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  1. he wont cost much. probably being considered to make rodgers feel at home.
  2. I'm glad Rodgers is making a game of it. More proof that the "NY media" is not any kind of a burden for Rodgers. It is a play thing for him. And he's not washed in general. He's sick of GB. NY will do him good. Lots more stimulation, action and attention for a complex dude like Rodgers.
  3. What is going to be the expectation for the Rodgers Jets ??? Any outcome that does not include playoffs is a total failure and a sure bet that JD and RS get walking papers.
  4. that was my feeling the whole time. rodgers in league with jd.
  5. Yawn... It was agreed on back when Hackett was hired.
  6. Soon to be Rodgers and who cares who else...
  7. I LOVE it. Now I dont have to listen to the MW Mafia any longer.
  8. this for sure. any talk in the media about a deal being done between the jets and gb but waiting on rodgers is counter intel coming from the jets for gb to read. jd is in the drivers seat playing chicken with gb and rodgers has been riding shotgun if rodgers wanted to retire or sign with gb he would have already done it. and as unconventional as rodgers seems, even he would not be childish enough to play this game with the jets and then retire last minute. rodgers was on the way to the jets for sure when hackett was hired by jd. since it is bad for both the jets and gb to wait until after the "legal tampering" ends at noon tomorrow est, we'll be celebrating the start of the aaron rodgers era by 4:00 pm tomorrow at the latest. perhaps even by noon tomorrow.
  9. the rodgers baggage is somewhat overstated in general. he is into some unconventional stuff but it does not extend to his time on the field. he shows up for work and does his job. he's sick of gb for whatever reason, but he's not an on the job problem. also... his leadership style is simple. he's one of the all time greats and all know it and that's that. he's it. nothing needs to be said by him or to him in the locker room or huddle
  10. he should consider the ills of over exposure before he is over exposed.
  11. Lamar may not even last as long as Rodgers will. That aside, Lamar would be fantastic to have. They Jets should be conspicuously talking to him. If for nothing else, then to show the GB people that JD is not going to give up a number one draft pick for the Rodgers trade.
  12. They wont. Rodgers holds all the legal cards due to the possibility of retirement. If he is in line with the Jets, and I think this to be the case, it indicates that JD is not dropping his pants for the GB people. Both JD and Rodgers are in the same car playing chicken with the GB people. We wont get the official announcement until the very last minute. The way I see it, GB has to turn first. If JD is smart, he will let the world know including GB that he is also talking to Jimmy G, Stafford, Lamar, etc... GB gonna go BOCK BOCK BOCK a split second before they are legally bound to the impossibly bad contract that Rodgers will be soaking up.
  13. I am all but positive that this is the case. Even if Rodgers does not want to play football and does not like the idea of being with the Jets, he knows he can get a payday and mail it in. No way does Rodgers want to retire officially. Personally, I believe it was GB he was tired of and not football in general. And GB gets NOTHING if Rodgers retires rather than get traded. Rodgers is not vacillating. He made up his mind months ago. In fact, Rodgers may even be assisting the Jets by also playing chicken with GB. Here is what I think. GB is holding out for a number one draft choice. JD says no. Rodgers tells GB he's going to retire if the deal is not made. That gives the Jets more leverage with GB. If they don't take the deal the Jets are offering, GB gets NOTHING. So... The game of chicken between the Jets and GB will go on until the 11th hour. All the while GB knowing Rodgers will nail them with retirement if GB does not accept a second round this year and conditional next year, And... Rodgers still has A LOT left in the tank. His skills are not diminished. Still one of the best passers on the NFL. He's just tired of GB NYC, the Jet's young roster & Hackett will be invigorating for him. Rodgers is not trying to screw or play with the Jets. The retirement question is adding to the Jets leverage to get the deal done.
  14. it is not rodgers. he was in with the jets along with the hackett hire. the gb people want to fleece jd. my guess is they asked for a number one draft pick and jd is offering #2 this year and conditional next year and gb is dug in on wanting more.
  15. Not to worry. Rodgers will be a Jet.
  16. That is at least partially a result of the GM and HC having pride of authorship in their high round draft choice. They will flog a dead horse to prove they are smart, and would never expend the same effort on a later round draft pick that could potentially work out with the proper nurturing,
  17. Figured this would be the case after the critical end-zone drop last season and the overall underwhelming performance. Berrios did well to hang around as long as he did. I wonder if BB is going to give him a second try ???
  18. There should be provisions for the NFL to have more spots on the practice squad or totally revamp the idea of what a practice squad is. Look at how many pitchers that a minor league baseball team carries. Given that pitchers are so important, those minor league rosters are packed with pitchers. The NFL teams should have a lot more room on practice squads and they should be actual practice/developmental squads and not just an afterthought.
  19. Been pondering... I'm beginning to think that there are many more QB's to be had in the draft beyond the top few that are always spoken about any given year. Perhaps there is a systemic problem with the way NFL teams approach the acquisition and training of a QB prospect. It seems as if "go fever" may be the problem. Back in the 70's and 80's, we were all resigned to having a QB prospect sit on the bench and learn for a few seasons before they took the field. It was a matter or course, even for prospects drafted very high in the first round. Then, comes the pass happy NFL with new rules that have turned the game into a track and field event. And the pro offenses are now much closer to what is done in college. Spread sets, air raid, shotgun, pistol and so on. So... We all figure now that your newly drafted QB is good to start day one. And if he does not pan out, we identify a critical flaw. This guy simply cant play the pro game. End of story, and of NFL career. Consider this: I. I was SURE and so were many others that Josh Allen would never be a good pro. Too erratic. Not accurate. NO QB ever improves on accuracy from college to pro. Enter Dabol, and then evaluate Josh Allen. 2. I was SURE Daniel Jones would never make a good pro. ZERO pocket sense. You can count on him burping up the ball every time a rusher comes from around the corner. Enter Dabol. and Jones had a solid performance despite not having good pass catchers. 3. Geno Smith. Can NOT see the whole field. Does not go through his progression. Runs right and only sees the right side of the field. He cant play. After a few years under proper coaching, now he can play the pro game. 4. Mr. Irrelevant. Brock Purdy. His scouting report looked like a report card from one of the Sweathogs. He can NOT play the pro game all figured, And now ??? I think NFL teams need to rethink their entire approach to scouting, drafting and developing franchise QB's. I am sure there is very good talent to be had and nurtured in every draft beyond the QB's prospects that are expected to go in the first round.
  20. Maybe JD is not using the right negotiating tactic. "Rodgers... Sign this f*****g contract right now or I will break you like pretzel"
  21. Real authentic Mex is sooooo hard to find. Growing up, my best friend was half Mex and half French. His mom would cook real Mex from scratch. We'd chow down at his place for Mex dinner on Saturday and then on to my house on Sunday for Italian. And back in those days, the baseball and football we played was the real thing. No video games. So, we were all lean and mean even with all the prime vittles.
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