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  1. Yep. And this was all driven by a senseless compulsion. If Pete Carol had Jamal on his roster, it would be the Legion Of Boom all over again and the next Lombardi would follow. Love the draft picks that the Jets got in return. In short order. the Jets went from having one of the least talented offensive lines in the league to one of the better ones. Joe Douglas is building a wall and Seattle is paying for it
  2. JD knows his business. Amazing how fast things get better with a good GM and Johnson(s) out of his kitchen,
  3. Indeed. It also looks like there will be a good, steady supply of quality QBs coming out of college and getting right to work in the NFL in the years to come. NFL teams are running more college style passing games these days and there are piles of kids that are training to be the next NFL MVP QB from an early age. Colleges have oodles of kids to recruit from. Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow already look like nice NFL starting QBs. Josh Allen and the crotch grabber also look to be well on the way. Now you can add Wilson, Fields, Jones, Lawrence and Lance to the batch of newly minted NFL Q
  4. IN NO WAY do I want to over-hype Wilson. A fast release alone does not translate into a professional career for a qb. However, Wilson's release is by far the fastest of all the top QB's selected in the past draft. The fastest by far. The last QB I recall with such a quick delivery was Marino. Also not being spoken about... Wilson can gobble up yardage with his feet as well. Some of his college games saw him running for a pile of yardage. SUPER glad he seems to be pass first qb by instinct, but he'll have a few surprises for a defense that offers up a safe running lane. Not sure
  5. Small sample size, but... From the first preseason game highlights: Wilson appears to be the best passer. Footwork, timing, accuracy and ultra fast delivery time all show up for Wilson. Lawrence had an NFL throw or two, but his moves and throwing motion appear to BE comparatively slower to Wilson’s. Fields obviously exciting with what he can do with his feet, but several of his passes were not timed or placed very well. Lance can throw big to open pass catchers, but also looks to be lacking with accuracy and timing. Indeed, VERY early to tell much, but from one single preseason game, I’
  6. Yep. Store up that aggression and use it on Sunday.
  7. Saleh was hired by JD and JD was suggested to CJ by ... COUGH... Gase. BUT... Johnson(s) have not gotten in JD's way since he came on.
  8. No kidding. Go back and look at my posts leading up to the draft. *I* was in here saying Mac Jones "may just wind up with the Pats" AND wind up being the steal of the 2021 draft. I was also on record as calling Mac Jones the second best QB in the draft behind Lawrence. I was mocking BB for his charisma and sensational media style. Not Mac Jones.
  9. And the silent surprise. Mac Jones. Shhhhh. BB Does not want you to see him coming.
  10. My two cents. Hess & Johnson were both inept "football" men. Hess, obviously a stellar self made man and by all accounts a good man, but still out of his wheelhouse when it came to football. When Sonny left, the Jets suffered as a football organization even though Mr. Hess paid all the bills on time. Mr. Hess was pressured by disgusted fans and at last, he hired the Tuna and gave him a lot of control. In short order, they Jets were an elite team. Then, Mr. Hess went to the big refinery in the sky and Johnson took over. Johnson was not only out of his wheelhouse as a football man, h
  11. Somthin' I gotta add here. I one of the ones that blew a gasket when the Jets won the Rams game. I was hyper hyped to be getting Trevor Lawrence UNTIL the Rams game. I'm still suffering the aftershock even though I kept an open mind regarding Wilson. There is a lot to like there on paper. Totally dedicated to the sport, very athletic, arm talent, super fast delivery. sees the field and complete a progression, etc. Only three negatives, one of witch is not much of a concern. 1. Comparatively low release point (no real big deal here for an athletic QB that can see the entire field
  12. Dude, I will be. How you receive or value my conclusions is up to you. TUNE IN · Sun 09/26 · Approx 8:05 PM EDT Be there or be square....
  13. I'm not planning on blurting out any statement due to a preexisting prejudice. I'm planning on making observations. Statistics may support a conclusion before the fact, but that does not invalidate observations. If you don't agree with the quality of my observations, it is one thing. Statistics don't play a part here.
  14. Yeah... About that long. Three games is about right. Not saying I can project his learning curve or anything like that. Just if he is a sure bust or not. Even if he is not a sure bust, he may or may not work out in the end. Only a few years at work will yield answers to that.
  15. I wanted Trevor Lawrence. When the Jets won the Rams game, I torched all my Jet items in my fire pit. I'm still in for Jets discourse, but blowing their shot at Lawrence was a monumental blunder.
  16. No need to look to Cimini or any of the other talking heads for a proper evaluation of Wilson. You've got me As advertised (by me) and promised (by me), I will announce by the end of game three of the regular season if Wilson is going to be a sure bust, or if he at least has real potential to grow into a reasonably consistent and productive starting NFL QB. It wont take any longer than that to make the call on Wilson being an absolute bust or not. That does not in any way discount the fact that he will have rookie growing pains even if he does exhibit potential. Stay Tu
  17. Mr. Hess was by *all accounts* a well liked, respected and decent man. Served in WWII and was self made in business. No trust fund twittery. He was the real deal. His role with the Jets was to be the money bag in a partnership with Sonny Werblin, who was the brains behind the operation. When Sonny left, Mr. Hess continued to do what he did prior. Nothing much involving football. Just a money guy. It showed until he cut loose and employed the Tuna... Mr. Hess passes away and Johnson got control of the Jets. Everyone that was on board including Parcells and Beleichick g
  18. I have seen Cowher coach football and I have heard him speak. I have seen Saleh coach football and I have heard him speak. Saleh is confident, passionate and balanced. He's also a gentleman. Bill "Spittle-Face" Cowher is a pseudo tuff-guy that took over a decade to win a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Squeelers and that was only with considerable assistance from the league stooges that officiated over that game at the expense of the Seahawks. I'm *GLAD* the Jets have not found their Cowher.
  19. Like him or not, he's one of the most prolific QB's in league history. Given your compulsion for name calling here, I'd guess you just don't care for him personally. That aside, my post was not a fanfare for Favre, It was an admonishment of B. Schottenheimer.
  20. To the Jets, a TE has been the guy that they cant use on offense or stop on defense. Let's hope things change...
  21. From the tape of him in college and the bits I have seen from camp, EM is going to have a nice pro career. There have been and always will be *draft steals*. EM seems like a real find. This is less about EM and more about Joe Douglas. The Jets have a good GM now. The gifts will keep coming.
  22. I was at that game. I came away from it with a few thoughts. 1. Favre knew a lot more offense than little Schotty. It was Favre himself that was calling the offense at that time. 2. At that time, few NFL Fans had any idea what the Cardinals were. After that game, I KNEW they would be blowing the roof off the house with offensive production all season long. It is a total shame the officials screwed them out of their deserved Super Bowl win by interfering on behalf of the little Pittsburgh Squeelers. 3. Boldin one of the best, and toughest WRs ever to play. He got his face sm
  23. Agree fully. Some fans liked Rex and some not, but Rex also had a similar approach to Saleh's. Keep things likable & learnable, Rex always said. Accountability was always an individual matter. Rex also never threw players under the buss in front of the media. It went a long way with his players and promoted loyalty. People will work for a man/woman because it is their job and there are consequences if they don't perform, but they will go to hell and back for a leader they love and respect. That holds true in business and on the field.
  24. The more I hear from and about Saleh, the more I like him. Good man, good coach. This all reflects well on Joe Douglas as well. More *CAUTIOUS* Jet fan optimism from me. It looks like the Jets are now actually being run by skilled people that have a clear vision. I'm not suggesting that I expect a post season appearance this year or even a record above 8 wins, but it is refreshing to imagine a team that is not an absolute laughing stock. Being competent is sexy enough for the moment.
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