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  1. That would have to be my very portable and easy to use Jets propane grill. Even in the winter, I often set the little thing up on a small table on the driveway and grill up some tasty items. I used it last weekend to grill up some salmon. Cover the inside with foil and there is no cleaning up to do. Just put the grate in the dishwasher. Super handy when you are not having a foll blown BBQ.
  2. If they go to 18, they should shorten the pre-season to two games, kill the Thursday night games and expand the roster by 10 spots
  3. Oh, man... It is even worse than I thought now that I see it all laid out. What a mess....
  4. Along with that, there is an overlooked double standard for mean and women that use their physicality to earn a living. Take a female pole dancer or *LEGALLY EMPLOYED* prostitute. People that are opposed to that type of work would cite that the women are being objectified and degraded. It is a fair point of view for a person to have, but that same person also overlooks objectification and abuse of men for their physicality. What the hell do they think a sport like football or boxing is ??? The men are socialized with all sort of macho notions about physical and mental strength. They go to
  5. I've always been ambivalent about having cheerleaders. They are there to be eye candy and not much else. It seems pretty silly. On the other hand, it probably gives a few people jobs and the exposure is probably helpful to the cheerleaders in their career if they are professional dancers or performers. Something to put on a resume. I can take it or leave it. I'd rather see a woman's professional football league where they were FULL pads and uniform.
  6. A lot of the southern and southwestern states have a gun culture. Just like taking your favorite mobile device with you. Some people don't give it anymore thought than that. It is an accessory that you are used to taking along with the rest of your outfit...
  7. Ug. We need a lawyer to hash this out. I'm not even sure if this will be under NY law or Fed law (airport).
  8. Agree with you fully. In QW's case, I'd consider the intent. He was transporting a firearm against the law, but he had no intent to break the law even though he was ignorant of it. He may have incorrectly believed that NY and NJ honor firearms licences from other states as MANY states do (reciprocity). He also had no intent of causing distress or harm. Again. It is what makes mandatory sentences destructive. Judge should make sure Baby Huey learns the gun laws, pays a fine and is free to return to his life and his job which has been doing nothing on the football field.
  9. Agree fully. Mandatory sentences are more often than not, destructive. It bloats the correctional system with non-violent offenders who should be out working and paying taxes instead of being a financial liability to the state. NJ/NY gun laws are also far too draconian. Any sane, law abiding citizen who wants to conceal and carry should be able to get a licence to do so in any state if they are willing to undergo firearms proficiency training and comprehensive background check. Given I just said that, it is also dangerous and moronic in general to let anyone walk off with a gun without fir
  10. I remember when Rex was with the Jets and the team use to walk through the parking lot together to the stadium. I got up close a few times and had a look at the team from only a few feet away. I remember Nick Folk had a look to him like a person that had been doing zen or yoga or relaxation/meditation exercises for years. He had such a calm, serene expression...
  11. Hmm... Interesting. The responses to this haven not been too positive, but I don't see any negatives. Bringing them in for a look affords options. Perhaps one or two of them can still contribute. If the final price is right and they prove they still have some gas in the tank, why not ???
  12. The 6-2 bit that you refer to came courtesy of the worst teams in the league. You are an elephant hanging from a cliff with your tail tied to a daisy... Greg Williams was masterful all year despite key injuries and other unforeseen roster issues. Gase was horrible at doing everything other than conning CJ into believing he's a brain child.
  13. You mean two highly competitive douche-bags didn't have a nice call together ??? What a surprise...
  14. I agree that Sam can not turn a football into a 50 cal bullet like Favre can do, but Sam's arm strength is more than adequate for the NFL. Sam is nowhere close to "bum" status.
  15. There are a few things to feel good about. First off. If you have no QB as has been the case with the Jets up until Sam, you have NO team. The Jets now have the all-critical piece in place with respect to to the roster, They have a QB that may very well be a "franchise" qb. Next. They have a top notch DC. Greg Williams defense kept them in every game but one. As long as Williams stays, the Jets wont be getting waxed on a weekly basis. Chris Johnson was aware enough to realize they had a problem with McCagnan and he was dynamic enough to make a dramatic change. Getting Dougla
  16. Beckton worries me. I HOPE he is taken before 11. He may turn out to be the best T since Anthony Munoz, but he may be a flop. If you already have decent tackles, he would be a great choice do to the upside. If you are the Jets and REALLY need manpower now, Beckton is too much of a chance. He may wind up being the next Vlad Ducasse. It is really a crap shoot
  17. My assessment of Sam has not changed since his draft scouting reports came out two years ago, He compares somewhat to a "Brett Favre" with respect to his style and skill set. A gunslinger that can improvise, extend the play and "wow" you with "did I just see him do that" type of throws... And... Mistakes. Now, here is the most important thing that needs to be revealed. In critical times and big games, will Sam throw the amazing pass (as he can) or will he be the bad Sam and make the head-scratching mistake (as he can) *THIS* question is the key to Sam's career and legacy
  18. They can get by with drafting a single Tackle and a single interior lineman. Beachum is not stud material, but he is good enough for now. If they draft a center in the later rounds, Harrison can play guard and they can go with one of their other current interior lineman. If they don't draft a specialist for center, keep Harrson there and use their new interior guy to play guard. They can really be OK if they just add two starters. It wont be the best line, but it will be better and it will be "building through the draft" and not pissing away all sorts of money and cap room on retreads
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