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  1. There are different versions of the 34. One gap vs two gap for example. The compelling function of any 34 is flexibility and disguise. A 34 can work like a 43. With Rex, we often saw 7 guys on the line. A base 43 usually does not have the provisions written into the scheme to allow such flexibility on the first and second level of the defense. Saleh's defense is more of a 4 -2 -5. Instead of flexing the DE/LB as in the 34, they flex the DB and LB. It is a defense that is designed for the contemporary NFL that revolves around the passing game. It can and will work well
  2. I've been wondering if all the new gambling alliances are going to give rise to scandal. For example. Marginal players being approached by who ever with a cash gift. All they have to do is drop a pass, fumble the ball, miss a block. What ever.
  3. Did anyone think that the UM tenure in Jacksonville would be anything other than an absolute disaster ? Everyone saw it coming.
  4. yesterday you didnt see a good defensive line in front of the jets offensive line like you did the previous three weeks. they jets offensive line will "regress" when they go against good linemen. The jets have a manpower issue on the line and it didnt go away yesterday. It just wasnt exposed as it was going against good players. The Titans line is poor.
  5. put him in van rotens spot. Becton is not a good edge blocker. he reminds me a lot of robert gallery. was poor on the edge for some of the same reasons, but contributed once he moved inside.
  6. And if you noticed, there were changes in the offense that helped Wilsson "grow up" He will thrive in spread set and do poorly in tight sets with limited routs. Get him out or the phone booth and into a modernized system of the old Pardee offence...
  7. Wilson does better in a spread set with more passing targets and wider windows. He'd be great in a modernized version of the Pardee offense. Wislon is a bit of a fish out of water in a tight set.
  8. Agree 100 %. Fant is more effective and a better fit. I would not be surprised to see Becton moving inside if he ever plays another down this season.
  9. A RARE "Chalk This One Up To Joe Douglas"
  10. Agree... He is indeed forcing his guys to play... Because there is no one else to play. Nothing to do with pride of authorship and everything to do with picking bad players.
  11. I felt I needed to say this because I have been very critical about the product the Jets have put out. I also think Benigno's comment describing Saleh as being too nice of a guy is absolute nonsense. It is completely sophomoric. You don't have to be a goon to be a winning coach or a winning administrator or a winning player. You can be a gentleman and still win. Yes... The Jets have been horrible. They are deserving of the dead last power ranking that they are being given. However... Saleh's defense shows real signs of a workable vision in progress. You also don't see
  12. Too bad what he says is well founded... I like MG.
  13. Considering the responses here, it is fascinating to see just how polarizing Rex is. NO ONE is indifferent to him. He's either loved or hated.
  14. Agree with you fully that my comment is not clearly defensible given the facts. I think it would have been too transparent if they tossed him aside too quickly. They may also have been worried about legal paper being filed by Mangini due to allegations of retaliation. I don't think Mangini is liked. Partly due to his personality and partly due to cameragate. He is sort of a hot potato.
  15. Just a wild guess, but I think he pissed off a lot of people including the league office when he blew the whistle on camera gate. He dragged the NFL shield through the mud and now he's on the secret no-hire list.
  16. Eric Mangini & Tanny tandem. Mangini picks the players and Tanny handles the contract language and cap.
  17. Considering that the Jets are the Jets. I'm expecting to hear about Jets players going out on IR for having a bad hair day.
  18. If first round draft worthy QB prospects were not actually hoping to avoid the Jets before, they sure as hell are now. I think Wilson wishes he got left back.
  19. This is taking an *empty* glass and saying the glass is half full.
  20. Fans have no choice but to "Stay. The. Course." As per contract, the current regime is going to be here for a few years. The flood of criticism has nothing to go with the Jets going 0-3. It has everything to do with they way they did it. There is no sign of sustained success being a possibility. Zero sign that things are taking shape according to a well thought out and executed vision. The roster is horrible. The new QB is being dropped into a pit. As an absolute minimum, we should the HC and OC handling the GM's newly drafted QB smartly rather than confidently jamming
  21. Yes. He needs to be coached, he needs an offensive system that is good for his skill set and he needs decent offensive linemen. In short, a new GM, and OC. And new GM means a new HC as well. This is yet another disaster regime on the wing
  22. You forgot the pathetic uniforms. The Jets legacy uniforms were sharp, clean and professional. Especially the all whites. The new uniforms are pathetic. The uniforms match the rest of the organization now, so why not...
  23. Fantastic post. Not only does it suggest what the Jets biggest problem is at the moment, it points to a critical flaw that many failed coaching regimes have had. A propensity to drive square pegs into round holes. We saw it with Gase. Instead of designing an offense that Darnold would flourish in, Gase ran an offense that a very different type of QB like Peyton Manning would prefer. Darnold would do well in an offense that had a lot of line shifts, aggressive man blocking up front, misdirection & play action. What Gase ran was an offense that had about four basic pass pass plays. Su
  24. Agree fully. Still wondering who got the better QB, though. Lawrence or Wilson... How can either one be judged considering the state of their respective teams ??? Both have flashed, but Wilson has made the bigger blunders thus far.
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