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  1. Angus would approve of the SG...
  2. I'm always wondering when the guitar player I see without a Strat or the bass player I see without a P-Bass will finally see the light.
  3. True, we have to wait it out to see how things play out, but early on, QB's like Elway, both Mannings etc clearly had the tools while QBs like Sanchez and Sam Darnold clearly had issues. I think with both Lawrence and Wilson. we will know within three games which of those two groups they will most likely end up in. Both will make rookie mistakes, but we really will know early on what the future looks like with those two.
  4. Yes. But this time *I* started the thread.
  5. Trevor Lawrence Having A Bad Day At Camp... What Could These Early Signs Mean ??? https://thespun.com/nfl/afc-south/jacksonville-jaguars/trevor-lawrence-is-having-a-tough-day-at-jaguars-practice Could the "Generational Prospect" Trevor Lawrence In Combination With Uban Meyer Add Up To A "Generational Disaster" ???
  6. That's Jimmy The Emu Clausen...
  7. That's my nick name for Wilson, like it or not. To me, he's Pretty Boy Wilson.
  8. Do it. Get him. Pay him. They need all the protection they can get to keep Pretty Boy Wilson upright and clean. The entire management structure depends on what Pretty Boy does. If Wilson flames out, JD is toast and so his is scouting department, his HC and the HC's entire staff. You can never have too much quality help on the offensive line circa 2021 especially if a rookie QB's development and career are dependent upon it. Keep Pretty Boy safe and sound.
  9. Although I'm still affected by the loss of the first overall draft pick and Trevor Lawrence, I must say that I'm starting to leave that behind. I'm really warming up to Pretty Boy Wilson. I like everything I see and hear so far. A lot. I just hope I feel the same way after a few weeks of regular season play.
  10. "Pretty Boy" Wilson enjoying himself to the full. So much for the idea that he would have any issues adjusting to the NYC Metro area. Looks like he was made for it. Gotta love Pretty Boy Wilson !
  11. Egg-Zactly. Let's see how his arm talks comes the regular season.
  12. Makes sense... Lets see how things play out. I'm still suffering the aftershocks of the Jets needlessly missing out on Trevor Lawrence. I hope Wilson cures me.
  13. Sancez didnt suck. He could suck, but he didn't suck all the time. His problem was always concentration. He had all the tools. His head was often not in the game. Almost like he was someplace else in his mind. Hence, all the head scratching interceptions and the butt-fumble. When his head was in the game, he was very good. Lots of late come backs due to some outstanding QB play. When there was the more intense level of pressure in the playoffs, it caused Sachez to concentrate more and he played some of his best football. In short, he didn't suck all together. He sucked often.
  14. Could be, yes. I still look at Wilson as a major crap shoot.
  15. I don't think so. If the Douglas regime does not make the playoffs in three years time, they are done. If Wilson flops, forget about playoffs for the next three years and forget about Douglas. Even if you have an 8-8 team for three years, Douglas will be written off as another "also-ran" Jets coach and run out of town.
  16. The CS will have to evaluate his ability to start during camp/preseason. If he looks up to it, he starts. If he looks shaky, bring in a vet, any vet available and sit Wilson for how ever long he has to sit until he is ready.
  17. Agree fully. CB is the obvious weak spot. BUT... QB is still the big mystery. No QB = No Team. Great QB = Competitive team regardless of a few soft spots in the roster. With Wilson, I think we'll know rather quickly. Any new QB will take some time to fully learn the position, but we'll have a lot to go on after a single game. Either he's going to be fantastic, or he wont be able to play in the NFL. I don't think there will be lingering questions for very long with this fellow.
  18. Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING hinges on Zac Wilson. His destiny is now entwined with that of Joe Douglas and Saleh. If Wilson crashed, do does the Joe Douglas era and subsequently Saleh as well. The other pieces of the roster are important of course and Douglas is indeed doing all that can be done to help Wilson succeed, but there is no guarantee that Wilson is going to work out. It it all riding on Wilson.
  19. How do you leave out Dan Alexander as interior lineman ??? Was B+ to A- every single game with both pass blocking and run blocking for 13 years and only missed one game his entire career. You cant find too many Jets at any position that contributed as much or was as dependable.
  20. I think the talk of durability issues with Wilson stems from the shoulder injury he had. The labrum on his trowing shoulder required surgery. The word is he had that injury since high school and he finally decided to get surgery on it in 2019. Seems to be just fine now. He did his best work at BYU after the surgery. Wilson is also built like a tank from the waist down. The Jets brass also seem to be taking his protection seriously as they added a prime piece to the offensive line with their second overall pick in this past draft.
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