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  1. I think Todd was a pretty good QB. I remember going to the games at Shae when I was a kid with those winds that would leave your face looking like you were baking in the sun. Todd did a really good job throwing in the wind. Better than opposing QB's. I also think Todd threw one of the best back corner end zone fades I ever saw. He got such a good loop on the ball. It is also fair to say that we don't know for sure what would have occurred if Todd stayed with the Jets longer than he did. He still had gas left in the tank when he was sent off. I was at the playoff game at Shae that they l
  2. How about a flying lawnmower that decapitates people ??? Oh, wait... Already been done...
  3. My point, QED. Such broad strokes will have us going "over our skis" given the possible interpretations. I was talking about the qualities of an entertainment product.
  4. Interesting take. Nothing like painting with such wildly broad strokes. Perhaps what we really need is a society that abandons all remaining virtues. No one should feel grateful or count themselves as fortunate. If you don't have everything that Hollywood and the mass media suggests that you should have, including great material wealth and a glamours life, you should be entitled to inflict yourself on anyone anyway that you see fit. Why have any order, law or values ??? They just get in the way...
  5. I would like it a lot better if they also had an extra point kicking option. Not a chip shot like the NFL, but a single point from 40 yards out. An actual challenge of sorts...
  6. Everyone seems to like the kickoff rules for the XFL and the extra point options. A small sample size so far, but another thing I can get used to. It seems the XLF players are there because they love football. I'm not saying that there are no NFL players that love the game, but the XLF seems like it is going to be a "diva free" league. No hold outs, no other diva BS, and so on. Most refreshing... It will be interesting to see how the XFL handles off the field issues. If they are smart and want to hold to the purity of the game, they should have a zero tolerance policy for things
  7. Michael Kay is my least favorite sports radio show host. For starters, he's all about baseball. There could be MAJOR football news in the middle of the MLB off-season and he'd still be spending more time spouting Yankee shill talk. He is totally self indulgent and the larger part of his air time is spent opining about things that have nothing to do with sports. He does a nice job calling the Yankee games, but I can't stand listening to his radio show. I can take about 30 seconds before I forcefully change the station.
  8. Nice list. I agree with ranking Lamb ahead of Jeudy. I also consider Wills an inside lineman even though some consider him for the RT spot. I dont agree with Burrow over Herbert. I think Herbert is going to wind up being one of the best QB's selected in the past ten years, or ten years to come.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/nfl-world-blasts-proposed-new-playoff-format/ar-BB10aZV3?li=BBnbfcL I got another idea... How about every single team makes the playoffs and everyone gets a participation trophy...
  10. DW is saying what we have all been. The o-line is a crisis. All other priorities rescinded until the o-line gets fixed. They need 5 players. That means that JD cant get it done with FA alone or the draft alone. He has to hit a home run for the o-line in FA AND the Draft or get used to the idea of having another season like 2019. Perhaps even worse. A dead QB to go along with a losing season,
  11. My offer is this... NOTHING. I'd rather have Justin McDroppins on the roster before this bacillus...
  12. No. And I don't think he is going to be as good as Justin Herbert, either. Any team that takes Burrow or Tua over Herbert is going to wind up kicking themselves in the arse...
  13. I'm with you 100 %. Thomas would be the safe play. Wirfs may or may not work out on the left side and Becton may pick things up quickly, but when you need five offensive you need to be sure about what you are doing. The Jets can not afford to take project players for the line. I am HOPING they get some sure talent for the line in FA. Lets see what JD can do...
  14. I dont agree. Mekhi Becton, IMHO would be a mistake. Beware of fast climbers in the draft due to measureables and combine. I dont like how Becton pretty much blasts, throws and tosses players out of his way. It works against college players, but not in the pros. NFL edge rushers will be applying techniques against him that he has little practice contending with. You may end up with a QB on the injury list before this guy learns to play. I like Wirfs at RT and Andrew Thomas at LT
  15. Gee... Ya think ??? But will Gase keep looking for the strawberries ???
  16. He could always trade Darnold to move up in the draft and take Justin Herbert. Then he can use Peyton Manning's play book. You in ???
  17. I'm willing to hold out hope that Gase wakes up and builds an offense that fits Darnold instead of Peyton Manning. We'll know by halftime 2020 regular season game one. He has smarts and dedication, but as of yet, we have not seen wisdom. He has to make a destiny for himself apart from clinging to a boiler plate from his glorious past. Like Parcells said. You never pick up where you left off last year. You start new. Look how many fans talk about Bill Bellichick's "system". His coaching style does not change, but what specific system does he use ??? None. He changes the syst
  18. Ties in to what I was saying about Sancez having concentration and focus issues. He did concentrate and focus if the occasion itself was intense. Either needing a big come back in a short amount of time or the pressure of a playoff game. Those instances kept him out of complacency. His head was often not in the game.
  19. I liked Sanchez in general, but he was clearly a badly flawed QB. I think Sanchez had those two bursts because the defense kept them in the running and Rex/Schotty went to great lengths to protect Sanchez from himself. I still believe all of Sanchez's limitations were mental. Not that he wasn't smart, but he didn't concentrate/focus all the time. His head wasn't really into the game. Nice arm, great feet, likable personality, but he had some sort of attention span or concentration issues. The butt fumble was one of the more visible results of that and so were all the short outside passes
  20. The fist half of the Steeler playoff game totally pissed me off. Defense was missing tackles, playing like scrubs and so on. Rex should have burned a time out during the middle of the first quarter when the defense was on the field and called the entire group over to the sideline for an intense ass-chewing. It was really the right time for that sort of intervention.
  21. He didn't change his offense completely and permanently, but he did start tossing in things that are not characteristic of the offense he seems to be stuck on. It was obvious that Darnold was doing better executing plays that are more suited to his skill set. The larger point that I am making with Queeg and the Strawberries as it applies to Gase, is that both Queeg and Gase are holding on to what they succeeded at with in the past even though it no longer applies to their current situation. And, the compelling fact is that neither Queeg or Gase was/is short on ability and smarts. They
  22. One of my favorite movies of all time and one of the best acting performances in cinematic history. The first Bogie movie I ever saw was African Queen when I was a kid. That was long before I even know who Bogie was. Loved that movie. I didn't think that the "Mr. Allnutt" could ever be anyone else other than Mr. Allnutt. A few years later I saw The Caine Mutiny. The way Bogie played Queeg was so good, I didn't even realize it was the same guy that played Mr. Allnutt. If I had seen Caine Mutiny first, I'd be certain that Bogie was Queeg and could only be Queeg and no one else. He
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