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  1. It was a lazy post on my part. I understand the significance of the distinction. Are you on board with the larger point ??? They are JD draft picks that are not on the field and contributing regardless of said distinction.
  2. Adding here.... I had Cashman and Lawson listed on IR before the season started. I figured as did many that they would not make it past game 1 of the regular season in one piece
  3. Yes. Incorrectly referred to Davis & Mann as practice squad. I stand corrected. From the Jets official site. Regardless, they are not on filed contributing. Add Becton as well to IR even though I did not incorrectly refer to him as practice squad OL Mekhi Becton - Reserve/Injured LB Blake Cashman - Reserve/Injured OL Cameron Clark - Reserve/Injured DL Vinny Curry - Reserve/NFI S Ashtyn Davis - Reserve/Injured OL Parker Ferguson - Reserve/Injured DB Saquan Hampton - Reserve/PUP S Lamarcus Joyner - Reserve/Injured DL Carl Lawson - Reserve/Injured OL Alex Lewis - Reserve/Le
  4. It rains on all teams. There are excuses and there are excuses. I'm not going to get personal in this forum regarding my own professional performance and rating. Not the place for it and you would likely accuse me of being a braggart.
  5. Becton and Mimms are the lesser part of the issue. EVERYONE including JD agreed that the oline should come first and he was advertised as the o-line guru. The Jets offensive line is one of the worst if not the worst in the league right now. That is inexcusable. You have back-up quality players at three positions, a LT that may be a washout and a new guard that we have seen nothing of yet.
  6. That might be a valid point or it may be BS. I don't know if the restrictions were such that it deprived the GM's of information and access to prospects in a way that would make a big difference in their ability to make sound decisions. What I do know is that other GMs stuck gold in the same draft. So, I'd say it is a lame excuse
  7. The Jets offensive line gets the MetLife house ketchup with this Sunday's pregame meal.
  8. What JD draft pick or FA move is working out ? 2020 class was a disaster 2020: Becton - Not working out/injured and may never work out. 2020: Mims - looks to be in the doghouse and has underwhelmed. 2020: Davis - practice squad 2020: Zuniga - Wasted pick and with good interior lineman on the board to boot. Hated this pick. 2020: Perine - Not much here so far. 2020: Captain Morgan - Ugh 2020: Hall - Could be a good pick. 2020: Mann - practice squad
  9. The Eagles had success when he was part of the organization. That is a matter of record. But that credit may not not have been his portion. They may have had success because of him or in spite of him or somewhere in between those two. We don't know. What we do know is that few if any of his players are panning out. With two off seasons, we should see a quality offensive line as a minimum. What we see is a mess.
  10. Douglas is already a failure as a GM with regard to drafting and FA. But, I agree... Still, little else to do but enjoy the ride through the swamp until it becomes sensible to fire JD considering contract.
  11. I don't see that we need another two years to judge JD's results at drafting and FA. They have been horrible.
  12. I dig fully. Love it when things are more colorful when watching a game. I'd pay $50 per game if Gus Johnson would call the Jets games. At least I know I'd have fun even if the Jets suck.
  13. I was holding out hope and was doing my best to be an optimistic fan. Then I saw the line perform and the ball carriers in action. It is not just a matter of gelling or getting used to the system or making adjustments. The manpower on the line is poor. I also want to say I was strongly against drafting Becton. I wanted an offensive line pick, but cautioned against Becton. The Jets are never going to be a quality organization until the team ownership changed hands and provided the new owner is a capable administrator. From that comes a successful GM, HC and sustained talent o
  14. Considering what we saw from the offensive line that JD fielded, the "silver lining" is going to be on the injury list in the not too hear future.
  15. Spot on. If the "offensive line guru" has fielded the mess we saw last Sunday, you'd think he would have at least hit on a skill player or two. Their stable of ball carriers is embarrassingly bad. Given his past experiences, especially with the Eagles, I was very hopeful that the manpower would improve. The results we are seeing look very bad. He has not done any better in the draft than Mr. Coffee.
  16. agree. the blocking scheme they are using is not a good fit for the talent, or lack of talent that they have for the line, especially "big ticket" once he gets back
  17. GM with three year to acquire manpower for the most important unit on any team. The offensive line. His results. Horrendous.
  18. New regime ? How long has the offensive line guru had to acquire manpower ??? Do you see who is on the line and how they are playing ? Give your brain a chance.
  19. Agree with many points but... C. Johnson hired JD on the advise of Gase. JD's lack of performance goes back to Johnson. And I'm sure that Chris had discussion with Woody regarding both the Gase hire and the Douglas hire. Remember, the phone is only a second away. They conferred about it and agreed on it. As far as Saleh. Yes, yes and YES. He's not to blame, BUT he is part of the mess now. If JD goes, then you have a HC in Saleh without a GM. Remember Rex without Tanny ??? You got Idzik who was working to sabotage his one HC in order to get rid of him. JD's drafting
  20. I'd much rather have a winning team that is fun to watch.
  21. Losing the first game had nothing to do with it. Watching the offensive line (and the GM is supposed to be the guy for that) is what set me off. They way they played was simply not defensible. It has much less to to do about "needing time to gel" and far more to do with the quality of the manpower. And if you go back and look at my posts leading up to the 2020 draft, you'll see I felt the Jets must draft an offensive line player, but should stay clear of Becton. If the line plays better as the season goes on, I'll own up to it, but they wont. Not by much at least.
  22. Let me focus on a point that I think is compelling. I didn't blame Woody for the Rex hire. I thought it was a great hire and I still love Rex. He's in the top three of all time Jet coaches, IMHO. What the problem was is this. Woody didn't realize that Rex although being a good game coach and wonderful player's coach and fan's coach and media coach, was also an emotional reactionary. Instead of keeping Rex on the field and away from the front office, Woody gave Rex a free hand to despoil the roster. Tanny was a push over and Rex was allowed to wreck his own tenure. A smart owner
  23. Given the wonderful offensive line Joe Douglas has assembled, TL would be just as bad off with the Jets as he would with the Jags, What I saw from the Joe Douglas offensive line yesterday was every bit as bad as the days of Anthony Cement / Adrian Clarke offensive line. HE;s has three years and they still have the worst line in the NFL.
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