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  1. I don't want to see him injured. Just rocked. It hurts getting hit real hard and it gives the hitee some food for thought. Good, clean snot knocin" hit.
  2. Yes. And I was compelled to post it again. The last guy I wanted to see get drilled this badly was Tim Tebow.
  3. Like Gase was hamstrung by Tannehill in Miami ??? It was the other way around. Although it is obvious how bad of a match Gase is for the Jets HC job, the Johnson's wont pull the pug until he proves it in the win/loss column this season and next season...
  4. Who/What else could I have been talking about other than Jets or Dolphins with respect to Gase ??? It seems his big supporters have been Peyton Manning and Chris Johnson. Not too many others. Pretty much any sports commentary including opinions supported by statistics can be dismissed as supposition within an argument. You can pick any of my posts or yours too. It applies across the board.
  5. I guess you don't like to listen to sports talk too often. We are all experts...
  6. I dig... I like a juicy thread very much. IMHO, the threads that get a bit hot are usually the best ones. People really start thinking and talking... Bill Parcells: "What do you get when you squeeze and orange???" Meaning... You get the juice that is inside of people if you squeeze them. Or more eloquently, you could say... You'll see a lot more of what a man or woman is made of and what is really on their mind when they are embroiled in a competitive duress.
  7. It is a matter of record that Dolphins fans and many players had a genuine dislike for Gase. While he may not be a bad person by any means, there is more then enough circumstantial evidence to suppose that he is both toxic and incompetent as a professional HC. From where I'm standing and after reading some of your suppositions, your response is both sanctimonious and hypocritical. You are free to defend Gase at length. Even if I find your reasoning to be questionable, I won't react and call you a liar.
  8. Sports talk is largely supposition and opinion. You may not like or agree with my opinions, but you should at least keep a civil tongue.
  9. Gase is toxic and players don't like him. Toxic managers and administrators in *any* business always have a relatively high number of employees calling in sick or just plain quitting...
  10. I don't care as long as one of the Jets defenders lays the wood *BIG TIME* on Lamar Jackson. Totally knock his sh*t loose. Cool his ass off but good...
  11. It is hard to find good, proven players. Especially very talented ones like Bell. You don't piss away good players. You take advantage of them by putting them in the best position to utilize their skills. Gase thinks the best place for Bell is on the bench. Gase is a moron.
  12. There is nothing wrong with Adams or Bell. The problem is Gase. He is in possession of the ultimate HC flaw. He's glued to one way and one system regardless of the manpower he as to work with. A good coach *NEVER* picks up where he left off last time, or left off last season for that matter, Parcells would always say it. "We are starting new." Even if just a few starters on your roster change during the off season, you have a *NEW* team and you have *NEW AND DIFFERENT* opposition. This guy Gase has his offense in a shoe box and he thinks he can 'port it over to where ever and w
  13. Agree 100 %. Rex wrong on Sam. And Gase SUCKS
  14. It wont be accomplished with Gase as the HC. Another blunder by the Johnsons. They have been *DUPED* by a charlatan.
  15. I guess you don't remember the Jets performance in both playoff runs...
  16. you mean OC's realize they can pass on the Jets because of scarce manpower on the back end of the defense and a poor pass rush due again to manpower issues. GW is a fine DC, but he's not Rex
  17. Yes... And that was when they were both playing well and talking like guys you want to keep around. Rex said he *NEVER* had problems with either one of them. When Rex was not there, they went up the spout. There is real benefit to having a HC who the players like and relate to. Unlike BB, Rex is a humanist and a real teacher. Belichick has "laundry boys" and Rex has students. Look at Jim Leonhard now... Considered the best DC in college.
  18. The Rex defensive identity was indeed often centered around pass pressure, but there was a lot more to it than that. Rex also schemed very good against the run while applying such pressure. Flexibility was the true key to what Rex liked to do. You saw a lot of blitzing, but you also saw a variety of coverages from play to play. Press man, man, zone, loaded zone, and combinations of them all. If you remember the victory that Rex and the Jets had over Manning and the Colts in the 2010 playoff run. Rex did not call max pressure too often. Rex won that game over Manning with a lot of
  19. A quick thought on Rex... Along with being a singular talent for calling defense, Rex was/is possibly the best position coach for defensive lineman that the league has seen in a long time. He did wonders with the players in Baltimore and he also elevated the games of players like Mike DeVito and Pouha. IMHO, if Rex was still around, think of what could have been with players like T. Wilkerson,S. Richardson, L. Williams, Q. Williams. Rex is good at both motivating and teaching technical skills. I'd venture to say the Jets would be getting a lot more out of those picks if Rex
  20. BRING BACK REX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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