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  1. That is a complex issue. Understanding it goes well past leaning on Lincoln's quote: "If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that." Much of the political impetus in northern states leading up to the Civil War was driven by fervent abolitionists. Those states/powers had significant representation in the Federal government
  2. And can you believe that most people of any age are not able to tell you the year the Civil war started, how long it lasted, the number of people that were killed, the number of slave owners in 1860, the number of slaves in 1860. Etc. They don't even know the vitals.
  3. From what I have read and heard at lectures/symposiums, I'd say about 70 % of the scholars agree with you. An armed conflict was unavoidable. There is still considerable merit behind the hypothetical outcomes had the executive/legislative/judicial branches acted differently. Particularly, during the Buchanan presidency. There are solid reasons to consider the Buchanan administration to be one of the worst if not the absolute worst in U.S. history. Referring back to to my discussion with the other fellow. He was suggesting that the Union and the Confederacy were moral equivalents. Tha
  4. You are saying that the Unionist/Federalist cause stood on the same dreary moral ground that the Confederate cause did. Preserving the United States and abolishing legalized servitude are things that should absolutely be lauded and celebrated. Even if the people and the times don't pass inspection by a senseless ideologue. Give your brain a chance. BYE indeed
  5. A letdown, but not a big surprise. I had zero expectation of Lawson or Cashman staying healthy regardless of how good they look between injuries. For me, the bigger worry is the offensive line. Questions with Becton now and AVT nursing a soft tissue injury. I don't want a mangled QB. EVERYTHING depends on Wilson.
  6. Perhaps play book issues ??? Calling coverages ??? Blocking schemes ???
  7. The free sates could not use slave labor or did not want to use slave labor ??? You believe that abolitionists and Republicans/Jeffersonian Republicans saw an economic advantage to ending legalized servitude ??? It was strictly moral. Since you are in nowhere land on this one, a better question for you to consider is this. Could slavery have been abolished AND the Civil war also have been avoided if Buchanan had anything more than a second rate mind and the Missouri Compromise had not been constructed ???
  8. The Unionists wanted to maintain tax flow from all states. The Confederacy wanted to stop their tax money from leaving their respective states AND they wanted to maintain slavery to prevent having to pay a labor force. You see them as identical ?
  9. Are you objecting to the Union's cause or humanity in general ??? Both sides in any conflict are affected by the defects of their human qualities. I still see far more of the admirable in the Union's cause than that of the Confederacy.
  10. A competent GM and HC is only part of the solution... What is needed now in order for this organization to move forward is a F***ING Exorcist.
  11. I think I had the best idea. Washington Federals. And the uniform would be a Civil War Union soldier's themed uni. Dark union blue top with gold numbers and accents. Light union blue pant with gold or red stripe. Dark union blue helmet with gold US Eagle or gold crossed swords or gold cannon logo. Grey face mask. Appropriate, manly and attractive.
  12. If AVT has a long career proving dependability and productivity, it was a five star trade. If he sucks or cant stay on the field it was a bad trade.
  13. I was one of the fans that had a total meltdown when the Jets won the Rams game and blew the Tank For Trevor Sweepstakes, but it seems... Well. Providence ??? Wilson looked very impressive. Fields and Lance looked raw and Lawrence moves and throws in slow motion compared to Wilson. And we didn't even see Wilson cutting loose with his legs as he can. Yes... WAY too early to draw any conclusions, but at least none of us can say that Wilson looks out of place on the pro level.
  14. Nice post and I agree. At first, when I heard that he had "EXTREME VIOLENCE" listed here or there, I was concerned that he might be a total cement head. I was 180 degrees out on that one. I'd go so far as to call him somewhat of a gentleman. The more I see and hear of him and from him, the more I like him. He appears to have all the qualities of a top level administrator and the football chops to go along with it.
  15. Yep. And this was all driven by a senseless compulsion. If Pete Carol had Jamal on his roster, it would be the Legion Of Boom all over again and the next Lombardi would follow. Love the draft picks that the Jets got in return. In short order. the Jets went from having one of the least talented offensive lines in the league to one of the better ones. Joe Douglas is building a wall and Seattle is paying for it
  16. JD knows his business. Amazing how fast things get better with a good GM and Johnson(s) out of his kitchen,
  17. Indeed. It also looks like there will be a good, steady supply of quality QBs coming out of college and getting right to work in the NFL in the years to come. NFL teams are running more college style passing games these days and there are piles of kids that are training to be the next NFL MVP QB from an early age. Colleges have oodles of kids to recruit from. Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow already look like nice NFL starting QBs. Josh Allen and the crotch grabber also look to be well on the way. Now you can add Wilson, Fields, Jones, Lawrence and Lance to the batch of newly minted NFL Q
  18. IN NO WAY do I want to over-hype Wilson. A fast release alone does not translate into a professional career for a qb. However, Wilson's release is by far the fastest of all the top QB's selected in the past draft. The fastest by far. The last QB I recall with such a quick delivery was Marino. Also not being spoken about... Wilson can gobble up yardage with his feet as well. Some of his college games saw him running for a pile of yardage. SUPER glad he seems to be pass first qb by instinct, but he'll have a few surprises for a defense that offers up a safe running lane. Not sure
  19. Small sample size, but... From the first preseason game highlights: Wilson appears to be the best passer. Footwork, timing, accuracy and ultra fast delivery time all show up for Wilson. Lawrence had an NFL throw or two, but his moves and throwing motion appear to BE comparatively slower to Wilson’s. Fields obviously exciting with what he can do with his feet, but several of his passes were not timed or placed very well. Lance can throw big to open pass catchers, but also looks to be lacking with accuracy and timing. Indeed, VERY early to tell much, but from one single preseason game, I’
  20. Saleh was hired by JD and JD was suggested to CJ by ... COUGH... Gase. BUT... Johnson(s) have not gotten in JD's way since he came on.
  21. No kidding. Go back and look at my posts leading up to the draft. *I* was in here saying Mac Jones "may just wind up with the Pats" AND wind up being the steal of the 2021 draft. I was also on record as calling Mac Jones the second best QB in the draft behind Lawrence. I was mocking BB for his charisma and sensational media style. Not Mac Jones.
  22. And the silent surprise. Mac Jones. Shhhhh. BB Does not want you to see him coming.
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