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  1. Lots. Just have to block out the licence plate before posting. I will reply to the thread with a few of them before the weekend is out... 10 second car, btw...
  2. I like Adams and want't the Jets to keep him. You must have me confused with someone on the "Trade Jamal" bandwagon. The only way I would consider letting him go would be in trade for a proven, top tier offensive lineman in his prime. I would not trade him for a draft pick. I also like Robbie Anderson and favor paying him as lower-tier starting # 1 or top tier starting # 2
  3. I don't follow any other sports. Only football. Start more threads about how bad Gase is. Participate in other threads about how badGase is. Non Football Related: Read history books. Mostly; Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Crusades, American Civil War, WWII Cycling when it is not snowing or wet out. Usual time at the gym as well... Working on my show/track car when time permits. Bent multiple valves at Atco a few months back. Major job ahead.
  4. Nice topic. IMHO, I think if he has a future as a starter, it will be on the inside. I don't think he will perform well on the outside even as a back-up. I hope the coaches try him on the inside...
  5. Actually, if you know who the Jet's HC is (GASE), you can make a fair assumption that they wont be having a *successful* season regardless of FA and the draft... For now, we can only hope that JD makes good decisions and that the roster and cap situation will be in good shape when CJ finally sees the light and sends Gase to Pop Warner
  6. Technically, 9/7 is a winning season. I stand corrected. As the other poster states, it may be a winning season by the numbers, but not successful. I also left out the compelling fact about Gase... He's rich...
  7. You consider missing the playoffs a winning season ? Do you understand that I am predicting 8/8 to 9/7 with a top defense and bottom rung offense ??? Would you not consider that team's OC/HC to be culpable ??? Is your capacity for observation and cognitive thinking sufficient enough to realize that the Jets would have lost even more of their games this past season if Greg Williams was not absolutely masterful in directing the Jets defense ??? Did you not observe how much better the Jets offensive line looked after Darnold had his "talk" with Gase ??? They switched from a zone
  8. Yeah... I cant decide on the Colts game or the away Miami game. They may win one more than 8. I'm being generous.
  9. I respect and appreciate the sentiment. Thought, I think Brady's less than ideal performance last year was much more a result of limited receiving targets rather than diminishing skills. I'm really interested to see if the Pats make a splash bringing in a very visible batch of new pass catchers. I expect they will. Personally, I don't have any dislike for Brady. When ever I hear him talk he sounds like a true sportsman and a gentleman. I like when him and BB come to town. Feels great when the Jets can really piss them off, get under their skin and beat them. Ahhh... I miss Rex
  10. Home Bills - W Denver - W Cardinals - W 49'ers - L Dolphins - W Pats - L Browns - W Raiders - W Away Bills - L KC - L Chargers - W Rams - W Dolphins - L Pats - L Seattle - L Colts - L Summary: Jets win 9 games, and miss the playoffs. Gase supporters blame it on UFO's, Elvis and a bad hair day. They spout off. "The Jets are heading in the right direction. One more win would have put them in the playoffs. They pay no attention to the Jets defense ranking in the upper third of the league and the Jets off
  11. That is being said by an employee. Do you thing a starting NFL QB is going to come out and rag a HC in the NY media ??? Something else to keep in mind for those who lack experience. Working hard... VERY hard at a given job or task and ENJOYING that task or job does not automatically translate into doing that job or task well... I'm not judging Gase by his effort or his personal virtues which seem to be quite good. It is his results that are badly wanting...
  12. Cant the Jets just play the Bengals and Dolphins every week ??? The two worst teams ??? Oh, Wait !!! No !!!
  13. They have Dolan and we have the Johnsons.
  14. FA - O-Line, O-Line, O-Line Draft - O-Line, O-Line - O-Line Undrafted FA's to bring in for a look - O-Line, O-Line, O-Line
  15. At the time he was drafted, Mahomes was a guy with "upside" that few GM's out there were considering to be a first round pick, much less a top ten overall pick. I don't find any cause with any of the GM's that passed on Mahomes. Mahomes is a guy that worked out. Just that simple. With regard to Darnold, I thought he would be the best QB prospect in the 2018 draft from the start of the 2017 college season all the way up to the time he was drafted. Like everyone else, I saw lots of uncanny ability to complete very difficult passes while under pressure. Also saw maturity and
  16. Agree on Jenkins. Hard to know what to do on such a poll when you take into account a player's ability when they are at their best vs. how long they played. If I could have Jenkins at his best for ten years, it is a no-bran'er, but that is "fantasy land". It aint real. I think it would be best to include a set of criteria. For example. Top favorite defensive players judging by: 1. Length of tenure 2. Over All Skill Set 3. Unselfish Team Player 4. Performance In Big Games/ Playoffs In that case, take Jenkins off and consider guys like Lyons, Klec
  17. Kyle Clifton Kris Jenkins (when healthy was the most dominant lineman the Jets ever had) Lance Mehl
  18. Pretty much agree. When you need five new starters on your line, every swinging-dick available has to be on your list of options...
  19. I think he will spend another two seasons or so with the Pats. I saw a few of their games this year and their playoff game loss. It wasn't diminishing skills of Brady that was the problem, it was lack of manpower at the offensive skill position. If they had a stable of decent wr's that work in their system, they would probably be in the Super Bowl. I think they know that and see that and we'll get a Pats off season with them loading up on pass catchers and a 2020 with Brady back looking to go out on top.
  20. Gase has said nothing personal about Bell, nor does he have to for anyone to realize that Gase feels strongly that the money would be better spent elsewhere. He is not objecting to Bell as a person or player. He wishes Bell was gone due to economy. That means Gase does not like having him on his team and would prefer he was gone. *That* is what people are expressing when they simplify that by saying "Gase does not like Bell"
  21. We all see his lack of performance. By many accounts, he also has a hard time with interpersonal relationships. He is going to make a mess of it, again. This time, there won't be the same excuses...
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