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  1. Exactly.... No depth *now*. Remember, Kalil and Winters are no longer on the roster. Lewis, Harrison and Compton are their defacto starters on the interior line. Right now ZERO back-up The tackles are Beachum and Edoga - backed up by Shell and McDermot. Need some back-up on the inside of the line. I don't know much about McDermot, but I think in case of emergency, Edoga can play on the inside and Shell can play on the outside if Edoga has to kick inside
  2. Lewis and Compton played well. Better than Winters and Kalil who are both gone and were both gone when I wrote the post above. Who do you see now backing up Lewis and Compton ???
  3. Thanks for posting. This bodes well for your team when the GM seems to know what the fans know too. In this case, manpower for the o-line is much needed. Jets have marginal starters and zero depth.
  4. If the Jets run the same type of offense they did vs. the Redskins, I'm sure the Jets can move the ball on the Raiders defense and score at least 23 points. That being a given, the game will come down to the chess game between Chucky on offense and Greg Williams on defense. Mostly the way Williams calls the coverages on the back end of the defense.
  5. How's he gonna fit on the plane ??? Even if he could, they dont allow smoking...
  6. What Single Player Other Than A QB if Added To Roster Would Improve The Jets The Most. Any Current NFL Player Regardless Of Contract Status... My vote. Quenton Nelson. Good for Darnold. VERY good for Bell...
  7. agree darnold can do more than improvise and play schoolyard bal, but when you have a QB that can do both, it is an advantage to gear up to keep all options open. It gives you flexibility to attack different defenses in different ways as needed. It is "Dan Henning 101". Look at what he did with Joe T. and the hogs with the Redskins and then see how he got Vinny T to play when he came to the Jets. Same OC with different QB's running a very different offense for each respective QB. Either expand the offense or limit it to what the QB does best. It looked like Gase still thought P. Mannig wa
  8. Fixing is needed but NOT to make Darnold a drop-back and pass from the pocket guy like Payton Manning. That is not good for Darnold. What Douglas needs to do is get athletic offensive lineman that can play in a dynamic man blocking scheme with a lot of lateral movement of the entire pocket. Anything else would be pi$$ing up a rope unless they trade darnold and draft a statue like P. Manning or T. Brady.
  9. Not just the manpower up front, but the blocking scheme. There was a lot more aggressive man-blocking up front. The type of line blocking you would expect with a QB that likes to move the pocket, roll out, extend the play, allow for pass catchers to do some freelance and find the sweet spots, etc.. The zone crap they were doing before was for a QB like P. Manning that likes to stay in one place and execute timing passes on exact and expected routs. That is NOT what Darnold does best.
  10. According to Rich Cimini of ESPN, Darnold met with Gase after the Jacksonville loss and told him how he would like the offense to run. Darnold was suddenly more assertive in meetings with Gase as well, a trait that has apparently carried over to the huddle where Darnold appears to be feeling more comfortable. In the three games since the two met, the Jets are 2-1 with Darnold throwing six touchdowns to just two interceptions while completing 66% of his passes. Prior to that, Darnold had thrown 5 touchdowns and an eye-popping 8 interceptions. The best of the three games
  11. I'm going to duck after I press send. Griffin is a nice surprise. He's been catching the ball and contributing. BUT. A big chunk of the credit goes to who ever is designing the plays. Gase ??? Griffen has gotten free because of good play design. He has not been making incredible, athletic catches. He's been in space most of the time. Now that the secret is out, it is likely that you wont see sooo much free space around him.
  12. True that... They didn't look too impressive vs. the Bengals.
  13. They Jets have the tools to move the ball and score points on the Raiders defense if the o-line plays well, but perhaps not enough to outscore a hot Derek Carr and the Raiders. I think the game comes down to Greg Williams vs. Chuky. A big play on special teams either way could also make the difference.
  14. Jets did what they should have today. They beat one of the worst teams in the league. The Darnold looked good, the offensive line with Compton and Lewis appeared to be improved. TE Griffin and CB Austin are nice surprises and look to be future contributors. The apparent step forward may just be a mirage. A product of a struggling team looking well against an even worse team... The Raiders will be a bona fied litmus test for the Jets... Anyone care to offer predictions for how that one will go ???
  15. Correction. The GM's. Austin was drafted by Mac before Douglas took over who in turn acquired Griffin
  16. How about the GM that acquired Griffin and Austin ??? Props there too
  17. 1. Coherent offensive game plan and play calling for four quarters. 2. Quality play from the o-line (including sound blocking scheme with no free rides to the QB). 3. Bell involved in the game plan 4. Smart play from Sam with no forced throws and no misses when targets come open 5. Intelligent coverage/scheme in the back-end of the Jets defense. Don't play man on the corners if individuals show to be outmatched. With the group the Jets have, that is almost a sure bet. 6. Hand in hand with db coverage, make Haskins throw the ball. Lots of run blitz early on. 7.
  18. When the offense is on the field, I think this is key. They may actually show some consistency for four quarters with this line. Also of interest is TE Griffin. Obviously catches what comes his way, but has also looked promising with his blocking. If he continues to improve, it will go a long way to stabilizing the o-line. IMHO he may turn out to be the surprise of the season. A TE that can do it all pays dividends in passing and running yards...
  19. Hopefully they will get him patched up. I'd say that he will still get drafted by round 3 if the reports on his recovery are favorable. Perhaps still round one. Look at Dallas with Jalin Smith. Not a QB, but same type of situation. Considered the best defensive prospect until catastrophic knee injury. Now he's a contributor.
  20. Could be, yes. I don't want to say it is a crap shoot, but picking the right QB takes a little luck. Just as important or perhaps more, is the team, HC, OC and QBC that the drafted QB gets saddled with.
  21. 1. Shorten the preseason to two games 2, Eliminate the franchise tag 3. Eliminate Thursday night games 4. Extend the regular season to 18 games 5. *IF* the regular season is extended to 18 gams, EXPAND the roster to 63 men. And a new rule that I call "The Woody Rule" 6. If any NFL franchise loses more than 8 games three seasons in a row, the owner of that team must sell.
  22. Not sticking up in any way for Johnson or denying the Jets dysfunction, but a coach that can do brilliantly in college may not be a coach that can get it done in pro ball. Plenty of examples including the Jets very own Lou Holtz
  23. I think Justin Herbert will wind up having the best NFL career of any QB taken IN 2020
  24. Tagovailoa with 'serious' hip fracture. Same type of injury that ended Bo Jackson's career. I wonder how this will roil the top of the draft...
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