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  1. Yes ! Leon was dynamic in tandem with TJ.
  2. Taking a quick break from the Rodgers saga. There have been plenty of threads with the "best of" rankings. I was contemplating the unsung heroes that the Jets have had. Players that were around for a while, were solid all the time, were never drama queens but didn't get much fanfare. Who is the Jets unsung hero ??? Here are a few that I can think of at the moment. 1. Brandon Moore 3. Kyle Clifton 4. Dan Alexander 5. Randy Rassmusen 6. Pat Lahey 7. Marion Barber (special teams ace from the 80's) 8. Richie Anderson 9. Shaun Ellis 10. Jerome Barkum 11. Joe Fields Others ???
  3. Yes. I was wrong about Lawson. He was productive. Keep him if $$$ is reasonable. He is valuable.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/washington-commanders-owners-clear-out-of-facility-with-sale-reportedly-imminent/ar-AA18JyqN?ocid=hpmsn&cvid=b8b51e1ccd82432aa0900498b2c5dc00&ei=45 "Dan Snyder’s time as the owner of the Washington Commanders appears to finally be coming to an end. There have been reports for months about the team potentially being sold, but there has yet to be a confirmation of an actual buyer. Despite that, it appears a sale is getting close and the Snyders have been taking steps to prepare for that eventuality. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, the Snyders have cleared out of the Commanders facility and a sale for he franchise is believed to be imminent." I'm wondering if the league was forcing this behind the scenes using "info" that that was gleaned from the infamous investigation that so far has only publicly yielded the damaging "Chucky" communications. As in, hey Dan, sell the team or we'll cut loose with everything.
  5. The 90 % retired statement was a subtle way of communicating to GB that he did not want to play football until he thought about playing outside of GB. He is sick of the GB front office, not football. That was the magical concept that came to him in the darkness. The GB brass sucks and the Jets brass has it goin' on.
  6. just add the 80's logo and it would be a nice helmet. and wear it with green or white tops and white bottom. NO BLACK anywhere
  7. Someone in here posted a photo of the new green helmet color with the 80's logo, white pants and the new green jersey. I like the legacy uni best,, but that combo was not bad either. i could go for that for sure. just no black. white or green top with ALWAYS a white bottom.
  8. they knew to begin with that the packers had no leg to stand on. either take what is being offered by the jets, or they eat $60mm, get nothing in return for a trade and have rodgers pissing all over their 2023 season. gb has zero ammo. if i were jd, i would hold firm on a minimal deal. tell them we are no longer interested in a trade.
  9. yep. he sure as hell did. he pointed out that the current management in GB aint the one he started under and liked/respected. you could see it on his face and posture all season last year. he wants out of there.
  10. been saying that all along. anxious and abused jets fans blaming rogers for creating drama that the jets fans are actually creating. it's projection. rodgers wants out of gb and he has been helping the jets every step of the way. everything rogers has said and done is to preserve and enhance the jets postion with gb. he's been subtle put purposeful. rodgers knows how to read a defense in an instant. this negotiation is child's play for him. jets fans start giving rodgers support he deserves. never mind his complex personality. he's business on the field and always shows up for work. dude just suckers people into spinning their own web.
  11. The Jets and GB have been playing chicken for at least two weeks. The Jets have the better position. It goes like this. If GB does not accept a reasonable trade offer: 1. The Jets go with Zach Wilson, a better line (draft) and more weapons and no cap or money issues. 2. The Packers have to eat 60 million dollars, mess up their time table with Jordan love and also wind up with the biggest mal-content in league history messing up their mojo and on top of that, they done get ANY draft picks from the Jets. If I was JD, I would hold out until GB agreed to take a set of steak knives. Not kidding. I would not give them anything more than a number three. It will probably wind up being a number two this year and conditional next year, but if JD wants to play hard ball, he can have it his way all the way. I'd have my back channel leakers getting that out to GB right now. We can do without Rodgers and you CANT do with him.
  12. winning is nice. a good looking uniform is nice, both together are ideal. we all been pissed on long enough. time for the jets to be an ideal.
  13. for the short term, they need to work on getting a good starting o-line with solid depth on the inside and outsid. i would assume their number one pick will go to OT. There is skoronski, paris johnson and broderick jones. i lfavor skoronski, but i am just not sure of which one of those three i would prefer. i think at least one will be gone by the time the jets pick at 13, so they may have no choice. ok... now here this. sure they have rodgers, but... ZW is NOT going to get any better. What I want now is for the jets to scout this year's draft and next year's draft and look for that qb prospect with major upside that needs to be trained and draft him. given that, i favor keeping wilson until his cotract is over BUT drafting a qb this year too in one of the later rounds and next year too. Tomorrow is today. they will need a qb in two years when rodgers goes back into the dark room and i prefer home grown product. now is the ideal time to train one for the future.
  14. screw this black bs.. we aint the sin city raiders or the piss-burg squeelers. we are the new york jets. the fukin jets !
  15. indeed. please just go back to the legacy uni. clean, crisp, slick, professional and adult. the black is for twits, children and raiders wanna-be's
  16. He has been sick of the GB management for a good while now. That's why he looked like he was not interested in playing football last season. He is not washed. He's somewhat disgruntled. He made a point saying that the GB management has changed since he was drafted.
  17. Like most of us said. Rodgers was on the way to the Jets for weeks. The hold up is GB wanting more. My guess is they want a #1 and JD wont give it up.
  18. Like most of us said. Rodgers was on the way to the Jets for weeks. The hold up is GB wanting more. My guess is they want a #1 and JD wont give it up.
  19. and how do the jets usually do in nationally televised games ??? im hoping for 17 games on sunday at 1 pm
  20. In all of this, I just hope the jets will still be acting as a team and not a circus. You CAN NOT buy a championship or "dream team" in football. it is the ultimate team sport. It is exciting to have Rodgers and a few of the guys he may bring in, but there better be a coach on the job.
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