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  1. And what was their record ??? Their official record ??? How many games did they find a way to win ???
  2. Dunno. We'll have to see
  3. As they say... We have to agree to disagree on this one. A record is a record.
  4. Other than TE, the offense is a playoff contending unit *IF* Wilson does well his first year out. The defense is fair but unimpressive at the first and second level and potentially horrendous at the third level. The Jets really look like an "offensive" team again.
  5. I stand corrected regarding 2013. And... No such thing as a fraudulent record. No such thing at all.
  6. The guy you want to idolize for 2009 and 2010 is Rex. And for that matter, Rex went 8-8 his last year with the absolutely worst roster the Jets have ever seen.
  7. Yet another good sign that Joe Douglas is doing a good job. When your GM's scouting department comes up with late round draft picks and undrafted FA's that are getting noticed and making a contribution, you know for sure there are good people at work.
  8. You mean the Jets had a defense that would make even little Schotty look far less inept than he really is ???
  9. He's a clown ??? You are just figuring that out now ??? Here is a fun inside story from the 2010 season for you. During practice, the punting unit would joke about Schotty's offence and his play calling by insisting that they put in extra practice punting out of their own end zone. That's a true story...
  10. Mix education with media, profit and gambling... Voila... Gourmet sh*t stew.
  11. Yes. That is a real good indication that some respect is building for Douglas, Saleh and company. What is best is that Douglas is doing all of this smartly and with great economy. This is not Mr. Coffee giving out tremendous amounts of money for players like Leveon Bell. I really LOVE the attention to the offensive line. Fine business, indeed.
  12. Ugh... I remember a pretty awful pop-culture movie with Tom Cruise called "Days Of Thunder". Cruise pays a noobie NASCAR driver. He impresses a few people by making a fast lap on an empty track. His rival in the movie compliments him and says... "Now go and get your own car and we'll see how you do in a crowd". Lets see how Wilson and Lawrence "do in a crowd"
  13. Oh ??? Listen to any ESPN or NFL Network host when they discuss Trevor Lawrence and or Zach Wilson. Insecurity has nothing to do with what is driving those discussions.
  14. Dunno. Since the Jets *almost* had the number one over all draft pick and probably would have drafted Lawrence, AND they selected Wilson right after Lawrence... In the years to come, the Jets and Wilson will be inescapably part of the Trevor Lawrence discourse.
  15. Hard to know for sure where Trevor Lawrence was coming from when he said that. "Win at all costs" encompasses every single method and action including cheating, any manner of dishonest action, criminal action, etc. Like taping your Super Bowl opponent's walk through, cutting the QB's microphone at a critical time, taking air out of the football, setting up cameras where they are not supposed to be, etc... Refusing to "win at all costs" does not mean he is not totally and completely dedicated and driven to perform and improve at all times. He is said to be a virtuous and moral in
  16. Way too early to make any determinations. Chargers fans thought their brass made the right move after Ryan Leaf played his first professional game. And closer to home, Jets fans and pundits thought they had a bonus baby on their hands after Browning Nagel's first outing.
  17. Jaco technical, creative innovative. BUT... i SOOO much prefer when he is supportive rather than explorational. I also find the sound of a fretless J-Bass annoying at times. The initial attack of a hammer stroke on a fretless electric bass has that pseudo string bass sound that I don't find too pleasing. Id rather listen to Cliff Williams with AC/DC over an hour long explorational jazz jam with Jaco. Another guy that many players talk about a lot for technical ability is Less Claypool. Most of Less Claypool's work sounds like a big diarrhea stew to me.
  18. Don't kill me, but I always wondered why Bonham was/is so wildly loved. I know he came up with a pile of slick grooves and he was somewhat of a proto-thrash guy with his patented triplets, but I think he was pretty much a caveman style drummer. My favorite rock-pop players are Bill Bruford and Stuart Copeland. I would not put Bonham anywhere near those two. I dig fully that he was the ideal drummer for LZ and it would not be the same without him, but no way do I laud JB as an elite talent. He is a "great" drummer, but not a great player. Like I said... Please stay calm and put down the b
  19. Covering Geddy takes left hand and right hand technicality, and JPJ takes feel, touch. Depends on what you are best at. As odd as it seems, I find some off Geddy's stuff easier to get right than I do getting some of Roger Water's work on bass. Getting such a slow groove right is a challenge if you grew up on reproducing all the electronic synth bass lines that dominated the 80's Go, go go !!! Here is another "self oddity". I think the biggest POS of a bass is the Rickenbacker. Tried one once and almost vomited. BUT. My absolute favorite rock/pop bass player, Chris Squire used a
  20. I always calked Fodera "The Brooklyn Bass" :)
  21. I dig. Still, I prefer to own and play the ones made in America. If you like the J-Bass, I'm wondering if you ever saw/tried the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. It is a Japanese made bass. I've been mulling over buying one for the past year. VERY nice bass. Compelling for many reasons.
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