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  1. Can Joe Douglas coax Blinka to come out of retirement for the Ravens game ???
  2. That might just be the best idea I've heard yet...
  3. OK.. So we got one of them. A forearm to the head of John Jefferson. After this one, there was a second personal foul by Blinka in a subsequent game that was just as bad. As stated, it had the announcer freaking out. "NOT STAN BLINKA AGAIN !!!!"
  4. Anyone remember Stan Blinka ??? I've been trying to remember what two major personal fouls he committed in what I remember as two back to back games... What I remember for sure was the announcer in the game for the second personal foul going nuts... "OH NO... NO... NOT STAN BLINKA... NOT STAN BLINKA AGAIN !!! Does anyone remember what those personal fouls were and who he did it to ??? I *think* I remember one of them might have been a clothesline tackle and the other was a Ray Nitschke style elbow to the neck...
  5. Allow me to rephrase... For the Jets, first rounders have been valuable on paper...
  6. LOLZ... I almost forgot all about Justin McDroppins
  7. I would rather have proven players in trade. First rounders just scare me. They are valuable on paper.
  8. Ug... I am not suggesting you pay a top SS the same money you pay a top QB, LT, CB, EDGE If you have a top SS that is as dynamic as Adams, you pay him as you would pay a top SS. When his rookie contract is done, give an offer of what amounts to an average of the moneys paid to the top five SS's in the league. If he is not agreeable, he can sign elsewhere. If you think you can get value for him now as a trade, it better be a number one draft pick or a two and a three. You cant give away a player with proven elite abilities
  9. You pay the following 1. Franchise QB (proven production and proven durability) 2. LT (proven production and proven durability) 3. CB (proven ability to play man at elite level and proven durability) 4. Edge Rusher (proven production and proven durability) 5, Any player at any position that is a game changer and has proven durability (Adams) The rest get market rate (median money for the position) or they don't get signed. Any player asking for more money while still under contract can get their contract rate or sit out for the remainder of their contract if they
  10. Adams is the best player on the Jets defense. That includes C.J. Ghostly and Quinnen "on the way to being a bust" Williams as well. I don't know why any fan would not want him back. It's not like he is cold-cocking women on elevators, electrocuting dogs or using substance. He's an enthusiastic young player who has time to develop maturity...
  11. Columbus Day ?!?!?! The season was over on January 18th, 2000. This season, past seasons and ones to come
  12. Adams ??? Who needs him. Trade him and aquire a few more inside defensive lineman in FA and the draft. Since Williams is not looking too good, this position is a priority. They need to trade Adams, Darnold, Robbie Anderson, Griffin and load up on defensive tackles. It is such a priority I would strongly recommend that they use every pick in the 2020 draft on defensive tackles. It will be worth it if one of them works out. Then you can trade him for more picks to use on interior defensive lineman...
  13. Yep. It is painfully obvious. Just looking at all the wasted money and cap space is enough to make you want to drive you head through a wall. Osemele, Trumane Johnson, Lev Bell. No fault of Bell, but with Gase running the show, the money spent on Bell's contract goes straight up the spout. And now watch them eject Jamal Adams and Robbie Anderson, Two guys who want to play and are fun to follow. Jamal Anderson would try to play with two broken legs.
  14. I wonder if the Jets brass suspected that KO had that injury when he signed. That might explain why they $hit-canned him. Not sure, but I think there is still ongoing drama regarding his pay.
  15. Been thinking about this... Winters does all he can to play through injury. He is not effective. The fans rag him for poor performance. He is placed on IR and is almost certainly done with the Jets and quite possibly done with football... The team doctors tell Kelechi Osemele he can play with his injury, but he prefers not to. He states he doesn't feel right playing with the injury. Does not think he will be as effective as he wants to. The Jets cuts him, despite how badly quality players are needed on the offensive line. Add to the mix, that his injury is one he can come back
  16. I sure do remember how he could pole vault over the line for those touchdowns. I don't think I ever saw a better vertical jump...
  17. I don't blame Rex at all for the two losses in the AFC Championship games. His coaching during those two respective runs was fantastic. They did a great job managing Sanchez as well. He played some of his best ball during those two playoff runs. The loss to the Colts in the 2009 AFC Championship game was close to unavoidable. They did not have the offense to outscore the Colts and despite that, they had the lead at the half. They lost the game because they ran out of defensive backs. Rex didn't have enough DB's to cover all the targets the Colts could put out there. The loss to th
  18. Yes... Don't run him up the gut. At the very least, get him out in space and throw him the ball. Put him in bunch formation on the end, a screen pass.. Anything. If you don't use your best players why bother ???
  19. Chris Johnson publicly gave Gace the go for 2020, but his mind can and should be changed... The poor player refuses to even allow himself to believe that his QB is much better off running an offense that is different than the one he is queer for. Square peg, round hole. "SPRH Gase" Even if Johnson has him back in 2020, he wont be back in 2021. His ineptitude guarantees it and Douglas wont let Gase destroy his reputation...
  20. Now that they blew it vs. Cincy, I want them to get embarrassed by the Dolphins. Better draft pick and better chance Johnson and Douglas wise up and send Gase packing...
  21. Bill Belichick: "Study your opponent to gain an understanding of their weaknesses, so that you can then attack and exploit it." Adam Gase: Study the round hole before you attempt to hammer through a square peg. It is pretty obvious. Gase wants to pass the ball. Even if he knows he can win more games by running a balanced offense right now, he is not going to. In one regard he has somewhat of the right idea. The current rules BEG you to pass the ball. Building an offense to run the ball is pretty much like choosing to row up steam. In that sense, Gase has it right. It is was C
  22. Excellent question, and timely as well... Although the 2007 line had Mangold, Brick and Brandon Moore, it also had, unfortunately, Adrian Clarke at LG and Anthony Clement at RT. I don't like to be wantonly critical of *ANY* player that is special enough to make it on to an NFL roster, but the performances of Clarke and Clement at those two respective positions was so bad, it made the sum total of that unit's performance disastrous. Now, here is the REAL bad news... As dangerous as it was for a QB to play behind that line, it was only two players short of being one of the
  23. With Douglas as the GM, if the Jets canned Gase and hired Rex as the HC for 2020, their chances of getting to the post season would go up ten fold. Who is a bigger scumbag ??? A guy who wants a job or the guy who has a job that he can only pretend to do ??? REX 2020 !!!
  24. I did't mention injury in any of my posts. A crushing, but legal hit that does not result in an injury can have the desired effect. I assume all the naysayers don't like Greg Williams ??? Football is somewhat like "sausages" for some. You may love them until you see how they are made...
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