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  1. If you draft the way Mangini and Tanny did and you use FA the way Mangini and Tanny did, you have an elite offensive line in a year. Brick, Faneca, Mangold, Moore, Woody. If you draft and use FA the way JD has, you never fix the line. You just kill your new 1st round QB.
  2. How did you rate the offensive line that JD put in front of Wilson ?
  3. All points well taken. I did't directly blame Saleh. His defense was the only thing that performed better than I expected. And with a boatload of new players to boot. But. I repeat. Same owner and same results. Or, to be fair at this point, same owner same apparent results. I stand by it.
  4. no way did i think the jets were any sort of a sleeper or dark horse team. i had hoped that i would at least see progress or signs that sustained success was a future possibility. the condition and play of the offensive line convinced me that nothing is improving. jd had two seasons to build a line and even more motive to do so considering a rookie qb. What i saw yesterday from that offensive line was horrendous. Bad as a unit, bad as individual play as well. And his big ticket draft pick is out again as are many of his other players.
  5. Both JD and Saleh are involved here. And the loss was not the issue. I predicted 5 losses in the first 6 games. What is disturbing here is the offensive line they collectively fielded to put in front of a rookie qb. And from a GM that comes advertised as one who gives particular attention to the offensive line. The results I saw suggest incompetence. Did i disturb your fanboy sensibilities ???
  6. clearly, you don't have any understanding of administration within a large or complex organization.
  7. you should be censured for this response. at the very least, you should be put to bed without any supper.
  8. i felt the same way you did. but. take a look at jd's drafts and his fa players. not looking good. did you see that offensive line yesterday. as a unit it was horrible. as far as individual play on the offensive line, it looked just as bad. other teams/gms have proven you can build a line in a single off season. jds line sucks. no improvement over two off seasons. you almost had a dead QB yesterday. Did you see Wilson's head bounce off the turf ???
  9. not patient ? what team have you been watching and for how long ??? with respect to the current regime. how many of jd's players are on the field and contributing ??? how many turned out to be excellent players ???
  10. hate has nothing to do with it. this is all about results.
  11. As usual, there was optimism regarding the new regime including, JD, Saleh and Wilson. But... My famous last words seem to hold up pretty well as usual. Same Owner (Johnson) = Same General Results. What else has been common through Idzik, Mr. Coffee, Boles, Gase and now Mac & Saleh ???
  12. And what about this weight he is carrying around ??? Not good for the knees, I'm sure.
  13. “I'd rather have lucky generals than good ones.” Napoleon Bonaparte As far as his drafting, JD has been a loser. That has little to do with reasoning and everything to do with being "it"
  14. Just like another esteemed former Jet OC. Little Schotty. He got the gig because Woody wanted to hob-nob with big Schotty. That's now a nobody feels big about themselves. Invite the big names to their cocktail party.
  15. If they don't change the offence in a way that accounts for the horrific play on on the offensive line, it wont be a sprint or a marathon for Wilson. It will be a funeral. Go two TE or two men in the backfield. Something that gives redundancy in the protection/blocking scheme.
  16. If he is back inside of 6 games, he'll be called an iron man.
  17. My takeaway was this... Next off-season and draft has to focus on the offensive line. McGovern is a back-up quality player and Van Roten looks like he's on vacation. After having centers like Joe Fields, Jim Sweeney, Kevin Mawae & Nick Mangold, this just looks horrible. AVT looks raw and Becton looks slow and ungainly while pass blocking and not nearly the world class run blocker that was hoped for. Fant and Moses are not elite but neither are they scrubs technically speaking, but when the interior of your line is lost, the guys on the ends will never look good. Add to all of th
  18. Mimms is supposed to do his job. No rocket science there. The guy that I'm expecting to emerge to a modest extent is Kroft. From what I have seen of him thus far, he'll probably be a nice surprise. Clean rout running, good instincts and soft hands.
  19. With UM in the NFL, everyone. And I do mean EVERYONE saw disaster coming. If Trevor Lawrence ever pans out, it wont be until he gets a new HC/OC or a new team. And the pundits/talking heads were saying he should skip the draft to avoid going to the Jets ??? Kiss my a**
  20. Agree. With that line, Wilson has a reasonably effective line to play a few series behind. Also consider... If Wilson can't protect himself in a preseason game, he's dead meat when the real action starts. He needs reps. As long as the line is comprised of decent players as you listed above, it is OK if Becton sits and Wilson plays. Not like they'd be putting him behind Anthony Clement, Adrian Clarke, Wayne Hunter and Vlad Ducasse
  21. Some of both, I think. Scumbags are always in a bad place. The primary drive here for this guy is clearly attention/income. Classic bottom feeder.
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