after 1 game as a starter. But that is the past. Tune in when I give my assessment of Wilson and Lawrence after their first starts. I will tell you, here in this very forum... If both of those respective QB's have a shot at becoming productive NFL QB's after one start. That's right. I'll be able to tell if either one will suck for ever and ever after just one
  17. Elway and Manning both looked very promising in their debut performance despite the numbers. They passed the eye test. You could clearly see the toolbox. It was obvious. I watch ND college football and I thought that Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen had a shot at being pro QB's. UNTIL I saw their debut games. Quinn looked like a robot and Clausen was clearly strained. I knew after their first regular season games that they would not pan out. Same deal with Dwayne Haskins. I thought he'd be good as pro until I saw his debut. The only QB that I thought would SUCK after his first
  18. I watch the first Regular season game that Josh Rosen played in. I knew he was never going to pan out as a starter after that game. I thought the same for a handful of other QB's their first time out. And I had it right each time.
  19. Harris should have gotten an Emny for Dr, Smith. He made the show. Him and the robot.
  20. My grandfather saw them at the Polo Grounds in 1963 and became a fan. My father had season tickets since 1976 and took me to my first Jet's game in 1980 when I finally showed interest in going to a football game. I was 13 y/o then. They beat the Houston Oilers with Kenny The "Snake" Stabler in OT. I took over the season tickets in 2005 and dropped them in 2014.
  21. Agree with your point 100 %. Still. I think we will see a lot of clues early on to suggest if Wilson is a rookie with potential or a rookie that shows nothing. For example. If you watch the few first games with Josh Rosen you'll see clues that he is going to be a total wash out. If you watch the early games with Baker Mayfield and or Sam Darnold, you'll see a rookie for sure, but you'll see a lot of potential. Obviously, Darnold's story is not over yet. He may just pan out of continue to falter, but at least in Darnold early on you could see some tools vs. Rosen who could do very little
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