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  1. 3 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

    Woody 100% would take Rex’s side. Woody is the poster boy for “do thy bidding” minion when in the room with a malignant narcissist.

    These days, "narcissist" is a word that is tossed out there way too often by people that don't even know what a narcissist is. One of those weaponized words misused with regularity and often by political advocates, 

    An egotist is not a narcissist

    An immature adult in not a narcissist

    A self promoter is not a narcissist

    A commercially attractive and self serving man/woman is not a narcissist

    NPD is not a correct label/diagnosis in this case. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Icer said:

    If the Jets continue to suck and the stadium is empty, he will be the HC again. I can feel it in my bones, the Johnson's will get desperate

    If Rex is hired back, the stadium will be packed and the airwaves will be plentiful with Jets fun and games. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    rex sure wants to be the HC of the NY jets again lol

    Id take him back in a nanosecond. Best coach the Jets had since Tuna and it was always fun.  Rex not even the coach now and we getting more entertainment from his commentary than we ever did from Boles, Gase and Saleh's combined tenure. 

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  4. 8 hours ago, 68JET11 said:

    The man I'd like to see back as HC would be Mangini, and I'm sure I'd get killed for that as well. This team would at least look prepared. Say what you want about Bellicheat cast off's, but TEN looks like it's in good hands with Vrabel. The others not so much as we've seen, but I don't think Mangini got a fair shake. I think he might have learned something from his 1st attempt.

    Here is my dream team.  Mangini as director of player personnel & draft (build on character), Tanny as the capologist and contract guy.  Rex as HC/DC backed up by a stud OC that is also the assistant HC. 


  5. 10 minutes ago, SoFlaJets said:

    Yea but Baron, how is it that no matter who gets signed as the GM, the same stories always seem to emerge about the new GM who is "afraid to spend money on good players". When will people finally realize that it's not any of the GM's decision on whether to cut a check for a top tiered FA, those checks aren't signed by Joe Douglas, they have the Johnsons and Johnson logo on them, that's who say yes or no. The only player that the Jets really went after and got was Brett Favre.

    I'm on board with that 100 %.  If you follow my posts you know that I have been saying since my very first post here that the real problem is ownership.

    Same owner = Same Results

    We can blame the GM, but we MUST blame the owner for the GM 

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  6. 1 hour ago, SoFlaJets said:

    Former Jets coach Rex Ryan is not a Robert Saleh fan. On ESPN NY's DiPietro and Rothenberg Show: "This guy is supposed to be a defensive guru. I take it personal on this one. Everything I heard was, this guy is a lot like myself, but without the bad part. Well, some of the bad part you need. This team doesn't play with any damn heart. Don't ever compare compare this guy, this Robert Saleh to me."

    I love Rex, BUT...

    What kind of bluster and histrionics did/do we see from:

    Belechick, Landry, Walsh, Andy Reed, Dungy and many others...

    The Jets don't have a systemic X's and O's problem or a problem with the style of the HC.

    Their GM has not been successful in accumulating talent.

    And NO, it is not too soon to say so,  That is total nonsense.  JD has nothing to hang his hat on.  He's a failure as a GM.

    And that means even though I like Saleh, he's going to be out too when the fool owners are forced to see how bad JD is and let him go.

    The new GM will want his own people...


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  7. 37 minutes ago, Alworth said:

    The Bob Cleveland Orchestra

    Yes. That was it.  If I recall, they all wore green suits.  I had a lot more fun back then.  The players were more colorful and I got the feeling that they were there because they loved the game and not to be "stars".   They were gritty football players as appose to the contemporary fine tuned corporate athlete.  After a TD or big play, you would never see that brand of football player swarm the end zone in a mass for a corny posed photo op. You also saw a lot of working class people in the stands. Families could afford season tickets back then.  Now it seems tailored for megabuck luxury sky boxes.  Lots more lively sights and sounds back then too.  Wild fans, liquored up fans, all the vendors in the stands.  Steam coming up from the hot chocolate and so on.  MetLife stadium has clean bathrooms, but it is totally vapid compared to what it was 40 years ago.  It is just a big sterile corporate money maker now.  

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  8. On 11/10/2021 at 12:16 PM, Be_a_Jet said:

    It’s never too early to talk off-season for the Jets. 

    So everyone is in agreement Van Roten is a liability and that RG is priority #1 this offseason. 

    I’ve personally been looking forward to Wyatt Teller shaking loose from Cleveland because they have so many guys on that line to pay - WELL that when down the drain because they just extended him after the OBJ release. 

    So in terms of elite guards that only leaves Brandon Scherff for everyone to fight over in FA. He can still be worth the investment but much less attractive than the younger healthier Teller. 

    The draft has a few top lineman
    Evan Neal RT

    Kenyon Green IOL/OT

    Linderbaum Center

    Ekwonu (Guard but unsure if he’s left/right, I think left)

    In the ideal scenario we would have signed Teller and drafted either Linderbaum for Center or Neal/Green for RT. 

    We have Fant signed through 2022 so that’s good. We also have McGovern signed but could cut him if we wanted. Moses is FA and will likely not be signed. 
    Best scenario is if Laurent-Duverney is a gem and we sign him while he’s still in house  but not holding my breath

    SO……What would you do. 



    Subtract Van Roten and try Becton on the insde.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, CSNY said:

    Marty Glickman was the absolute best!!!!!!! 

    Another thing some of the older fans probably remember is the orchestra that they had at games back then.  They would set up near the open end of Shea stadium and play some hot jaz and swing and big band stuff.   It was a lot of fun.  Better than hearing Welcome To The Jungle or some other over exposed infantile heavy metal song played over and over. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Adoni Beast said:

    Jet fans typically hold onto hope for their highly drafted young QBs with religious conviction…

    …this is rare where we are unanimously in favor of the lowly drafted journeyman backup QB to start.

    I like it!

    Well...  For me, the larger issue is whether or not Wilson is going to get the bench training he needed to begin with.  Starting White is an empty shell unless it means Wilson is being prepared for the role he failed to perform without the needed coaching and will fail at again unless rectified.  He should sit and learn for the rest of the season be it White or Flacco assuming the starting role.   I don't have much hope as I dont see any QB coach on the Jets that is going to be able to do the job.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    Teams have adjusted to our defense. QBs are getting the ball out quickly which is not letting out pass rush get to the QB. We have a coverage issue and run defense issues that stems from LBs not filling the gaps.

    We’ll see how it all plays out but I don’t see our DL as the problem.

    Could not agree more.  The bigger problems are at the second level of the defense.  It is not systemic.  It is bad play by the LBs.  Or more to the point, lack of ability by the LBs

    The coverage schemes are actually very sound,  Despite a general lack of talent in the defensive backfield, the scheme itself keeps things looking just "bad" instead of a complete disaster. 

    Add another good LB, CB and S and the defense would be very good as long as the front four they have don't sleep all day.  

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Chrebetfan80 said:

    even if we were a pure 4-3 team we'd be in the same situation.  teams are rarely ever in a base defense in the nfl.  Most of the time youre in minimum nickle which would be a 425 personnel anyway for a 4-3 team. 

    Yes... Any base scheme and the Jets still have the same issue.  Lack of quality manpower. 

    Consider the 85 Bears that are associated with the historical 46 defense.

    Dan Hamton, Steve McMichael, William Perry, Richard Dent

    Otis Wilson, Mike Singletary, Wilber Marshal

    Mike Richardson, Dave Duerson, Gary Fencik, Leslie Frazier

    Put that group in a 43, 34, or 46 front with whatever coverage scheme you want and you'll still have the best defense in the league.


  13. 13 minutes ago, doitny said:

    what draft picks on defense? in the first 4 rds in 2 drafts JD picked 2 defense and 9 offensive players.

    and we lose Lawson and Joyner for the year. Jarrad Davis just played his 2nd game.

    i think were seeing a nice core develop on offense with Moore, Carter and AVT. plus Wilson and Becton can add to that. he seems to had made the most of those early offensive pics. now its the defenses turn. first 4 picks on defense. 

    i expect many arguments this offseason on the draft. despite how bad we have looked on defense i still see people wanting Centers and Guards in the 1st rd.

    Right.  What draft picks.  And what FA additions ??? Lawson was a mistake all the way.  I didn't expect him to hold up and he didn't.  There are no very good players on the defense other than CJ and MM.  Who's fault is that ?

    As for the offense.  I thought Becton was a bad pick and I still do.  

    No decent ball carriers to speak of, a poor offensive line and a developmental QB that was not "developed" but tossed into a job he was/is not prepared for

    The GM has been a disaster thus far. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, GreenFish said:

    We expected our defense to be bad and they were surprisingly ok to start the year. Now teams are getting the ball out quickly and our pass rush can no longer get to the QB in time.

    I don’t see how our coaching staff can fix this. We’re lacking talent in at DB (mainly at the safety position but Echols is also not a starting caliber corner) and LB.

    Agree.  It is not a systemic problem with the defense.  It is a systemic problem with the GM.  Granted, Rome was not built in a day, but the absolute lack of talent on the Jets roster points to inept administration on the part of JD.

    I still like Saleh and think he is a very good coach. 

    It is hard to see Saleh as a good coach considering how bad the manpower is, but there are a lot of clues to suggest Saleh is a good man to sit in the big chair.

    1.  Clock management is never a problem

    2.  You dont see foolish procedural penalties

    3.  You dont see 12 men on the field and guys not knowing where to be before and between plays.

    4. You dont see/hear players acting out in any way.

    The Jets have a roster/lack of talent issue.  That's on JD

    I suppose it is accurate to say that the situation had to get worse before it got better considering they want to build through the draft.  Naturally, they had to cast off some old players that they didn't want to pay for and they have to take a few seasons to scout and drat.

    BUT... We should be seeing better results from JD's picks and we don't

    If the draft class from the past two years don't show up by game one next year and JD's 2 first round picks dont show up early as very good picks, it is going to be and justly so, open season on JD.

    Again... I like Saleh, but for JD it is F**K or hit the bricks.  That also means, the next GM will have to pick another HC. 

  15. 2 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    OK I get the NFL wants to focus on player safety. They are overdoing it, and really only doing it in obvious ways since the NFL wants the appearance of protecting players but in reality they dont really five a flying outside of maybe 20 players mostly QBs.

    But having an emphasis on taunting?

    I mean seriously who cares???

    We are really going to flag professional athletes in the heat of battle with emotions and adrenaline at 11 and we are going to penalize smack talk?

    I mean I don't think a single fan cares. In fact, most actually LIKE it.

    In Little League we teach players to taunt the other batter or is that now outlawed too.

    Deciding games on not playing nice is the most ridiculous thing ever.

    MANY of the Squeelers playoff game wins and their Super Bowls came with a LOT of help from the officials.  LOTS OF HELP.

    That trend continues.

  16. OK

    6 hours ago, rox said:

    If New York gives White a second-round tender, that number jumps to $3.9 million. That would be pricey for a backup, but Joe Douglas might consider making an exception after White showed he can succeed in the event of an injury to Wilson.

    - -  https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2021/11/08/new-york-jets-mike-white-raise-2022-nfl-free-agency-zach-wilson/

    OK... Hold on to yourself.  White is a back-up for a reason.  That will be apparent very soon.  Good lord, I've never seen a fan base so desperate for something positive.  People are really gasping at straws with White.  A practice squad guy that threw a few short passes against a team that was sleeping and fans are deluded out of desperation to elevate him in their mind to a potential savior.   Fans were tuning in last week just to watch White.  This is nutz.  I'm not trying to say that Jets fans are not knowledgeable or sensible in general, but good lord has this team sucked for so badly and for so long that Mike What is what they have left ???

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  17. 22 minutes ago, jgb said:

    Physically Wilson has more tools. I'm only suggesting that beyond a baseline of requisite talent, additional physical ability has a diminishing return as compared to cognitive qualities that cannot be measured, only tested in live action.

    Wilson has to learn to recognize, create (with pre-snap reads) and capitalize on the easy ones. The easy ones set up the home runs. Otherwise, it just won't matter.

    I dig.  I was never onboard with drafting Wilson.  A team like the Jets that are in dire need of everything should not be drafting developmental or unconventional prospects.  I think Wilson was a mistake.  Not only does a prospect like Wilson need to sit and learn, he needs teachers too.  Right now, with a young GM, new HC and new OC and no vet QB, there is a shortage of teachers on the Jets.

    We all saw this going into the season. For some odd reason, lots of fans/pundits had high hopes for Wilson and I don't get it.  It was an oncoming disaster and easy to see. 

    Rookie QB from BYU with limited playing time being put in the job day one and no learned/wise mentors behind him. 

     Any betting man/woman would put smart money on Wilson being a disaster as a starter with the Jets as soon as the pick was made. 


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  18. 3 minutes ago, jgb said:

    Again, this assessment of Mac is based on him doing what he's been asked to do, not on what he is capable of.

    Meanwhile, Zach resists all instruction like a wild horse. If he can't be reined in, he's not gonna make it.

    Good point on Jones, but from what I can see, he does not have any great abilities in his arm or feet.  He's being asked to do what he can do.  We don't see more because he's limited.  I would not use the word flawed, but I would consider his skill set to be limited in comparison to the top 5 or so NFL passers. 

  19. 3 hours ago, Doggin94it said:

    Lawrence. Nothing I've seen in half a season changes our understanding of who these guys are and can be

    Agree.  Lawrence is a player with a very high ceiling that shows he is learning.  

    Jones is a high floor low ceiling system cog for BB to manipulate on his chess board

    Wilson, Lance and Fields are developmental projects with great potential, but only potential.  They are speculative stocks all the way.  Buy with caution. 

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