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  1. Robby: I had a dream that I was on the same team with Tom Brady and I nut in his eye...
  2. I know that is often the sentiment with kickers/punters, but even average punters/kickers are not falling out of the sky. Addition by subtraction is often a mistake made with the kicking/punting game. If JD lets him walk and does not bring in a better player, it will be a big mistake.
  3. It would be a mistake to let him go. Totally idiotic to treat punters/kickers like an afterthought. There is MUCH hidden yardage in special teams. If JD lets him go and they don't bring in a punter that is equally good if not better, it will lower my confidence and regard for him...
  4. His size and athleticism for such a big man is super impressive, but can he really play the position at a pro level ??? I think of a guy like Vlad Ducasse. The Jets were impressed by his measureables and felt he could be coached up. The result was a wasted second round pick. IMHO... If you already have a fair amount of talent on your offensive line unit, you can afford to swing for the fence and draft MB. The Jets right now, simply can not afford to make a mistake considering they need 5 starters for the offensive line. I'd go with Thomas right now...
  5. Another Mock With Thomas Still On The Board At 11 https://247sports.com/nfl/oakland-raiders/ContentGallery/2020-NFL-Mock-Draft-131849780/#131849780_10 I'm starting to have hope that Andrew Thomas may actually be there for the Jets at 11. This mock has the Jets taking MB, but Thomas is still on the board. If Thomas and Becton were both available at 11, who would you go for ??? The seemingly safe play with the more finished player, Thomas, or Beckton with all the impressive measurables ???
  6. Two word answer for the $20mm retread. Piss off.
  7. Good thinking. If he comes at a discount rate, it is worth bringing him on. If the Jets draft a LT with the first pick and CG can perform marginally at RT, it is a very good move. Right now, Douglas has to consider every swingin' dick with a heartbeat.
  8. I don't think anyone is suggesting Gronk has character issues. It is more a statement about pop culture and Hollywood. When there is a huge market for a guy(s) that is *seemingly* a big clown with an unnaturally big and muscular physique, then a big part of your culture has questionable values and intellect. The Rock and Gronk may have sterling character and a quality intellect, but that is most certainly not what their pay masters are using them to push.
  9. I thought the same thing when I saw a bit of the New Year's Eve show that Gronk was part of in Time's Square. It was beyond awkward. It reached cringe-worthy status. I had to turn it off after only a few minutes. I'm 53 now and remember watching the New Year's Eve shows with Guy Lombardo when I was a kid. Those were so much better. They were entertaining and classy. Many of the contemporary celebrities that the Hollywood, the networks and record companies push are human zeros. Pop culture has become the most excecrable force in the universe...
  10. I almost forgot about Toon. Yes... He might be the ticket on offense. Especially now with all the new rules about helmet to helmet and defenseless receiver. More than half the hits that poor old Toon took would get the defender flagged, ejected, fined and suspended now. They explicitly targeted Toon's head. You knew he was going to get brained every time he went up for the ball with his acrobatic style... Ouch ! I mean OUCH !
  11. Gase was giving him he signal to grab his crotch, but they hadn't walked through it at practice. He was perplexed.
  12. Even if he wears latex gloves ??? It is a valuable skill...
  13. If only Sam would grab his crotch like Baker. Do you think that skill is coachable ?
  14. Mike T. was brought in for contract language. He worked well with Mangini, because Mangini, the scouring department and the assistant coaches had the collective smarts needed to bring in splendid players. When Rex became the HC, the HC/GM combo of Rex and Tanny did very poorly with the roster. Rex was a great game coach, but he was horrible as an acting GM. By the end of 2010 it was apparent that Rex was way too much of an emotional reactionary to administrate over the roster and Tanny not being a well rounded GM was a total push-over for what Rex wanted. At the very top was Woody, who wa
  15. I've had a thought on the back-up qb position and the full-back position for while. If I was a GM, I would be looking in the draft for players that played QB and FB either in HS or for some of the time in college and then, switched positions to play a role they were better suited for. For example, a high school FB that switched to SS or LB and became good enough at the new role. Good enough to be drafted into the NFL. Good enough to be a starter or second string LB and also be your staring FB. And, a kid that played some QB in high school and or college and then became a WR, DB or what
  16. "Tune in for the the for the unveiling of Baker Mayfield's statue and all the crotch grabbing action"
  17. Mangold was soooo hard for me to pass up on in favor of Keyshawn. Not just for the quality of play, but Mangold was also a top notch character guy. One of the best Jets ever. HOF quality, I'd say. The Jets better get him into their ring of excellence or what ever they call it ASAP... My reasoning was this... It is super hard to get a WR with the qualities of Keyshawn and I think that type/style of WR is exactly what Darnold needs most. Even more so than a WR like Wesley Walker and Randy Moss. A big, physical possession guy to go along with Robby would be key...
  18. Here is an interesting question to ponder... What single former Jet if added to the offensive roster (other than a qb) would make the biggest impact ??? Same for defense. What former Jet defensive player would make the biggest impact ??? Pick one and explain why. Keep in mind, these players have to compliment the current roster. Not so much that they were great players, but ones that can be plugged right in now and make all the difference... Offense: I am sooo tempted to pick an offensive lineman considering the condition the unit is in now, but I have to go with a partic
  19. Cardinals... I like the desert during the football months. I'll head back to the northeast in the summer
  20. Correct indeed. The argument for socialism is based on the absolute falsehood that wealth causes poverty. Socialism is also divisive by nature. In order to give political expression to socialism, the "revolutionaries" will insight by means of creating scapegoats . Anyone that has a potato washing machine is an exploiter. Workers, unite and rise up !
  21. That would have to be my very portable and easy to use Jets propane grill. Even in the winter, I often set the little thing up on a small table on the driveway and grill up some tasty items. I used it last weekend to grill up some salmon. Cover the inside with foil and there is no cleaning up to do. Just put the grate in the dishwasher. Super handy when you are not having a foll blown BBQ.
  22. If they go to 18, they should shorten the pre-season to two games, kill the Thursday night games and expand the roster by 10 spots
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