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  1. If Wilson looks hopeless, the Jets are set-back by 4 years and it will be the harbinger of doom for the Douglas/Selah era... Everything is riding on Wilson...
  2. HA ! I must admit, I'd be inclined to agree, but I was entertained by the story and the fun video... There was the dooosh that made off with the handbag, the dooosh that introduced the video to the internet and the dooooosh (me) that got a kick out of the story and clicked to watch the video.
  3. D-Line, O-Line and WR all have the potential to be top notch units.
  4. Agree fully. She puts on a nice wedding and some dooosh makes off with her purse and then another dooosh introduces it to Jet Nation...
  5. Please... No more black Jets uniform colors. The NFL already has the Raiders. Never try to be who you aint. Go back to the legacy uniforms. If they insist on something else, use the current metallic green helmet with a white face mask and the 1980's jets logo WITHOUT any black outline.
  6. Douglas is the anti-Mr. Coffee. I like the one year deal. I'd wager Douglas will draft another offensive line prospect in 2022 between round two and four and he knows it. I'm very happy the Jets have a GM that pays particular attention to the offensive line in the draft and FA. And, somehow also managed to accumulate a nice stable of pass catchers AND a very exciting new QB. I've been a Jets fan since I was a kid back in the 80's and I have seen a lot of failed regimes, but I am very pleased now with Douglas and the direction the roster is going in. I'm cautious, but intrigued.
  7. Thank you. Compliments are always welcome.
  8. I never made such any such statement. However, I'm glad you are contented with your self-awarded participation trophy. In my book, you'll always be Number One.
  9. They got two decent seasons out of Faneca and even then, his pass blocking was poor. The Jets paid way too much for Faneca. DeCastro is ready for his second career. Douglas is not likely to take him on for anything above 1 year vet min.
  10. If Pretty Boy Wilson, the new offensive line and the impressive stable of pass catchers perform well, they should be able to make up for having an untried batch of CBs. This new offensive roster is primed to put up a pile of points.
  11. 2014 saw a roster intentionally depleted by an inexperienced GM with a coach killing agenda. I'm not making any statement other than the Jets won 8 games in 2013 under Rex Ryan.
  12. There is no debate here. There never was. They found a way to win 8 games and the win loss column sits above any other number. Let that sink in.
  13. Simple as *8* wins in the number that counts. That's not pride of authorship. That's fact.
  14. I "lost this round" ??? Now you're boasting about a participation trophy your awarded yourself as both the only judge and the singular contestant on the podium. Your position here is indefensible. The Jets under Rex Ryan found a way to win *8* games with one of the worst rosters in the league. Finding a way to win *8* games is the compelling factor in this case. Not statistics.
  15. There never was any debate. Their record was 8-8
  16. Very clinical, but it complicates the obvious. The answer remains the same without any possible change in that answer due to calculated evasion. Their record was 8-8. They found a way to win 8 games and the number of the games they won was 8. 8 is preceded by 7 and followed by 9, but the number of the games they won was 8. That makes their record 8 -8. As for teams with similar records but unequal statistics... The championship ladder in football is a single elimination contest. The team with more a impressive collection of statistics gets sent home regularly. All a team need do is win
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