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  1. Wison and or Fields may turn out to be fantastic. I also think both of those prospects have prime bust potential. I would not have either on my draft board. I also see Tray Lance as being a poor stater in the NFL. The "safe" picks are Lawrence and Jones.
  2. No one is Tom Brady. No one is Mahomes or Rogers for that matter, That means Zac Wilson. Come to think of it, no one is Sanchez either.
  3. The Jets *have been* inferior. It is not a complex. The Pats *have* been superior. It is not a distortion. It has *nothing* to do with the fans. The Pats have a wise owner and the Jets don't. A ship sails in the mold of its master. After stints with Idzik and Mr. Coffee, my hope was that JD was a strong enough piece of manpower to both know what to do and to be able to keep Johnson out of his kitchen while he does it. For me, all hope of that being possible went up the spout when the Jets ownership/management allowed themselves to be maneuvered out of the first overall draft p
  4. After Trevor Lawrence, I have Mac Jones rated as the second best QB prospect in the draft. I have a feeling he's going to wind up landing right in Belichick's lap. Would that not just be sooo much like the Jets and the Pats ??? The Jets take Zac Wilson at 2'nd overall and he's out of the league in four years. Mac Jones lands at the 15th spot with the Patriots, is out of the starting gate quickly and wins a Super Bowl before his rookie contract is up. Wanna bet ?
  5. Totally serious. Not to say that you cant enjoy the Jets on game day or when ever. Games are fun to go and it is entertainment win or lose. In the Jets case, it is comedy more or less, but what the hell. The world needs good comedians as much as it needs A-list actors and musicians. Just don't expect too many wins and be prepared to laugh rather then cry when they find new and creative ways to come up short.
  6. I already wrote the JD era off when they foolishly gifted Trevor Lawrence to the Jaguars. The writing is *clearly* on the wall as it has been. Same owner = same expected results. Get the fork.
  7. He has the highest upside of any potential offensive tackle in the draft. Many fans/pundits had the same concerns with Becton. So far, he looks to be a gem. You can never know for sure. Lots of moving parts, not least is coaching and system/ Think about pro prospects as if they were a war plane, tank or ship. The machine with the best statistics, ie speed, powerful gun, latest electronics, stealth etc. is not necessarily the one that will win the war. If you give a squadron of F-22's, a bunch of Abrams tanks and a fleet of contemporary naval vessels to a country that does n
  8. If the first three picks are still contributing starters 4 years from now and for the Jets and not another team, it will be the best draft the Jets have had since Mangini regardless of where they play on the field. Just get good players. Lots of them.
  9. No. Only the Jets would be inept and fool enough to blow their chance at taking Trevor Lawrence. If you are excited about Wilson, you'd probably be excited about leftovers in the fridge that have become moldy. That what the Jets brass will be consuming in this draft. Left-overs. As per Walter Football... And they got it exactly just right with this comment. https://walterfootball.com/draft2021.php " Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson The Jaguars were gifted the No. 1 overall pick due to the Jets' incompetence. This was a franchise-altering turn of event
  10. Right. If they Jets are the Jets and they are indeed, the Jets... They take Wilson with @ #2 and Caleb Farley with @ #23. I mean, SUCH potential high ceilings. Both get injured in camp and miss all of 2021. I'd like to be an optimist and I am with all things other than the Jets. I don't expect Douglas and Saleh to change the Jets. I expect the Jets to finish them off.
  11. My only uniform issue is with the Jets current uniform. It is an absolute eyesore. Please go back to the legacy uniforms.
  12. Wilson may be a bust. Fields may be a bust. Lance and Jones may be totally lame. The only QB in the draft that looks to be a very safe pick is Lawrence. Only possible drawback is a slower delivery than you would like as an ideal. Not slow enough to be a real worry. Circumstances will play the compelling role in all of their respective futures. If any of them are handled the way Darnold was, they are going to have miserable careers. If they are handled the way Josh Allen and Mahomes were handled, they will have good to stellar careers. As I have said. An NFL franchis
  13. The Jets were maneuvered into winning two games and losing out on Trevor Lawrence, so I would not be surprised if the 49ers make fools of the Jets brass as well.
  14. If JD has the scouting department doing their jobs and they are good at their jobs and he works well with them, the Jets can get a starting player for the OL without have to trade away any picks. Especially an interior lineman.
  15. The compelling fact here is not what is new. It is what is old. The owner. Same owner, same nonsense. Same bad results.
  16. Only the Jets would blow a chance to land Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence already has the Jaguars play book in his possession. All courtesy of the idiot NY Jets ownership/management and their glorious two game winning streak that they got maneuvered into.
  17. Exactly. If JD was the GM the fans were hoping for, the Jets would be drafting number one overall and Trevor Lawrence would already have the Jets playbook. Wilson has a quicker delivery than Lawrence, but after that he is lacking in every other respect in comparison to him. The Jets with the same owner is going to yield the same bad results regardless of the new faces. Count on it.
  18. And... There were *many* fans that sounded just as optimistic about the Jets when all of the other regimes were about to start their first season. The Jets are still a two win team and nothing else. I will say though, unlike many of the former players, Joe Douglas and Saleh are two pieces of manpower that seem to have the right stuff. They still have to go out and prove it. Lots and lots of moving parts. Will they be able to orchestrate a winner ??? You are what your record says you are. Not what the fanboys *hope* you are.
  19. I like my idea. Washington Federals. Make the uniform look like a Civil war Union Uniform. Dark union blue top with gold and or red stripes, light union blue pants with red or dark blue stripe. Dark union blue helmet with gold union eagle log or gold crossed swords or gold civil war cannon.
  20. Lawrence is a genuinely confident individual that is on balance. The people that are quaking in their boots are the ones that show all the aggression. That goes for all walks of life, not just football. Bullies, braggarts, "alpha types" and ones that try to appear as menacing as possible are chicken-shlt at their core.
  21. And I say the Jets are a two win team with the same owner, hence, I don't expect a good product on the field regardless of "winning the off-season, as usual. Should I be banned ???
  22. Many fans tell the truth about the Jets and others don't like it. They take it personally. I see the same thing happen over and over again. Jets winning the off-season as usual. The Jets have the same owner, so I expect the same results when the season begins. What the Jets are is a TWO WIN TEAM with the same owner. Don't take it personally if the truth be told. And if that isn't bad enough, the Jets will be taking the "alternative" QB with major "BUST" potential in the draft because they got hoodwinked into losing the first overall pick/Trevor Lawrence. That is inexcusable.
  23. Trevor Lawrence will have a better year than both. Remember Trevor Lawrence ??? The generational QB prospect that the Johnson & co. got hoodwinked into losing out on ???
  24. Egg-Zactly. The Jets are a two win team. As usual, they are winning the "off season". LOLZ.
  25. Agree. Still the same owner. The Jets are a two win team. And the won those two games because the Rams and Browns went into those games 100 % convinced the Jets came to lose. And the result. A two win team that blew a once in a generation chance at a very special QB. And, they are now on the verge of drafting a QB that may very well be a total bust. That applies to both Wilson and Fields.
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