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  1. I'll be happy if the Jets shape up into a respectable outfit for now. One step at a time. Going from a league leading joke to respectable is a big leap in itself...
  2. "play the Bobby Wagner/Fred Warner role." Play the role ??? That says it all. And as far as mixing coverage... Rex used as many different types of coverage as he did different types of blitz packages. Any way you spin it, I'm not excited to hear of any coach that looks to find new players to fit into old roles. Like Parcells would say. We are not picking up where we left off last year. Changing one starter changes the entire team. I hope this guy does not turn out to be a pseudo tuff-guy cement head that can't adapt
  3. I'm sensing a little danger here. I love the idea of a base 4-2-5 defense for "today's NFL", but I'm starting to get the idea that Saleh is a "devotee" of a specific system. I've had quite enough of that with Gase. I *hope* Saleh is not another cement-head out to jam square pegs into round holes in search of past glory. Rex's defense was formidable due to his ability to assess the moment and adjust for the moment at the moment. What he called his base defense was not all that important. There was also tremendous flexibility in all three levels of his defense. I had reservation
  4. All the pundits have AVT plugged in at LG, but he may very will be an ideal RT. Lots of options. If AVT is indeed the starter at LG, I see Van Roten as the RG.
  5. Great evaluation. Agree 100 %. Also agree that JD might have made a mistake with Anderson, but it signaled the beginning of new, sound way of building. A clear vision. Considering JD's work with the Eagles, I believed he had the tools to run a team and build intelligently. My question has always been how he will interact with Johnson. That is really the key to everything. Can he keep Johnson out of his way completely ??? If so, the Jets are going to be impressive.
  6. I hear Seattle values the safety position. Perhaps Joe Douglas can get two more number one draft picks for him.
  7. I dig. Also agree the black is horrendous. Leave that stuff for the Raaadahs
  8. How about the classic legacy jersey with the same green helmet they have now with a white face mask and the 1980's helmet logo ??? That would be sharp and it would represent all eras. Legacy, 80's remod and contemporary
  9. They should make decimals available now too. It would allow for the ideal compromise between "1" and "2" He could be "1.5"
  10. If he makes it back to form, he may very well lead the league in tackles. He'll get lots and lots of work in Saleh's 4-2-5
  11. The legacy whites were the sharpest, cleanest and most professional looking unti in the league. Total shame that they went from one of the best unti to what looks like a half finished semi pro uni
  12. What the base defense is called is much less important to how the defense is called. Reacting real time and adjusting is everything. In 2009 and 2010, Rex's base defense, if he even had a base defense was more or less a two gap 34. I say more or less because you hardly ever saw the same thing twice. There was a lot of over-load blitzing with pressing CB's but there was also a lot of variation in the coverage. You saw man, zone, a combo of man and zone, loaded zone... Funneling the receivers inside, funneling them outside... All sort of things. You also saw all sorts of blitz type
  13. Nickel could mean max coverage in a two gap 34 vs. a one gap 4-2-5. Nickel also suggests a package vs. a base defense. Assignments are also different in a nickel package vs. a base 4-2-5. They also position differently;
  14. Since the rules have been made to encourage offense, specifically passing, I have been saying the best base defense is a one gap 4-2-5 with the DB/LB being the flex position vs. 3-4-4 with the DE/LB being the flex. It is the way to go.
  15. Every team has injuries. How many teams see an entire draft class go up the spout due to injury ???
  16. And so the Jet's injury ghost has not yet been exercised.
  17. Because his skill set & leadership abilities adds up to a certain trip to Canon. Here is the future Zac Wilson stepping up to the podium with glee to regale the fans as he receives the coveted gold jacket
  18. I think their big problem is Daniel Jones. Zero pocket awareness. Although he has an excellent arm along with accurate ball placement, the pocket awareness issue isn't going away. He has more give-away's than any player in the league and it is sure to continue. They are going to lose at least 3 games that they should have won due to his turnovers.
  19. I wonder how often they will be in a spread set with 4 wide ??? No idea if Wilson is going to work out, but from what I see, I think he'd probably be best in wide sets with 4 guys in the pattern.
  20. Nice pick. I like it. Offense. Remember offense ??? After Rex ground and pound and single minded obsession with defensive stats and then drafting one DT after another, it is most refreshing to get with the times. An exciting new QB, adding the best interior offensive lineman and now an explosive pass catcher. I love it. I dig it.
  21. Right. Thanks to the Jets helping them out with that.
  22. Trevor Lawrence will be wasted in Jax under UM. I think UM is going to be a total train wreck. Figure on Trevor Lawrence doing his best career work once he moves on from UM.
  23. I was just about to post exactly just that when I heard that the JD was considering Ojulari. No way do I want to see him make that pick. RB or DE/LB. Either way, please get a prospect that will be able to stay on the field. Just want to add here. I HOPE JD still adds another pick for the offensive line somewhere between round 3 and 7. You can win even if you don't have the 85 Bears offense if you can score points. You can't win EVER if you have a bad offensive line. You'll have a dead QB and poor all around production. I want to see an excellent play
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