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  1. I'm willing to hold out hope that Gase wakes up and builds an offense that fits Darnold instead of Peyton Manning. We'll know by halftime 2020 regular season game one. He has smarts and dedication, but as of yet, we have not seen wisdom. He has to make a destiny for himself apart from clinging to a boiler plate from his glorious past. Like Parcells said. You never pick up where you left off last year. You start new. Look how many fans talk about Bill Bellichick's "system". His coaching style does not change, but what specific system does he use ??? None. He changes the syst
  2. Ties in to what I was saying about Sancez having concentration and focus issues. He did concentrate and focus if the occasion itself was intense. Either needing a big come back in a short amount of time or the pressure of a playoff game. Those instances kept him out of complacency. His head was often not in the game.
  3. I liked Sanchez in general, but he was clearly a badly flawed QB. I think Sanchez had those two bursts because the defense kept them in the running and Rex/Schotty went to great lengths to protect Sanchez from himself. I still believe all of Sanchez's limitations were mental. Not that he wasn't smart, but he didn't concentrate/focus all the time. His head wasn't really into the game. Nice arm, great feet, likable personality, but he had some sort of attention span or concentration issues. The butt fumble was one of the more visible results of that and so were all the short outside passes
  4. The fist half of the Steeler playoff game totally pissed me off. Defense was missing tackles, playing like scrubs and so on. Rex should have burned a time out during the middle of the first quarter when the defense was on the field and called the entire group over to the sideline for an intense ass-chewing. It was really the right time for that sort of intervention.
  5. He didn't change his offense completely and permanently, but he did start tossing in things that are not characteristic of the offense he seems to be stuck on. It was obvious that Darnold was doing better executing plays that are more suited to his skill set. The larger point that I am making with Queeg and the Strawberries as it applies to Gase, is that both Queeg and Gase are holding on to what they succeeded at with in the past even though it no longer applies to their current situation. And, the compelling fact is that neither Queeg or Gase was/is short on ability and smarts. They
  6. One of my favorite movies of all time and one of the best acting performances in cinematic history. The first Bogie movie I ever saw was African Queen when I was a kid. That was long before I even know who Bogie was. Loved that movie. I didn't think that the "Mr. Allnutt" could ever be anyone else other than Mr. Allnutt. A few years later I saw The Caine Mutiny. The way Bogie played Queeg was so good, I didn't even realize it was the same guy that played Mr. Allnutt. If I had seen Caine Mutiny first, I'd be certain that Bogie was Queeg and could only be Queeg and no one else. He
  7. When Schotty was with the Jets Callahan was running the line for the most part. He used a combo of man and zone. I liked him a lot. What I remember most about the Schotty offense when he was with the Jets was the almost haphazard way the Jets offense went from doing one thing to the other. For example. They would be running the ball well from a pro set and then, for no apparent reason, they would start running an unbalanced line. Then they would go empty backfield, then two tight ends, then spread, then tight set. It was said that the Jets tendency was that they had no tendency Lie they we
  8. Not an analogy. I was illustrating the parallel between Queeg's reverting to previous behavior and Gase leaning on a scheme that he saw success with in the past. It was something different for a change. A novel way to make point.
  9. Pardon... When you replied to that post, it looked like you agreed with having good pass blocking AND choosing QW too. As if you were in favor of the QW pick. It appeared contradictory.
  10. I agree the association requires cognitive thinking... Sleep on it and start fresh tomorrow...
  11. That question is not germane to the compelling issue here. You can have five poorly performing lineman in a zone scheme with plays drawn up for a static pocket or five poorly performing lineman in an aggressive man scheme executing plays drawn up with a lot of line shifting and motion. Which would be better for Darnold ??? Which would be better for a QB with a great arm, quick release and lots of lead in his ass ???
  12. I suppose you don't know the difference between a man blocking scheme and a zone blocking scheme ??? I also assume you don't understand why you would want a static pocket with one QB vs. a line that is built and tasked to move laterally much more often than a line that is built and run for a drop back passer with lead in his ass ???
  13. Gase Is Intelligent, Hard Working & Dedicated, But Is He Pathologically Addicted To A System That Does Not Fit His Current Command ??? Like many others, I have been very critical of Gase... I'll try to look on the bright side, since we are stuck with him. He is clearly intelligent and hard working, but he as been stubborn. I think most can see that he is married to specific offensive system that he feels comfortable with. Or, perhaps, addicted to. Like Captain Queeg trying to relive past successes by looking for the missing strawberries... The system that he seems
  14. Here's how ya do it. Good scouting. I *GUARANTEE* there is an interior lineman in the draft who's name is not yet known to the talking heads. This individual will be drafted between round 4 and 7. He has all the physical tools and intangibles to follow in the footsteps of Schmidt, Fields, Sweeny, Mawae & Mangold... Is JD a good GM ??? Does he run a good scouting department ??? If so, that as of yet unnamed individual will be a Jet in 2020.
  15. I would never expect anything judicious from Goodell. He's best and most often executed "football move" is stepping on his own dick.
  16. Have you completely lost your mind ??? Edoga at RT ? Do you harbor ill feelings towards Sam Darnold ??? Perhaps you have Sammy D. voodoo doll that you have been sticking pins in ??? From where I am sitting and watching (on my arse at home), Edoga is not going to be a staring outside offensive lineman. He may or may not work out as an interior lineman should the Jets try him there, but I would not start out with the plan to have him as the starting RT. I'd be somewhat happy with this... Lets start with LT. 1. FA to fill the LT or RT spot. I prefer Castonzo. The f
  17. If he and his agent are saying 17,000,000/year it means they are expecting to close the deal at 14,000,000/year. That is pretty much where I expect it to go. If you are the seller, always start high... Etc... Negotiation 101.
  18. Pretty good article. IMHO... Aside from the numbers being tossed out, 22, 22.5, 26, etc... The best way to decide on who is the true sack-master comes down to the eye test. Leave the controversial statistic on the side for a bit. Deacon Jones and Strhan were obviously very skilled players that put in a major effort when ever they were on the field. Both of them were really splendid players. When judging on, speed, quickness, power, fancy moves, upper body strength, leg and lower body strength, The whole packaging put together in action on the field to get results...
  19. Shame on Strahan for colluding with Favre to win an award/title he didn't truly earn. Shame on Gastineau for bringing this up now long after he congratulated and even kissed Strahan on TV. Be the bigger and better sport and stand pat on what you did. Everyone knows Strahan's record is a media given fraud. I suggest this. Take the record away from Strahan... And... Give it to DEACON JONES
  20. I forget who it was that wanted Sanchez... Rex, Woody, Tanny, Schotty ??? QB's are a huge gamble in the draft, especially if they only have one full year of college ball in the can
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